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Dr. Shawn Bachorick, Chiropractor shares some helpful information about Concussions Part 2

Based out of Riverview Health Professionals, Dr. Bachorick enjoys working with patients who have complex and challenging problems, He finds his training in neurology has been an immense help in assisting all of his patients improve their health and level of function. Dr Bachorick has spent this much time and energy pursuing this knowledge because it has been invaluable in learning new treatment approaches to complex and chronic problems.

In his previous post Dr. Shawn Bachorick explained some information about what is a concussion, who is most at risk and prognosis.  

Here he continues his discussion and gives us some more in depth information and insight. 

In the acute, initial stages of concussion there are a few potentially serious conditions that need to be ruled out for patient safety. Skull fractures and bleeds in the brain are rare but potentially fatal sequelae to concussion injuries. CT is the preferred option for these, with MRI more helpful for detecting bleeds after more than a day or two. fMRI (functional MRI) is commonly able to demonstrate brain activity patterns which can correlate to injury severity and potential for recovery.

Assessment of balance is very important and not just in patients whose symptoms include complaints of dizziness or vertigo. Assessment of inner ear function and movements of the eyes is a necessity. Commonly, concussion patients will have dysfunction of eye tracking (horizontal and /or vertical) as well as poor ability to track a target towards their nose, difficulty keeping their eyes on a target while moving their head and others. I prefer basic cognitive testing in any concussion patient with more advanced evaluation by a trained neuropsychologist performed in cases of delayed recovery. Occasionally neck injuries will mimic concussion. These cases can be much easier to resolve through basic manual therapy treatments like chiropractic and massage, physiotherapy, etc.

There are several nutritional supplements that can be helpful in minimizing neuroinflammation and cell death from injury-related damage. Magnesium, fish oil, turmeric and resveratrol are some of the most commonly used. Other supplements are useful in delayed recovery and post-concussion syndrome. These are often involved with problems in blood sugar, cerebral blood flow, various aspects of gut function and excessive immune activation in the brain.

When you are ready to start treatment, after more serious possibilities have been eliminated, begin in a cautious fashion aiming to minimize symptom aggravation. Ideally we want to see some improvement in abnormal test results (sway less on balance testing, do eye exercises without getting a headache, etc.), but the main goal is to establish limits on how much stimulation the patient can endure. Once that is established, they can be given home exercise/therapy with firm guidelines on when to stop. As the patient demonstrates improved stamina, the intensity, frequency and duration of rehab can be increased gradually. Treatment needs to be individualized for each client. Although different concussions have common features, there can be a wide disparity in how they respond to various treatments. The important point is that treatments need to demonstrate improvement in function (balance, eye movements, cognitive testing, etc.). Relying only on symptoms is not a valid or successful strategy for managing these injuries. Treatment should be performed at a stimulation level that does not significantly trigger symptoms or cause any worsening of test results. 

There are several professionals commonly involved in concussion management. These range from chiropractors and physiotherapists dealing with spinal and rehab issues(or, depending on training, inner ear and/or eye movement issues) to neuropsychologists (assessment of cognitive, memory, emotional issues) and rehabilitation optometrists (advanced training in vision rehab). Some concussions resolve in an uncomplicated manner, but others may require the expertise of several or even all of the aforementioned professions.

If you suffer from post concussion symptoms, book an appointment with Dr. Shawn Bachorick today. His training in neurology has been an immense help in assisting all of his patients improve their health and level of function.

Dr. Shawn Bachorick is your Trusted Regina Chiropractor

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A Trusted Regina Chiropractor shares some helpful information about Concussions

Based out of Riverview Health Professionals, Dr. Bachorick enjoys working with patients who have complex and challenging problems, He finds his training in neurology has been an immense help in assisting all of his patients improve their health and level of function. Dr Bachorick has spent this much time and energy pursuing this knowledge because it has been invaluable in learning new treatment approaches to complex and chronic problems.

Dr. Shawn Bachorick, Chiropractor shares some helpful information about Concussions 

Lots of media about this issue with high-profile athletes having their careers jeopardized by concussions. However, you don’t have to be a famous football or hockey player to end up suffering the effects of a concussion.

What is a concussion? 

Simply, it is a traumatic brain injury which impairs brain function and commonly causes symptoms including, but not limited to, dizziness, nausea, cognitive impairment, headache, visual disturbances and balance problems.

Who is most at risk? 

Obviously participants in contact sports (martial arts, football, rugby, hockey, etc.), but other sports like soccer, baseball often see accidental contact lead to problems as well. Other traumas like car accidents and falls are also frequent causes of concussion. 


The majority of people will recover from their symptoms in a few weeks. However, this does not mean that they are fine. There is promising research in blood biomarkers for concussion injury and recovery which suggests that the healing process takes much longer than previously thought. This is why anyone experiencing concussion-like symptoms needs a thorough evaluation by professionals with substantial training in the field. “How many fingers do you see” is not adequate. These patients also require follow-up to ensure recovery of function, not just symptom reduction. 

In the case of a suspected concussion, players need to be removed from play until they can be properly evaluated. A quick sideline evaluation can be performed in less than 5 minutes and will test many of the parts of the brain commonly affected by these injuries. My preferred screening tool is the Vestibular/Oculomotor Screen (VOMS). It quickly tests the function of the inner ear and parts of the brain associated with eye movement. Other good tools include the Maddocks questions:

1) Where are we playing today?

2) What period/quarter/inning are we in?

3) What team did we play last game? Did we win/what was score?

Depending on the sport/circumstance and patient age the questions may need to vary. But the injured person needs to be tested as to their knowledge of location, time/date, short-term and long-term memory function. 

In the case of loss of consciousness or severe symptoms (confusion, headache, dizziness), it is important for the injured person to be evaluated for the need for MRI or CT evaluation to rule out potentially life-threatening brain bleeds. This also applies to individuals who display increasing severity of symptoms (e.g.: headache keeps getting worse).  CT is usually the best test in the early stages. 

If you suffer from post concussion symptoms, book an appointment with Dr. Shawn Bachorick today. His training in neurology has been an immense help in assisting all of his patients improve their health and level of function.

Dr. Shawn Bachorick is your Trusted Regina Chiropractor

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According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 70 million people in the are affected by sleep problems. A poll released by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that 43% of women surveyed say that daytime sleepiness interferes with their daily activities. One way to ease into a deep, restful sleep? The Better Sleep Council recommends establishing a relaxing bedtime routine, such as soaking in hot water to help maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The gently massaging hot water is a natural place to establish a deeply relaxing, nighttime routine.


Sleep Benefits of Hot Tubs: Whether it’s difficulty falling asleep or episodes of waking up and being unable to easily go back to sleep during the night, you probably experience a less-than-good night’s sleep from time to time. When lack of sleep becomes a chronic problem, it can start to affect you in many ways.

How important is a restful night’s sleep? Studies show that:

  • Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory.
  • Chronic sleep loss affects the way the body processes and stores carbohydrates, which may lead to weight gain.
  • Poor sleep can contribute to accidents while driving.
  • Lack of sleep can make you irritable, and make it hard to concentrate.
  • Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension.
  • Eventually, chronic sleep loss can diminish the disease-fighting capabilities of the immune system.

Learning to relax in preparation for a good night’s sleep can help improve the chances of falling, and staying asleep. Hydrotherapy helps ease tension and promote relaxation. Heat loosens constricted blood flow. Buoyancy reduces body weight by up to 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles. And massage helps to work out stiffness and muscle soreness. Hydrotherapy also stimulates the production of endorphins, which naturally block pain and stress signals from reaching the brain. Their effects can linger after your spa session has ended, too, so you feel more content, and ready to sleep.

Jets provide many massage variations that can help you release feelings of stress. Patented, adjustable, Fluidix Nex jets, for example, pinpoint the neck muscles, where many people experience tension. You can opt for high- or low-level massaging action with these, and many other jets. You may also want to try using aromatherapy fragrances, in select spas, to help induce a restful state. Certain fragrances, such as Summer Rain from the SunScents aromatherapy collection, have qualities that calm the mind and enhance relaxation..

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Trusted Regina welcomes Dr. Shawn Bachorick Chiropractor to the Trusted Regina Directory

Trusted Regina in very excited to announce a very exciting new edition to the directory under the Health and Wellness category!

Dr. Shawn Bachorick is an exceptional Chiropractor - he has a long list of credentials and his dedication to acquiring new knowledge to help his patients is truly remarkable.  Not only that but his patients have nothing but amazing things to say about him and his staff! 

"He listens well, examines carefully and treats accordingly. Shawn’s ongoing commitments to increasing his knowledge and expertise is very impressive.   He consistently incorporates new learning into his treatment regimens and patient education." P.F- Regina

"Great experience!  Staff is super friendly and helpful.  Dr. Shawn fixed me up quickly without having to pay an arm and a leg. I recommend to everyone!" K.J - Regina

"Shawn had provided me with excellent and timely health care service for many years.  He is a wonderful Chiropractor" S.J - Regina

Dr. Bachorick truly immerses himself in his continuing education

He finds his training in neurology has been an immense help in assisting all of his patients improve their health and level of function.

 Throughout his career, he has placed an emphasis on post-graduate education including:

  • Attending several modules of the International Chiropractors Association’s Whiplash certification series in 2007.
  • Throughout 2008, he attended the American College of Functional Neurology’s course on Neurobehavioral Disorders in Children. In July 2009, he successfully wrote the board exam in Atlanta, GA, becoming the first Canadian to take and pass the board exam.
  • Since then, he has attended several hundred hours in post-graduate seminars mostly related to functional neurology through both Carrick Institute and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation.
  • At the present time, he is attempting to find the necessary 4-6 months of free time to study for the neurology board exam. After passing this exam, he intends to pursue specialty courses in vestibular rehabilitation and functional medicine.

Although these board certifications are not formally recognized by the Canadian licensing boards, he has spent this much time and energy pursuing this knowledge because it has been invaluable in learning new treatment approaches to complex and chronic problems.

Currently, Dr. Bachorick enjoys working with patients who have complex and challenging problems like:

  • post-concussion syndrome
  • failed-back-surgery syndrome
  • whiplash 
  • migraine 
  • and other unusual cases.
If you are in need of a Chiropractor we highly recommend Dr. Bachorick!

Dr. Shawn Bachorick is a TRUSTED REGINA Health and Wellness Expert!.


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