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Welcoming Regina Legion Branch 001 to the Trusted Regina Community As A Trusted Regina Non Profit

The Trusted Regina team is thrilled to announce a new category in 2023-  Trusted Regina NON-PROFITS! This is such a good fit for us, as we have always had a strong community focus. Trusted was proud to be recognized as the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX Award for Community recipient in 2017. In 2023, we felt it was time to extend the love, and we are revealing the second of our three Trusted Regina Non-profits. We are excited to announce that Regina Legion Branch 001 is our second Trusted Regina non-profit partner. 

A Long History Of Supporting Veterans

In 1926, history was made when the Regina Legion Branch was issued its charter, marking it as the very first branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Nestled at 1820 Cornwall Street, this historical institution has served as a pillar of support and a home away from home for our nation's heroes. Today, we proudly welcome Regina Legion Branch 001 to the Trusted Regina community as a Trusted Regina Non-profit, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our society.

 Trusted Regina Lending A Helping Hand Where It Is Truly Needed 

The past few years have been exceptionally challenging for the Regina Legion, as the global pandemic disrupted their operations and gatherings. Coupled with an aging demographic, regaining past membership numbers, volunteers, and sponsors has proven to be an uphill battle. Nevertheless, the Regina Legion Branch 001 membership remains unwavering in its dedication to its mission.

The Royal Canadian Legion was founded by Veterans for Veterans, and the Regina Legion continues to passionately advocate for the care and benefits of all who have served, regardless of when or where they served. This dedication extends to the currently serving Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, and their families. The Regina Legion offers them representation and assistance, and access to these crucial services is provided at no cost, whether or not individuals are Legion members. 


Legion Branches serve as the heart of communities across Canada, providing one of the largest volunteer bases in the nation. With 1,350 Branches spread from coast to coast, Legion members are pivotal in offering local services and support that contribute to building a stronger Canada. Their multifaceted efforts include assisting local Veterans, supporting seniors, initiating youth sports programs, fundraising, volunteering to aid those in need, and providing a welcoming space for gatherings, fun, and celebration. In essence, Legionnaires offer indispensable services within their communities.

Moving Forward 

The Trusted Regina team and our community stand alongside the Regina Legion Branch 001. We hope to provide support and increase community engagement and awareness that will, in time, help pave the way for their future growth and revitalization. Exciting developments are underway, such as the newly renovated event space, grants to get them back on track, and soon the re-opening of their museum; if you have not yet had the chance to witness the stunning interior of their building on Cornwall Street, prepare to be amazed by its historical significance and beauty.

As Trusted Regina welcomes the members of Regina Legion Branch 001 to our community, we also extend our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering commitment to our Veterans and the broader community. The Legion has been an essential part of our country's history and is vital in shaping our future. Together, we can continue to ensure that the legacy of service, sacrifice, and support lives on. 

Regina, help us help Regina Legion Branch 001 go from surviving to thriving. Their work is too important, and to do it well, they need community support! 

'Let's Make A Difference Together'

Regina Legion Branch 001 Is A Trusted Regina Non-Profit 

The Trusted Community Welcomes The Kinsmen Foundation -TeleMiracle As The First Trusted Regina Non Profit

The Trusted Regina team is thrilled to announce a new category in 2023-  Trusted Regina NON-PROFITS!  

This is such a good fit for us, as we have always had a strong community focus. Trusted was proud to be recognized as the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX Award for Community recipient in 2017.

In 2023, we felt it was time to extend the love, and we are revealing the first of our three Trusted Regina Non-profits. We are excited to announce that The Kinsmen Foundation - TeleMiracle is our first-ever Trusted Regina non-profit partner. 

The Trusted Regina team is thrilled to welcome the Kinsmen Foundation - TeleMiracle to the Trusted Regina community. 

We are grateful to have a wonderful relationship with the folks at The Kinsmen Foundation here in Saskatoon. Our sister company, Trusted Marketing Services, has been working with The Foundation for the last ten months, helping them with social media and other marketing pieces, and a past Trusted Saskatoon team member, Carman Praski, is the Fund Development Manager. Carman introduced us to the organization in 2022, and we are in awe of all they do for this province! We look forward to helping them reach even more people through our networks and assisting them in raising as much money as possible through the 2024 TeleMiracle Telethon, which takes place in Regina on February 24th and 25th

"Ring Those Phones"

TeleMiracle, the beloved annual telethon, has been a cornerstone of Saskatchewan culture for decades, raising millions of dollars to support people in need. As we open our hearts and arms to the incredible team at TeleMiracle, let's explore the history of this iconic event and its remarkable impact on the people of Saskatchewan.

The TeleMiracle Legacy

The history of TeleMiracle stretches back to 1977, when it was first introduced as an annual telethon organized by the Kinsmen and Kinettes of Saskatchewan. Over the years, it has become a cherished Saskatchewan tradition, as much a part of the province's cultural fabric as wheat fields and prairie sunsets.

Every year, TeleMiracle unites people across Saskatchewan with a shared purpose: to raise funds to support individuals with medical expenses, special needs, and mobility challenges. The telethon is more than just a fundraiser; it is a symbol of hope, unity, and the indomitable spirit of the people of Saskatchewan.

The Impact of TeleMiracle

TeleMiracle's impact on Saskatchewan cannot be overstated. The funds raised through this annual event go to support a wide range of programs and services, including medical equipment, travel assistance, and other vital resources for individuals facing life-altering challenges. See an example of their impact in the video below. 

The Kinsmen Foundation, through TeleMiracle, has played a crucial role in transforming lives and providing much-needed assistance. Many families and individuals have found hope and relief through their initiatives. The positive impact of TeleMiracle extends not only to those directly assisted but also to the entire province. It reflects the compassion and generosity that define the Saskatchewan community.

A Team with Huge Hearts

At the heart of TeleMiracle's success is the dedicated team of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to make it all happen. The Kinsmen Foundation's dedicated employees, who work tirelessly behind the scenes all year, the Kinsmen and Kinettes of Saskatchewan, along with countless volunteers, have shown unwavering commitment and enormous hearts in their efforts to organize the annual TeleMiracle telethon. They embody the spirit of Saskatchewan, where people come together to help one another, where communities rally in times of need, and where kindness knows no bounds.

This exceptional team exemplifies the very essence of Trusted Saskatoon, where businesses and organizations that are committed to their community and share a genuine desire to make a positive impact are celebrated.

“The Kinsmen Foundation is an amazing organization with a genuine mission to help Saskatchewan residents with miracles of mobility equipment and much needed financial support when they have nowhere else to turn. I’m so humbled and grateful to be able to give my time and talents to making our province a better place, one individual and one family at a time. TeleMiracle is truly rooted in Saskatchewan with such a long-standing tradition of success, and without our generous TeleMIracle donors, who are our true Miracle Makers, we couldn’t do what we do in Helping People Every Day. Thank you, Saskatchewan!” – Carman Praski, Fund Development Manager, Kinsmen Foundation

As we welcome the Kinsmen Foundation's TeleMiracle to TrustedRegina as a Non-Profit, we embrace not only a tradition but a symbol of hope, unity, and the incredible spirit of Saskatchewan. TeleMiracle has touched countless lives, providing assistance, support, and a beacon of hope to those who need it most. We look forward to supporting their continued efforts and to standing alongside this incredible team. In an ever-changing world, it's comforting to know that the values of compassion, community, and a willingness to lend a helping hand remain unwavering in Saskatchewan. TeleMiracle is a shining example of these qualities. We salute the Kinsmen and Kinettes of Saskatchewan and all who contribute to this incredible endeavour. Together, we'll continue to positively impact our province, as their motto says...

'Helping People Every Day' 

Kinsmen Foundation - TeleMiracle is a Trusted Regina Non-Profit

WINMAR® To Fly in 2023 Give Hope Wings Prairie Expedition

WINMAR® Regina performs restoration services for residential and commercial properties across Saskatchewan. Their crews offer prompt and professional services to help our customers get back to pre-loss life with the least amount of interruption and associated costs possible. They are the Regina property restoration specialistsWINMAR IS A TRUSTED REGINA DISASTER SERVICES & REGINA GENERAL CONTRACTORIn their latest news, they share that Kyle Jacques, of WINMAR®, will fly in the 2023 Give Hope Wings Prairie Expedition.

WINMAR® to fly in 2023 Give Hope Wings Prairie Expedition

Pilot Kyle Jacques, and his co-pilot Yianni Macris, along with the support of WINMAR® Property Restoration Specialists, will be flying in the 6th Annual Give Hope Wings Prairie Expedition from June 18th through June 23rd. I have attached a press release and an infographic where you can make a donation to support Kyle, Yianni and WINMAR® on their journey!

"As the owner of multiple WINMAR® franchises in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, I understand the importance of helping our local communities and supporting those who support us each day. Often the remote communities that are spread throughout the Great Plains are still left without access or adequate transportation to the larger cities to access health and medical resources when they truly need them. Without a program like Give Hope Wings, some would never make it to medical appointments. In efforts to bridge this gap and to raise awareness to others that these programs and opportunities are out there for families truly in need. I will be taking part in Give Hope Wings expedition of 2023. The idea of helping remote communities and deserving families transport loved ones to the medical care they need, that they normally may not be able to get to, is not only life-changing for those families but also truly soul-filling for the ones helping make these differences in the lives of many.” – Kyle Jacques

The Give Hope Wings Prairies Expedition begins and ends in Regina. The group will fly east to Winnipeg, north to Thompson, then west to Fort McMurray then back via Lethbridge.

This is a total of 2,245m if you fly the entire route, about 23 hours at 100K.

The Expedition is organized so that you may join the group at any stop and finish at any point as well.

Give Hope Wings has raised more than $1.8 Million since 2017, which is enough to fund nearly 6000 flights for needy patients. For 2023, they’re targeting $600,000 raised which will help more than 2,000 individual patients in their healthcare journey. Our patient ambassadors, along with the impact it has on their family and friends, are the people you help by supporting Give Hope Wings.

Thank you again for considering the important role you can play in helping patients get medical care. If you'd like to support this cause, you can make a donation here:



CONGRATULATIONS MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors On Celebrating 10 years as a Trusted Regina Law firm



In this series of recognition articles, we continue to spotlight the businesses that have been Trusted Regina Partners for over ten years. Currently, we are recognizing Partners that joined the Trusted Regina community in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing ten years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes MACKAY & MCLEAN Barristers & Solicitors, Trusted Regina Lawyers.

MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors

MacKay & McLean started in 1976 when Sterling McLean and David MacKay combined their service in a downtown Regina office on Cornwall Street. Robert MacKayafter working there as a legal assistant in the late 80s and early 90s, then as an associate lawyer after passing the bar in 1996 made partner in 2001.

Being an “all purpose” practice, everything from personal injury and civil litigation to criminal defenses and corporate legalese; real estate, wills, estates and family matters became the preferred areas of law the firm practiced in.  

Real Estate was considered a happier form of law to deal in. Helping people acquire homes, advising on financing options and how to reduce debt, all to assist in helping families achieve their goals.  

With wills and estates it was the duty of the lawyer to take an often awkward and sad occasion and make it easier on those planning for when they are gone or helping those that were left to deal with the wake of things past.

The culture of the family office at MacKay & McLean has guided them to become a bigger part of the community. Lawyers join the firm who also wish to be a benefit to the community.

Their support staff made up of legal assistants and paralegals accumulated through the years have been trained to not only create documents and assist in the execution of documents but are capable of answering most day to day questions regarding the process and timing of operation regarding the files they are assigned.  

It is through their supervised efforts that help make the clients experience as swift and satisfying as possible.  If language is a barrier in assisting our clients we have a stable of interpreters capable of removing confusion from the issues.

Moving forward, a large concern of theirs is the recent direction the courts have taken in an effort to increase the accessibility of regular folks' access justice. Unfortunately this is a daunting task and the efforts, at times seem pointless. The court system is expensive and cost-prohibitive to many. The changes in the legal system have led to complicated and time consuming hurdles. Mandatory mediation, judicial case conferences and pre-trials created to lessen the burden on the court’s docket, have instead led to half day meetings with lawyers and clients awaiting their turn, adding to the billable hours a client must deal with. This in itself makes an action less likely to be dealt with. If someone owes you $2,000, it is not likely you will spend $3,000 to deal with it.

This all may lead to the legal profession taking it on the chin and leave people believing that lawyers are not one of them. Being a part of the community helps lawyers keep a pulse on what is important to their clients.  Regardless of the type of law you are venturing into, be it real estate, criminal or litigious actions, the courts often take into consideration the public at large and the effects that decisions create on a population bound by them.

MacKay & McLean appreciate the importance of community and try to contribute in various ways when possible. Each lawyer and firm has their own persona and with that comes different goals. Theirs is to do things that are right. Let them help find people financing and homes. Let’s help keep people safe and when they are injured, help them get the compensation they need to get back to where they once were.

Joining service groups, municipal clubs and organizations are not just tools to help create business. Instead they are a means of joining the community. Sharing their concerns and hopes, while working on a common goal usually leads to an orderly success however the money charged by the firms to these groups often does not cover the cost of doing business. This is not done solely with the hope to work for them again in the future, but because they and their firms exist in the community.

They may work on a contingency or even pro-bono for the right client, especially if the case pertains to principles that are dear to them and their own ideologies. If a freedom of speech or discrimination file comes to light, often a lawyer will become the face of the case only to be forgotten once the matter is settled. They took it on, not for fame nor for fortune, instead it was taken on because it was thought to be both worthy and right.

Honesty and integrity is a very large part of being a successful lawyer. Clients go to them because they feel they can trust them, and they can. Often we hear how lawyers are akin to overzealous hucksters and confident men. Few realize that a lawyer’s actions are both insured and guaranteed by the law society. Governed by peers who all share the same public thoughts and armed with the powers of suspension, disbarment and oversight, the law society helps protect the reputation of the system and the community at large.

MacKay and McLean is proud of their  culture and maintaining a family atmosphere while offering our services directly to the community. Doing so effectively has led them to expand, hire more lawyers and staff and create a name that helps all of our clients navigate a complex system without losing their shirts.

What MacKay & McClean Clients Say…

"Mr. D. MacKay is a lawyer with ethics and integrity, making him a bit rare in the field! He's always more interested in giving good advice then in taking your money!" - James Turner
"Robert MacKay and Alina have done a couple transactions for me. They are down to earth at the same time as being professional. Very pleased with the work and definitely recommend!" - Randy Knapp
"Lawyers you can TRUST! Robert MacKay and the team are amazing to deal with - outstanding service and advice!" - Sara Wheelwright

Thank you to the  MacKay & McLean team for TRUSTING us ! You have provided over ten years of AMAZING service to the people of Regina & area as Trusted Regina lawyers. We are proud to support you and share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service and have never received a complaint about them!

CONGRATULATIONS WINMAR® REGINA, Celebrating 10 years as a Trusted Regina contractor specializing in abatement and disaster services.



In this series of recognition articles, we continue to spotlight the businesses that have been Trusted Regina Partners for over ten years. Currently, we are recognizing Partners that joined the Trusted Regina community in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing ten years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes WINMAR® Regina, a Trusted Regina contractor specializing in abatement and disaster services. 

'We're Coming Through For You'

WINMAR® Regina

Who do you turn to after a disaster? You talk to your insurance company but then what? You are asked to get quotes to rebuild your life. As part of Canada's most extensive restoration network, WINMAR® Regina has been in business since 2010; a family-owned business that carries the values of the Co-owners, Anna Tzortzis and Kyle Jacques: honesty, integrity and a high level of professionalism. When disaster strikes, customers are provided with a personal service with a fundamental understanding of their loss.

Anna got her start in the construction business when she was just a teenager at her mother and stepfather's WINMAR® location in Chatham, Ontario. She started as a labourer, and she was working and learning how to run the office when she graduated high school. Kyle began construction during his teen years as well. Continuing in the construction field after high school, he found himself working as a roofing contractor for WINMAR® Chatham. That is where this power couple met and the beginning of something special.

Anna and Kyle started dating in 2013 and married in 2017. Together they are raising their two children. This family enjoys camping outdoors, snowmobiling and playing on their five acres. But for how much fun they have away from job sites and the office, work is a serious business for this couple.

WINMAR® Regina works with insurance companies to restore all kinds of claim work. These specialists are trained to take on a damage claim caused by anything from earth, fire, wind or water as a minor repair or a fully finished restoration. From city to country, firm to farm, they will do it all — residential, business or commercial.

But what if the problem wasn't from a disaster? Kyle and his crew also cover a wide range of specialties, from asbestos abatement and mould removal. They are qualified in water damage restoration, structural drying, microbial remediation, fire and smoke restoration and odour control. Winmar has the qualified staff for customized repair, or renovations, leaving you to decompress — not stress.


Anna and Kyle have grown their business significantly since the Trusted Regina team first met them in 2012. They now own 5 WINMAR® locations across Saskatchewan, and recently, they moved into Manitoba! 

WINMAR® Regina, SK, was opened by Anna in 2010 and she brought Kyle into the Regina location in 2013.

WINMAR® Moose Jaw, SK – Kyle opened in 2010 with Anna's parents. Kyle and Anna are the current owners.

WINMAR® Estevan, SK – Kyle and Anna opened in 2016

WINMAR® Yorkton, SK – Kyle and Anna opened in March 2019

WINMAR® Brandon, MB – Kyle and Anna opened in September 2022


WINMAR® Regina believes in having a positive and meaningful impact in the communities where they operate. They proudly support many local non-profits and organizations. Since their teen years, Anna and Kyle have spent their time restoring the lives of others. Even through their charitable work, they have been involved in helping children live better lives. They have made donations, including Ronald McDonald House and fundraising for autism. They have been involved with Santa's Anonymous and the Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton. They also sponsor the Regina PATS. Whatever they can get involved with, they will get involved with.

Anna launched Willy WINMAR®, everyone's favourite handy-bear, on July 1st, 2021. Willy has already attended Regina's "Food Truck Wars," "Summer Bash, and Summer Market" and has posed in countless selfies with his adoring fans.

This cuddly blue bear has only started working but has a vital role in the community. There could be times of trauma when Willy Winmar will be on-site handing out teddy bears to children who need a stuffed friend…a simple act of kindness showing this family-owned company's integrity.

WINMAR® Regina's most recent donation initiative was before Christmas 2022, and it was to the Inpatient Mental Health Adolescent Unit and Youth Detox at the Regina General Hospital.  

They took "Willy WINMAR®," shopping at Walmart in the Eastend and bought several items from a list provided by the Units manager,  Shalon Fleming BPAS; CSEP, CEP. 

They got pretty much everything on the list and purchased an additional Ten $25 gift cards to top up anything else they may have needed that was not on the list. The total tally of the Donation was $2,600.

They then ventured to the Hospital, where the staff greeted the WINMAR®  with lots of excitement and appreciation for the gesture. They also mentioned that they do not receive much attention regarding people or companies donating to their Unit. Willy finally arrived at the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit and wandered down the halls handing out some of the gifts purchased earlier that morning. They shared that the expressions on the kids' faces were priceless. They were hugging Willy, High pawing him and just super happy to see him and receive these items.

What WINMAR® Regina Clients Say…

“ WINMAR® did a total home renovation after a fire at my house.  The service was excellent and they did an amazing job, especially during COVID.  The whole WINMAR® team deserves recognition.  Their sub-contractors were very good too with Velocity Plumbing and Heating doing the HVAC and Active Electric doing the electrical.  All were professional and communicated with me as the homeowner.  I would recommend them all.”- Don Hamilton
“We recently had water damage to our family room bar area.  My insurance adjuster hooked me up with WINMAR®.  Their reps called me immediately and came over to inspect the damages within the hour.  The next day they had a team remove old rugs, tile-damaged walls, etc.  I found their team to be very courteous, friendly and hard-working.  Our Project Manager was amazing.  He made sure the workers and job duties were coordinated in a timely manner and that everything was done to our satisfaction.  I would recommend this company to anyone”- Patti Schlechter

A message from Anna & Kyle at WINMAR® Regina

“At WINMAR®, we are dedicated to making positive changes that affect not only how we operate but how we impact the community. For the people of Regina and surrounding communities, it is important to showcase that WINMAR® will come through for you and that no job is too small, and no job is too big for us. WINMAR® Regina supports its community and its people. Our mission is to not only help when disaster strikes but help unify our community” - Kyle Jacques & Anna Tzortzis

A word from Trusted Sara about her personal experience with WINMAR® Regina

“ I first met Anna in 2012 and was impressed by her drive and I enjoyed hearing her entrepreneurial story. I had been referred to her by Selena, her cousin, who, at the time,  also co-owned a WINMAR® franchise in Saskatchewan. There's not many women owned disaster services and construction companies, so I was interested to hear how she ended up owning a WINMAR® franchise in Regina. Anna shared that she was a second generation WINMAR® franchise owner, and that she had literally grown up in the industry. It was clear that she was not afraid of getting her hands dirty, Anna is a shinning example of a woman in trades,  and she really knows her stuff! Over the years it has been wonderful to see how Anna and Kyle have grown and expanded their business, they are a dynamic duo and 100% committed to doing the best job they can for their clients, partners and the growing team of employees across the Prairies.  Community support is a big part of their brand, and the whole family get involved in giving back in so many ways. If you are looking for a Regina disaster services comany or a general contractor I guarantee that WINMAR® Regina is a local family owned company you can trust! " Sara Wheelwright

Thank you for TRUSTING us, Anna, Kyle, Pete, Maria and the WINMAR® Regina team! You have provided ten years of AMAZING service to the people of Regina & area as a Trusted Regina contractor specializing in abatement and disaster services. We are proud to support you and share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service and have never received a complaint about them!

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