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Oxford Learning your Trusted Regina tutors and educators share a tip on Summer Holidays

Oxford Learning Center works with all ages from 3 up to College age, and they are there for you and your child if they are struggling with a particular subject, having difficulty concentrating or you want to prepare them for secondary school. What you may not know is there is help and the answer is Oxford Learning Center.

Based on decades of research into how children learn, they designed a radically new approach to teaching and this is how Oxford Learning came to be the powerhouse of better learning that it is today. The Oxford Learning Regina tutoring team will give your child the tools for a life time of learning; You really couldn’t give your child a better gift.


Oxford Learning Center are your Trusted Regina tutors and educators

tip on summer holidays from their Oxford Learning Blog


Keep Your Child’s Brain Growing Over the Summer Holidays


When the school year ends, we all need a break (even the teachers!) and summer is the perfect time for play and relaxation with family and friends. However, we still want to make sure that kids’ brains stay sharp over the holidays, so here are some ways to sneak in some natural learning!


Reading: Make sure your child has enjoyable reading material at the right level. All formats and genres count, so don’t dismiss magazines, comics/graphic novels or e-reading. When planning trips or outings, involve kids by checking out websites for your destination, and encourage them to Google topics of interest. Model reading as a parent, too: whether it’s cookbooks, newspapers or novels, your child will take a cue from you if you are reading for pleasure. Finally, consider choosing some fun summer read-alouds, even if your child is old enough to read to herself. Good Reads has some great family read-aloud ideas, which you can find here.


Writing: Kids are quicker to buy in when the writing has a real purpose: a list of what to pack for camp, a postcard from vacation, or even an email to check in with a school friend. I still have the travel journal my then-6-year-old daughter kept from a road trip to the East Coast, with photos, ticket stubs and her unedited recounts of our adventures.


Math: As parents, we’re using Math constantly; the key is to bring our kids in on the conversation. Telling time (using clock and calendar), measuring for baking and cooking, working with money, telling temperature – these are all essential components of Math that can easily be worked into summer activities to keep the concepts fresh.


Encourage questions: Last summer, my girls learned many things that aren’t on the curriculum just because they asked, such as how credit cards work, why there are solid and dotted lines on the highways, and they even got an incidental lesson on same-sex marriage sparked by The Amazing Race Canada. Kids need to feel safe to ask questions, and it’s okay when parents admit they don’t know. Finding answers together can be the best learning of all!

Physical education, the arts, science, history and geography…so many fun and educational topics are yours to explore over the holidays, with no workbooks required! Enjoy!


They are your Trusted Regina tutors and educators!




Trusted Regina Tire experts share driving tips

Driving tips:

Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of your tires and stay safe on the road. Big hint: It helps to have MICHELIN® tires. Also, how you drive and where you drive are important factors.

1. Oversteering/ Understeering

There are two problems that can arise if you take a turn too fast. Learn how to handle both of them. 

Learn More

2. Road Trips

Before you visit grandma, make sure your tires are ready for the trip. We’ve supplied a safety checklist to get you going.

3. Winter Driving

You don’t need 12 inches of snow to make a road dangerous. One (1) inch will do. Here’s how to conquer Old Man Winter.

4. Wet Driving 

Most drivers don’t respect wet driving as much as winter driving. But they have many dangerous similarities.

5. Gas Mileage & Tires 

Learn how to get the most mileage out of your tires while using the least amount of gas. 

Trusted REGINA TIRE experts share a tip on Winter Tires and why you should invest in them!


Winter Tire Safety Tips.

Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada advise motorists to think about safe driving in winter. Vehicle handling will be improved when tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index are installed on all four wheels. View a new demonstration video showcasing the benefits of using four winter tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index by visiting - see this great Winter tire info video from the APA !




Tires marked with the pictograph of a peaked mountain with a snowflake meet specific snow traction performance requirements, and have been designed specifically for use in severe snow conditions.

If you intend driving in severe winter conditions, install four winter tires that meet the "snow tire" designation on your vehicle. These snow tires will assist you to control your vehicle safely in slippery conditions.


Trusted Regina fan gives a Trusted Regina Auto Repair & Regina Tire Partner the Thumbs up is the REAL DEAL..and nothing explains it better than when we get feedback from a happy Trusted Regina fan...who found a Trusted Partner off the directory and had a wonderful experience ..just like we Guaranteed

This is the email we received from Brenda recently about our Trusted Regina Auto Repair & Service and Trusted Regina Tire experts 


"After having new front and rear brakes installed (also a new windshield) on my aging 2005 Sunfire by Whitmore Park, I proceeded on a road trip to Saskatoon. Before I had driven very far the car started to shudder and pull to the left. I stopped on the shoulder of the highway and called. I spoke with a friendly guy who advised me to come back right away in case it was something serious ----- he would look at the problem immediately. It was the lunch hour and I'm sure I messed up his lunch break, but he solved my problem (a problem completely unrelated to the the work they had previously done to the vehicle), and had me back on the highway with in the hour........ at no additional charge!

They gave me a detailed explanation as to what had happened, gave me a hug and wished me a safe trip to Saskatoon.

I am a 57 year old single gal who watches every penny I spend. I was more than impressed when I had initially taken the car in for an estimate, and they took the time to give me advice and options that would save me money and keep my car running smoothly and safely in the future. Now that I have experienced the exceptional level of after after-service care, I am happy to say that I am a loyal customer of Whitmore Park. As a matter or fact, this most recent experience  is my second positive experience with them! Thank you, Trusted Regina, I would never have found Whitmore Park with out you!! " Brenda D



Way to go Whitmore are setting the standard for all that follow !

When Trusted Regina gives the ' Thumbs up' to a business it MEANS something!

REGINA AUTO REPAIR & SERVICE EXPERTS share a Trusted Tip on the Regina Drectory

Whitmore park is a service oriented business where your complete satisfaction is their goal. The loyal team of certified and trained REGINA AUTO REPAIR & SERVICE technicians are well equipped to repair your vehicle and get you back on the road. You not only get excellent customer service when you take your vehicle in for repair or service, but you can also rest easy that the job will be done right.


Tip 1

Every season in Saskatchewan brings with it its own set of truly unique challenges. Every vehicle on the road is as unique as the person behind the wheel. The Team at Whitmore take the time to evaluate your needs as well as those of the vehicle you drive and tailor your maintenance plan to save you money and the costly down time associated with unexpected break down!

Below are some of the questions I’ve been asked in my Twenty plus years as an Automotive Professional:

What do I have to do for my car to get it ready for Spring?

I always recommend regardless of the km travelled to change the oil and have a complete inspection!

Do I need to have it cleaned? It is a great idea to protect your investment by having your car professionally cleaned. Corrosion from the salt and harsh winter temperature are hard on the interiors and exteriors. A thorough cleaning inside and out removes contaminants and leaves your car ready for a fun and trouble free summer!

How soon do I have to remove my winter tires?

Temperature is the enemy of modern day winter tires. They are made up of a softer and pliable compound that wears prematurely in above zero temps!

How do I go Green and do my part?

Keep your car in top notch condition. Perform manufacturer recommended services. These recommendations help fuel economy, maintain your warranty reduce your carbon footprint and help the resale value of your baby!

What is a Tuneup?

A tuneup these days is a very broad term. Tuneups on gasoline powered vehicles differ from those of diesels and Hybrids. Gasoline vehicle require ignition parts and fuel system servicing to not only keep the car running well but to also help with fuel economy up and emissions down! Diesels require injector servicing, filters and intake/egr cleaning. Hybrid components are pretty much built to be maintenance friendly as recommended by the manufacturer.


Find them on Albert Street or check out heir listing here under REGINA AUTO REPAIR & SERVICE or under REGINA TIRES . They are REGINA AUTO REPAIR EXPERTS on the Regina Directory of Excellence!


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