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Trusted Tips & Resources

W2 Realty Team your Trusted Regina Real Estate Experts share a tip on the only remaining unit in Regina's De Marco Pointe Townhouses project by Westridge Homes!

The W2 Realty team are Karin Wees and Jen Welykholowa, two very well respected Regina Real Estate Agents from Realty One Real Estate Services Inc. The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and will also be one of your largest investments. Done right, it can also be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life!

When you work with Karin and Jen at W2 Realty, you are getting a team of dedicated real estate professionals working together for your best interest. The W2 Realty team are Trusted Regina Real Estate Agents.

Karin and Jen.... The Regina real estate team dedicated to you making the "right move" 

Going...going...There is only one unit remaining in Regina's De Marco Pointe Townhouses project by Westridge Homes! Boasting superior construction & finishing details, this former show suite is outstanding value at $339,900, including granite, appliances, blinds package, single attached garage & basement development with spacious rec room and extra storage space. Contact us for your private viewing!


Welcome to 4505 2nd Avenue in the De Marco Pointe Townhomes Project...the last unit available in this great complex!


Regina’s De Marco Pointe Townhome project graces the edge of the established neighborhood of Rosemont. Adjacent to Lewvan Drive, the location provides quick access to all of Regina’s NW amenities & city center, while being within walking distance of local parks and shopping.


The De Marco Point Townhome floorplans feature a spacious welcoming entry with large windows allowing an abundance of natural light to accentuate the open concept living space. The well designed kitchen includes lots of cabinet space, a furniture style movable island with eating bar, built in pantry unit and a stainless steel range hood.



The 3 bedroom two-storey plans offer a master bedroom with 3 piece ensuite, walk-in master closet and a large second floor laundry conveniently located close to the additional 2 bedrooms. Ample storage space is a feature in all rooms.


Every townhome features upgraded cabinetry, lighting, plumbing fixtures and floor coverings and central air conditioning as a value added feature.  

De Marco Pointe Townhomes offer an attractive and low maintenance exterior with a private rear deck surrounded by a park like yard, individual attached insulated and dry walled garage and private driveway for additional parking.


The homes include full basements and superior building techniques, with high efficient furnaces, triple pane windows, R50 attic insulation and on demand water heaters. One of the best features of all the townhome units is the enhanced soundproofing provided between each adjoining home for more privacy. 

Take a virtual tour of the units below to get an idea of the space...

Quality construction and finishing as well as a high standard of customer service are the hallmark of Westridge Homes & Construction and we are proud to represent this project!  


Now only one unit remains!  The former show suite is completely developed with spacious basement rec room and storage space and is upgraded to granite throughout with stainless steel appliances and blinds included!  Contact us for more details and to schedule a showing of this great unit now priced at $339,900 including GST.


Karin & Jen


Your Trusted Regina Real Estate Team, helping make the right move! 

So make the smart and simple choice today, you see a Trusted Regina realtor is never a risk and W2 Realty are Trusted Regina Real Estate experts!


Trusted Regina Custom Closet & Home Storage Pros can help you organize your home!

Let Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage of Southern Sask help you find the best storage solutions for your home and garage. Call now for your in-home consultation. The team looks forward to meeting you.

Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage of Southern Sask are your Trusted Regina


Busy families are always in search of more time. Organization saves time, money and a lot of frustration. It's all about having the best designed spaces in your home...big or small. Let Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage bring organization into your home and garage with all of our unique and custom storage solutions.

We help homeowners with storage solutions for closets, garages, pantries, entryways, home offices, laundry rooms and more, including entertainment or media centers and space-saving Murphy Beds. We are the experts at maximizing your living space and getting your home beautifully organized.

Check out their listing here in Regina Renovations Category to read what their happy clients had to say! 

Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan, your Trusted Regina Pet Fencing Solution Shares how Their System is Different from the Rest!

Invisible Fence® Brand systems Saskatchewan are invisible boundary systems for your yard and home! It keeps your pet out of harm's way and prevents unwanted behaviors throughout your home and yard. The systems are safe, humane, and highly recommended by Veterinarians, Behaviorists, and pet experts.

Over the last 40 years, they have helped more than two million pets and their owners lead safe and harmonious lives together, and their exclusive training program allows dogs and cats to learn their boundaries without fear, distress, or behavioral harm. Their proven P.E.T. Approach™ training method ensures the success of their products every time, with any pet, and in every household. The result? An unparalleled success rating (over 99%) and the most effective solutions in the industry! Freedom and convenience for you & your pet.

Trusted Saskatoon Invisible Fence Brand Expert shares her responses from Facebook questions!

“How does the system work?”
  • The GPS system is installed using a computer with no wire to bury.
  • Your pet’s perimeter boundary can be customized to any shape and there is no maximum size limitation.
  • Your pets GPS mobile collar utilizes data from a network of 32 GPS satellites to ensure your pet stays within the established boundaries.
  • A safe and effective static correction helps condition your pets to areas that are safe to roam and areas that should not be entered or crossed.
  • Using our exclusive technology and rules for different pets, you can protect any number of pets and can design different boundaries for each pet.
  • We will work with you to design your system and train your pets while educating you on the system.
  • There is a NO risk guarantee or your money back.

“Can this system harm my pet?"

Invisible Fence does not harm your pet. The GPS system ALWAYS allows the dog to run back into the yard without being corrected. This is one of the many reasons why Invisible Fence Brand is so superior to anything else out there. No one else has this technology. And if I have done my job correctly in the training of your dog, along with this technology, your dog will never leave its set boundaries.

Many people are under huge misconceptions about what Invisible Fence does. Technology and training has evolved so dramatically over the years. Invisible Fence is the only company out there that has an entire panel of Phd Animal Behaviorists that support Invisible Fence Brand technology and have designed an entire training protocol that we had to learn as dealers/trainers to put into practice when training a dog to an Invisible Fence. The dog does not get shocked as so many people think, it is a static. It is kind and gentle. Our dogs get excited when they see their collars because they know it means that they have freedom with no more tie downs.

For all of your invisible boundary needs, Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan is here to help! Contact them today!

Medius, a Trusted Regina Restoration Expert Shares Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mold Remediation Company

Medius an IICRC certified firm, are reasonably priced, efficient and environmentally responsible. When you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, they are available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. 

They are your Trusted Regina CLEAN TEAM! 

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mold Remediation Company

1. Does the company have certified mold remediation inspectors and/or remediation technicians? If so are those certified people going to be working on the job site or are they just the estimators? It is important that a skilled person be on site when the work is being performed.

2. Does the company have proper environmental insurance and general liability insurance? Mold and asbestos remediation companies are required to have additional insurance on top of general liability insurance.

3. How many jobs has the company done? Do they have references? Have they done the scale of job you are requiring them to do? A company with experience will be able to solve any quirks that arise if the remediation job becomes more difficult.

4. Does the company understand the difference between removal of mold spores and killing mold spores? Many companies will tell you that you just need to kill the mold, this is untrue. Once you remove the material affected by the mold and treat any mold on structural components you need to remove the spores as well. You do this because there are toxins in the mold spore cell wall that make you sick and those toxins don't disappear when the spores is killed, only when it is removed. A good company will know how to do this and explain this to you.

5. Do they use a duct cleaning company that has NADCA certification and experience in mold removal?

6. Does the company supply their employees with proper PPE? This is important because a company that doesn't care about their own employees health won't be concerned with yours. At minimum their workers should be supplied with HEPA masks and Tyvek Suits.

7. Is the company located in your area permanently? This is important in case you need any follow up work. You don't want a company that is just passing through or in for a one time loss event because they won't be able to warranty any work.

8. Do their employees have clean clothing, clean vehicles and a sharp appearance? Mold remediation requires very stringent cleaning and attention to detail to remove all the invisible spores. A company that pays attention to all details of their image will most likely pay more attention to the fine points of the remediation process in your home.

Medius Restoration Services are Trusted Regina disaster service, mold and asbestos remediation professionals contact them today!

Prairie Boy Windows a Trusted Regina Window & Doors professional tip on Condensation

Prairie Boy Windows has been operating in Regina since 2003. Their focus is to offer high quality solutions to your windows, doors, exterior and interior renovations. Their success can be attributed to their commitment in serving customers with a high degree of knowledge, experience, and integrity. Their Regina team consists of over 25 years of combined home renovation experience and they have the capacity to tackle any job. 

Prairie Boy are Trusted Regina window and door pros

Prairie Boy tip on Condensation: 

Condensation on windows is a major issue for most homeowners in Regina. This issue affects new windows as much as old windows.

You might ask, why does my new window have condensation, that's why I replaced it? 

Well actually, if you don't adjust other factors in your home, your new window might gather more condensation than your old one.  This happens because your new window has created a better seal then your old window, which leads to less heat transfer.  A greater difference of temperature between the inside of your home and the exterior, the more likely you are to have condensation on your windows. This is highly evident during our lovely Regina winters. 


What is condensation?

Condensation comes from the moisture in the air. As the air heats up, it expands, allowing it to contain more moisture, and vice versa when it cools.  The warm air from the inside of your home comes in contact with the colder glass pane in your window.  When this air reaches a cooling saturation point, the excess moisture liquifies, creating condensation.  Another thing to keep in mind is, the less amount of panes that your window has, the colder the inside pane will be which results in a higher chance of condensation .

Condensation on your windows and doors is most noticeable when the temperature outside drops quickly, creating a big difference between the inside and outside air. It is also noticeable in the early fall because during a humid summer, the home can absorb a fair amount of moisture, and when the temperature falls outside in the fall, this moisture becomes trapped inside the home, resulting in higher humidity levels and formation of condensation on the window.


Where does this excessive moisture in the air come from?

Believe it or not, the moisture in your home comes mainly from you.

Showering, cooking, bathing, and washing all add moisture to the air.  

During the winter season, a target level of humidity indoors is considered to be between 25 and 40%.

How to prevent condensation from forming on windows?


Well that depends on the amount of moisture in your air, but it is about balancing the airflow in your entire home.

There are three main ways to prevent condensation:


1) Reduce the level of humidity in your home

2) Get the humid air out of your home

3) Circulate the air properly and consistently

Here are a few useful tips to prevent condensation:


-Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels in your home 


-Ensure proper venting of all your appliances and bathrooms


-Circulate the air inside your home; leave a fan on for a bit or open a door and/or window to let new air in (tough in the winter but even for only a minute will help reduce humidity)


-Lower the temperature of your home

-Get a dehumidifier.



Hopefully these tips will help you understand and prevent any condensation problems that you may be having in your home.  If you have any further questions about the condensation on your windows, feel free to give us a call anytime at 306-352-5322.


Prairie Boy are Trusted Regina window and door pros! 



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