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Trusted Regina Financial Advisors at Worby Wealth Management Explain Bonds

Chris Worby is a Trusted Regina based financial advisor and Wealth Management services provider. With over 20 years of experience, Worby Wealth Management has been committed to providing a high standard of financial service to individuals, families and business owners in Regina and area. Worby Wealth Management listens and provides a personalized financial plan. In their latest Worby Wealth Management Trusted Regina Financial Tip, they discuss bonds.  

The Wealth Building Toolkit: Bonds

By Jeremiah Worby - March 2023

Bonds are a type of investment that can be used for both short-term and long-term goals. They're considered safer than stocks, but also have less potential for growth over time. In this article, we'll explain what bonds are and how they work as part of your investment portfolio.

What is a Bond?

OK, maybe not James Bond, but rather we’re going to talk about financial bonds. defines a bond as a fixed-income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental).

Bonds tend to move opposite from share prices, which means investors often turn to bonds when they want to reduce their portfolio risk – unfortunately this wasn’t the case in 2022.  Investing in bonds can be a good thing for diversification as it offers an alternative investment class for those who want a more conservative option in their portfolios.

If you’re looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, bonds are an effective tool.  

What is a Bond Yield?

The yield, also known as the coupon rate, is the annual percentage of money provided to investors for making the loan.  In other words, it's how much interest you'll get from your bond. 

When a bond is originally purchased, there is an interest rate on it - for our example, let's say 5%. But because bonds can be bought and sold afterwards, sometimes the yield can vary because the price varies. It is a bit like a rental property, if you purchased a house for $300,000 and rent it for $15,000/yr, that's a 5% yield. But if the value of the house goes up to $400,000 but you're still only getting a $15,000 rent, then it's a 3.75% yield.

The yield on bonds is generally in response to changes in the Bank of Canada’s target for the overnight rate.  The Bank of Canada has a target for the overnight rate, which is the rate that banks charge each other for overnight loans.  This rate can be increased or decreased by the bank and this change affects all other market interest rates.  When bond yields go up and down, it usually means that interest rates are going up or down as well.


If you’re considering buying bonds, you might want to look at what’s happening in the market before making a purchase.  This will allow you time to do research and make a decision based on facts rather than emotions.

Remember that there is no one right answer when it comes to investing so it’s important to do the research and talk with experts before making any decision about what will work best for you and your financial situation.

Questions regarding bonds? 

If you have questions about bonds or other types of investments, then contact Worby Wealth Management to get your questions answered and start investing today.


Some of the services that Worby Wealth Management can help you with: 

TRUSTED REGINA FINANCIAL ADVISORs Chris & Jeremiah Worby from Worby Wealth Management help you live your dream!


The comments contained herein are a general discussion of certain issues intended as general information only and should not be relied upon as tax or legal advice. Please obtain independent professional advice, in the context of your particular circumstances.  This Blog was written, designed and produced by Jeremiah Worby and Chris Worby for the benefit of Jeremiah Worby and Chris Worby who are Financial Advisors at Worby Wealth Management, a registered trade name with Investia Financial Services Inc., and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Investia Financial Services Inc.  The information contained in this article comes from sources we believe reliable, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or reliability.  The opinions expressed are based on an analysis and interpretation dating from the date of publication and are subject to change without notice.  Furthermore, they do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities.  Mutual Funds, approved exempt market products and/or exchange traded funds are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc.

Trusted Regina Insurance Provider Campbell & Haliburton Tip About Vacation Property Insurance

Trusted Regina Insurance experts at Campbell and Haliburton Insurance Inc have been in the community for over 50 years. They know it is customer service and knowledge that counts when you are in need of an insurance company in Regina. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance,, dedicated insurance brokers in Regina, can assist you with finding the plan that works best for you. In their latest Campbell & Halliburton Regina insurance tip, they talk about vacation property and cottage insurance.

Retirement getaway. Cabin in the woods. Cottage by the lake. Whatever you call it and wherever it is, your vacation property needs to be insured too. It’s more than bricks and mortar, it’s the keeper of cherished memories of families and friends, BBQs, birthday parties, and anniversaries! Advisors understand that a vacation property is a precious place and our experts work hard to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing it’s properly insured.

Two key considerations that may affect your vacation property insurance policy

When creating your vacation property insurance policy, insurers take into consideration how frequently your property is occupied, and whether it’s rented to others. Let’s explore these two scenarios further.

1. How frequently is your vacation property occupied?

Seasonal vacation property insurance policies are often more expensive than your typical home policy due to a higher risk of theft, burglary, and vandalism. Since you don’t live there year-round, any damage that occurs can go unnoticed for longer periods, and get progressively worse if not fixed quickly.

Comprehensive coverage provides extended protection for your year-round vacation property and it includes boathouses, sheds, bunkhouses, as well as your belongings.

Broad form or basic insurance coverage covers only the specific risks detailed in your policy.

Also, leaving your seasonal property unattended for an extended period of time may result in losses or damages that will not be covered. It’s important to check your vacation property regularly for safety and security.

2. Do you rent out your vacation property?

Renting out your vacation property is a great way to make extra income, and extra incentive to keep your property well-maintained. However, it is important to review your policy with your broker to ensure it includes coverage for renting.

Vacation property Rental Insurance is available depending on the length of time and frequency you intend to rent out your vacation property. Also, personal belongings may not be protected by some policies, so when renting out your space reduce the amount of personal items in your vacation property to avoid the risk of theft.

Some insurance companies include rental income protection, which will help replace lost rent payments if the vacation property you are renting is temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered claim.

Advisors can review your options with you to ensure you have the best policy to fit your situation.

Important tip: Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy

A Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy may also be helpful if you're doing extensive renovations to your vacation property, including building boat houses or bunkies. Builder’s risk insurance is a special type of property insurance that protects against damage to buildings while they are under construction.

Additional vacation property insurance factors to consider

To insure your vacation property, some companies may require that you also insure your home with them. Additionally, the size and age of your vacation property and its property can affect your premium. The size and age will also affect whether you can list your vacation property on your home insurance as a seasonal location, or as a stand-alone policy. Bundling your policies often leads to additional savings so it may be a good idea to bundle your home and vacation property insurance policies.

Let’s explore some other factors that may influence the cost for your vacation property insurance:
  • Your vacation property’s proximity to fire protection. Insurance companies reward Vacation Properties with a lower premium if they’re within 300 metres of a hire hydrant and/or 8 kilometres from a fire station. For remote properties, this distance may be unrealistic. Consider installing a sprinkler system or have access to an alternate emergency water supply.
  • Year-round road maintenance so that access to your property is not restricted in case emergency services are needed.
  • All construction materials rated as fire resistant.
  • How you heat your vacation property, e.g. oil, electricity, propane, wood stove.
  • Requirements to cover any secondary buildings like bunk houses, boat houses, tool sheds and saunas on the property.

Should I get additional vacation property insurance coverage?

Reviewing your policy in detail with an advisor can help reveal any gaps in your vacation property insurance policy. Additional coverage may increase your premium, however each vacation property is unique and your broker can advise about options that could be a benefit. Below are a few to take note of:
  • Contents: some insurance packages automatically include contents up to a certain limit. This coverage applies to contents permanently kept at the vacation home. Anything you take back and forth – such as clothing – is covered by your primary home insurance policy.
  • Detached private structures: some insurance packages include limited coverage for outbuildings such as boathouses, garages, or sheds.
  • Watercraft: coverage for recreational properties often limits coverage for power boats, canoes and sailboats. These recreational items can be added to your policy with an endorsement, to ensure you have the appropriate coverage should something unexpected happen.
  • Theft / vandalism: vacation property are an easy target for theft and vandalism due to their seasonal occupancy. When possible, install motion sensor lighting or a security camera.
  • Third-Party Liability: this will protect you in case someone gets injured on your property.

What is not covered by vacation property insurance?

There are some items for which no coverage is available on your vacation property insurance policy.

Some common exclusions include:

  • septic backup and flooding.
  • fuel oil release.
  • earth movement (for example, earthquake).
  • damage to, or loss of motorized vehicles, campers or trailers, buildings used for business or farming purposes.
  • damage caused by bears, racoons and other animals.
  • wear and tear of the premises and building.
  • acts of terrorism and losses due to war.
Your vacation property is your sanctuary and may represent a significant investment of time and money. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions and ensure that your vacation property is protected properly. We want to help make sure you can enjoy it for many years to come. Contact an advisor to discuss your vacation property insurance needs today!

Our Trusted Regina Insurance Agents at Campbell & Haliburton have your best interests and safety in mind and our commitment to customer service is one of the pillars of our business. They know insurance inside and out, so please get in touch with them for all of your insurance needs and they will be more than happy to help ensure what you value most is protected.
**This is a general overview. There are many different insurance companies, and there are always differences in insurance policies. For specific details on your policy and coverage, we recommend that you contact your agent or broker.

CONGRATULATIONS WINMAR® REGINA, Celebrating 10 years as a Trusted Regina contractor specializing in abatement and disaster services.



In this series of recognition articles, we continue to spotlight the businesses that have been Trusted Regina Partners for over ten years. Currently, we are recognizing Partners that joined the Trusted Regina community in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing ten years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes WINMAR® Regina, a Trusted Regina contractor specializing in abatement and disaster services. 

'We're Coming Through For You'

WINMAR® Regina

Who do you turn to after a disaster? You talk to your insurance company but then what? You are asked to get quotes to rebuild your life. As part of Canada's most extensive restoration network, WINMAR® Regina has been in business since 2010; a family-owned business that carries the values of the Co-owners, Anna Tzortzis and Kyle Jacques: honesty, integrity and a high level of professionalism. When disaster strikes, customers are provided with a personal service with a fundamental understanding of their loss.

Anna got her start in the construction business when she was just a teenager at her mother and stepfather's WINMAR® location in Chatham, Ontario. She started as a labourer, and she was working and learning how to run the office when she graduated high school. Kyle began construction during his teen years as well. Continuing in the construction field after high school, he found himself working as a roofing contractor for WINMAR® Chatham. That is where this power couple met and the beginning of something special.

Anna and Kyle started dating in 2013 and married in 2017. Together they are raising their two children. This family enjoys camping outdoors, snowmobiling and playing on their five acres. But for how much fun they have away from job sites and the office, work is a serious business for this couple.

WINMAR® Regina works with insurance companies to restore all kinds of claim work. These specialists are trained to take on a damage claim caused by anything from earth, fire, wind or water as a minor repair or a fully finished restoration. From city to country, firm to farm, they will do it all — residential, business or commercial.

But what if the problem wasn't from a disaster? Kyle and his crew also cover a wide range of specialties, from asbestos abatement and mould removal. They are qualified in water damage restoration, structural drying, microbial remediation, fire and smoke restoration and odour control. Winmar has the qualified staff for customized repair, or renovations, leaving you to decompress — not stress.


Anna and Kyle have grown their business significantly since the Trusted Regina team first met them in 2012. They now own 5 WINMAR® locations across Saskatchewan, and recently, they moved into Manitoba! 

WINMAR® Regina, SK, was opened by Anna in 2010 and she brought Kyle into the Regina location in 2013.

WINMAR® Moose Jaw, SK – Kyle opened in 2010 with Anna's parents. Kyle and Anna are the current owners.

WINMAR® Estevan, SK – Kyle and Anna opened in 2016

WINMAR® Yorkton, SK – Kyle and Anna opened in March 2019

WINMAR® Brandon, MB – Kyle and Anna opened in September 2022


WINMAR® Regina believes in having a positive and meaningful impact in the communities where they operate. They proudly support many local non-profits and organizations. Since their teen years, Anna and Kyle have spent their time restoring the lives of others. Even through their charitable work, they have been involved in helping children live better lives. They have made donations, including Ronald McDonald House and fundraising for autism. They have been involved with Santa's Anonymous and the Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton. They also sponsor the Regina PATS. Whatever they can get involved with, they will get involved with.

Anna launched Willy WINMAR®, everyone's favourite handy-bear, on July 1st, 2021. Willy has already attended Regina's "Food Truck Wars," "Summer Bash, and Summer Market" and has posed in countless selfies with his adoring fans.

This cuddly blue bear has only started working but has a vital role in the community. There could be times of trauma when Willy Winmar will be on-site handing out teddy bears to children who need a stuffed friend…a simple act of kindness showing this family-owned company's integrity.

WINMAR® Regina's most recent donation initiative was before Christmas 2022, and it was to the Inpatient Mental Health Adolescent Unit and Youth Detox at the Regina General Hospital.  

They took "Willy WINMAR®," shopping at Walmart in the Eastend and bought several items from a list provided by the Units manager,  Shalon Fleming BPAS; CSEP, CEP. 

They got pretty much everything on the list and purchased an additional Ten $25 gift cards to top up anything else they may have needed that was not on the list. The total tally of the Donation was $2,600.

They then ventured to the Hospital, where the staff greeted the WINMAR®  with lots of excitement and appreciation for the gesture. They also mentioned that they do not receive much attention regarding people or companies donating to their Unit. Willy finally arrived at the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit and wandered down the halls handing out some of the gifts purchased earlier that morning. They shared that the expressions on the kids' faces were priceless. They were hugging Willy, High pawing him and just super happy to see him and receive these items.

What WINMAR® Regina Clients Say…

“ WINMAR® did a total home renovation after a fire at my house.  The service was excellent and they did an amazing job, especially during COVID.  The whole WINMAR® team deserves recognition.  Their sub-contractors were very good too with Velocity Plumbing and Heating doing the HVAC and Active Electric doing the electrical.  All were professional and communicated with me as the homeowner.  I would recommend them all.”- Don Hamilton
“We recently had water damage to our family room bar area.  My insurance adjuster hooked me up with WINMAR®.  Their reps called me immediately and came over to inspect the damages within the hour.  The next day they had a team remove old rugs, tile-damaged walls, etc.  I found their team to be very courteous, friendly and hard-working.  Our Project Manager was amazing.  He made sure the workers and job duties were coordinated in a timely manner and that everything was done to our satisfaction.  I would recommend this company to anyone”- Patti Schlechter

A message from Anna & Kyle at WINMAR® Regina

“At WINMAR®, we are dedicated to making positive changes that affect not only how we operate but how we impact the community. For the people of Regina and surrounding communities, it is important to showcase that WINMAR® will come through for you and that no job is too small, and no job is too big for us. WINMAR® Regina supports its community and its people. Our mission is to not only help when disaster strikes but help unify our community” - Kyle Jacques & Anna Tzortzis

A word from Trusted Sara about her personal experience with WINMAR® Regina

“ I first met Anna in 2012 and was impressed by her drive and I enjoyed hearing her entrepreneurial story. I had been referred to her by Selena, her cousin, who, at the time,  also co-owned a WINMAR® franchise in Saskatchewan. There's not many women owned disaster services and construction companies, so I was interested to hear how she ended up owning a WINMAR® franchise in Regina. Anna shared that she was a second generation WINMAR® franchise owner, and that she had literally grown up in the industry. It was clear that she was not afraid of getting her hands dirty, Anna is a shinning example of a woman in trades,  and she really knows her stuff! Over the years it has been wonderful to see how Anna and Kyle have grown and expanded their business, they are a dynamic duo and 100% committed to doing the best job they can for their clients, partners and the growing team of employees across the Prairies.  Community support is a big part of their brand, and the whole family get involved in giving back in so many ways. If you are looking for a Regina disaster services comany or a general contractor I guarantee that WINMAR® Regina is a local family owned company you can trust! " Sara Wheelwright

Thank you for TRUSTING us, Anna, Kyle, Pete, Maria and the WINMAR® Regina team! You have provided ten years of AMAZING service to the people of Regina & area as a Trusted Regina contractor specializing in abatement and disaster services. We are proud to support you and share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service and have never received a complaint about them!

CONGRATULATIONS Active Electric: Celebrating over 10 years as your Trusted Regina Electricians



In this series of recognition articles, we continue to spotlight the businesses that have been Trusted Regina Partners for over ten years. Currently, we are recognizing Partners that joined the Trusted Regina community in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing ten years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes Active Electric, your Trusted Regina Electricians

'Getting it right the first time' 


At Active Electric, they understand that finding the right Regina electrical professional is not always easy. The smallest of electrical problems can become a big inconvenience, but they are dedicated to solving these issues for you. As a licensed and insured Regina electrical company, you can trust and rely on them to do a great job the first time around and provide you with additional support if required.


Brad Ross, the owner of Active Electric in Regina, has established his company in 2011 by adhering to the principles in which he believes, and by committing to his employees and to every customer Active Electric serves. Brad is an active member and the current President of the Electrical Contractors Association of Regina (ECAR) as well as Vice President of the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan (ECAS). ECAS is a provincial association dedicated to representing the interests of electrical contractors across the province. The association is the provincial voice of the industry and advocates on behalf of its members. Brad is also a member of the Regina Construction Association (RCA), SaskPower Technical Committee and the BBB, where they are A+ rated.  

The picture to the right was taken in 2014 in Brads garage at home. They were working there while they waiting for their current  shop to be finished. You can see that Brad is pretty resourceful, just check out the makeshift plywood and wire box desk!!


Active Electric offer electrical services to residential, commercial AND Industrial clients in Regina and surrounding area. No job is to big or complicated for their talented team and they love a challenge! 

Thinking of adding pot lights? Or already dreading rehanging Christmas lights next year? Take your seasonal and architectural lighting up a few notches with their smart Bluetooth LED lighting custom fit to match your soffit.

What Active Electric's Clients Say...

" Thank you Brad for the tremendous work you did at our house. Brad took his time to walk through our house and offer advice on lighting and plugs. He gave us a lot of great feedback and suggestions we hadn't even thought of! Then his crew came out two weeks later and were AWESOME!! We are over the top thrilled with the lighting in our home. Al made suggestions without any pressure and we are SO glad we went with his advice. GREAT customer service!!! Thank you so much GUYS!!" SO Minor - Facebook

" I deal with Active Electric quite a bit and get nothing but the best every time. In my opinion they are the best in Regina at what they do. Thanks for everything! "- Craig B - Google

A word from Trusted Sara about her personal experience with Active Electric

"Brad and the team at Active Electric are the best choice if you are looking for a Regina Electrician. His team are a joy to deal with, from Megan in the office to all the guys. They are trustworthy, honest and always deliver! The trades are littered with horror stories from customers who have been underserved and over charged, that is not something you have to worry about at Active Electric. Honesty is their only policy,  and they also step up to support many community events and initiatives. Active care about the Regina community, and they are committed to always doing the right thing! " - Sara Wheelwright 

Thank you for TRUSTING us Brad, Megan and the Active Electric team! You have provided 10 years of AMAZING service to the people of Regina & area as a Trusted Regina Electrician Partner. We are proud to support you and to share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service and we have never received a complaint about them!

CONGRATULATIONS Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers- Celebrating 10years as Trusted Regina Insurance Brokers



In this series of recognition articles, we continue to spotlight the businesses that have been Trusted Regina Partners for over ten years. Currently, we are recognizing the group of Partners that joined the Trusted Regina community in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing ten years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes Dusyk & Barlow Insurance brokers.

 “Protecting What’s Important Since 1936”


Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all its clients. Their long-standing reputation in the Regina community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their client’s insurance needs are met.

Dusyk & Barlow are proud to have provided insurance services to Regina and area residents since 1936, that's for over 87 years! The team prides itself on providing superior customer service and maintaining its reputation as a trusted and reliable locally-owned and operated Regina insurance business for the next 80 years! Their success is powered by their team of insurance experts, who take the responsibility of protecting you and your family very seriously. They live and breathe insurance and want to make sure you have peace of mind knowing your home, business, and family are adequately insured for all of life’s circumstances. 

Dusyk & Barlow has access to eight different insurance providers. This means that all the company’s brokers must constantly keep themselves up to date on what each insurer provides. Through Dusyk & Barlow’s website, clients can access many SGI services and obtain home insurance quotes. Their decades of experience prove particularly valuable for that purchasing insurance for commercial endeavours. The Regina brokers work with clients to determine what they feel they need to have insured versus how much risk they could feel comfortable assuming for themselves. Another bonus for Dusyk & Barlow’s commercial clients is that the company is licensed to provide insurance in all western provinces from B.C. to Manitoba. This is particularly valued by clients who open a business in Saskatchewan and later expand into other western provinces. 


A quick Google and you will see many online reviews; the customer feedback is consistently excellent. They have many loyal clients who have been Dusyk & Barlow Insurance clinets for generations.

What Their Clients Say...

"I have gone to Dusyk and Barlow for 10 years, for all my home, auto, and rental property insurance needs. Amazing brokers who always works to find the best options for me, and all the staff are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable." A.J- Google

" All staff are very pleasant and easy to understand. When ever I need something, Jenna or another coworker goes over and above my expectations. Super convenient location! Have been with for about nine years and will stay as long as I'm in SK. Nice to see some businesses still have that personal touch." - Kevin Gwillim, Google

A word from Stephen Barlow

"We’re there to answer questions and make sure the client knows what to expect and what to do. We make sure the client is fully aware of how the process works and that they are doing everything right. We’d rather you ask a question now than after something happens and find out that something could have been done. We want to educate our customers, so they know exactly what they are getting. It may not always be the answer the client is looking for, but they can be assured when they leave here, they’ve got the proper information,” says Stephen. “It has served us well and still does going forward.”

    A word from Sara, the Trusted Regina founder, about her personal experience with Dusyk & Barlow Insurance.

"Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers have been the Insurance brokers for Trusted for over ten years, and I have found the staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and super helpful. Stephen, Rob, Kendrick and the management team lead by example; they are a pleasure to deal with as clients and as a customer. This local family owned company has a huge heart and I am impressed with their ongoing commitment to supporting the Regina community. Dusyk & Barlow Insurance sponsor many local community initiatives, and in addition, they hold an annual pancake breakfast every summer, which started in 2011 and their Four Weeks of Christmas Cheer, where they choose four different local non profits /causes to contribute time and funds to over the Christmas season." - Sara Wheelwright 

Thank you for TRUSTING us, Stephen, Rob, Kendrick and the team at Dusyk & Barlow. The company has provided ten years of AMAZING insurance service to the people of Regina & area as a Trusted Regina Insurance Partner. We are proud to support you and to share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service. 

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