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Dusyk & Barlow Insurance a Trusted Regina Insurance Expert share a tip on Ice Damming prevention and Insurance coverage

Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all their clients. Their long standing reputation in the community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their clients insurance needs are met.

They are you Trusted Regina insurance experts !

Dusyk & Barlow is reminding homeowners to protect their homes against damage caused by ice dams.

“Ice dams can cause considerable property damage. If an ice dam forms and water enters the attic, it can damage the roof, ceilings, walls and contents of your home,” said Andrew Cartmell, President and CEO of SGI CANADA. “That's why it's so important to take steps to prevent an ice dam from forming in the first place.”

Preventative measures to protect your home from damage caused by ice dams include:

  • Keep the amount of snow on your roof to a minimum. Use a roof rake or hire a professional to clear the snow away - for safety reasons, don't go up on the roof yourself.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts free of snow, ice buildup and icicles so there's a ready path for melting snow and ice to drain.
  • Ensure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated to prevent heat from inside your home from leaking into the attic and causing snow on the roof to melt. A roofing contractor can provide assistance if needed.
  • In the fall, clean leaves and debris from your home's gutters and downspouts to allow melting snow to flow as intended.

If you have an ice dam causing damage to your home, contact Dusyk and Barlow right away.

There are 2 Dusyk & Barlow locations to best serve you  4615 Albert Street South and  302 University Park Drive or find them online here . Read the words of their happy clients on their listing On the Regina Directory they are your TRUSTED REGINA INSURANCE EXPERTS   

Trusted Regina Home Builder share a tip on preserving your wood floors and cabinets

Maintaining your wood products

Natural wood products can be found throughout your new home.  From basic construction materials to beautiful wood finishes, it is important to understand wood’s natural characteristics and how to best care for it.

Natural wood products are the oldest material used by humans for construction after stone and an ideal green building material, providing sustainability, design versatility, low environmental impact, carbon sequestration and energy efficient.  It does, however, have some drawbacks.

The number one drawback to using natural wood products is their reaction to moisture.  Wood is hygroscopic in that it picks up or gives off moisture to equalize with the relative humidity and temperature in the atmosphere.  In doing so, it can change in strength, shrink or swell.  There is no practical way to prevent moisture changes in wood, therefore, vapor barriers, adequate ventilation, exclusion of water from wood, or preservative treatments are absolutely essential.

The finishes and protective coatings found on wood products such as flooring and cabinets, help to counter wood’s natural tendencies to swell or shrink.  Proper care and maintenance is also a vital component to preservation.

Cleaning Cabinets

  • Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water; if a more thorough cleaning is required, use a fresh solution of mild liquid dish soap and warm water.
  • Never use an abrasive cloth or the kitchen dish cloth which may have traces of grease or harsh detergents
  • Never use harsh detergents, bleach, solvent or petroleum based products, strong soap, ammonia, or wax polishes
  • After cleaning, wipe all surfaces with another clean, soft cloth
  • Always clean spills up and any standing water immediately.  Pay special attention to the areas around your sink, range, dishwasher, tow spaces and baseboards

Prolonged exposure to spills can cause permanent discoloration and damage such as delamination and cracking to your cabinet’s finish

  • Use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth for regular dusting
  • Never use pre-packaged dusting sheets (damp or dry) and do not apply aerosol dusting products, which soften the finish or cause a buildup of film
  • To avoid moisture damage, never drape damp clothes or dishtowels over cabinet doors.  Moisture will cause permanent damage to the finish
  • Remove the doors and drawers of all cabinets adjacent to and above the oven during the cleaning cycle of self-cleaning appliances.  The cleaning cycle generates heat that could affect the finish and surface of the cabinets.
  • When cleaning cabinets with glass doors or mirrors, use a glass cleaner applied directly to the cleaning towel
  • Never spray directly on glass area since drips and overspray may reach and harm the wood surfaces of the door and/or surrounding cabinets

Maintaining your hardwood floors

  • All hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and grit from between the floor boards
  • Avoid using a wet mop which can dull the finish.  Instead, sweep with either a dust mop or broom that features exploded tips, or vacuum the floors using a vacuum with special hardwood floor attachments or one with the beater bar turned off
  • Wipe up any spills immediately, using a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth
  • Allowing spills to remain on hardwood floors could damage the finish as well as the wood
  • Avoid walking on hardwood floors with sports cleats or high heel shoes which can scratch the finish or even dent the floor
  • Place felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs to minimize dents and scratches
  • Use rugs at all entrances to help minimize scratches from stones and debris.
  • Choose rugs wisely, some rugs have rubber backings that can discolor wood floors.  Special rugs can be purchased to protect from discoloration
  • Know what type of flooring you have as different hardwoods have different kinds of care considerations
  • Be familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and maintenance of your specific flooring
  • Only used wood-approved cleaning products and if you are unsure, contact the supplier or manufacturer for more details.
  • Never use wax or petroleum based products on a surface finished floor, they will damage the finish and the wood

Proper care and maintenance is instrumental in the preservation of your home’s wood finishes. 

Ideal Journey Weightloss shares an amazing low carb recipe with Trusted Regina

Ideal Journey Weightloss Regina is a clinic specializing in the Pro Energy Diet focused on healthy nutrition, high protein, diet re-education, supplements, and exercise.

We will start this "Ideal Journey" we will end this journey together.......

They strive to help you change unhealthy eating habits, identify triggers for over-eating, educate you regarding the best way to eat right and support your new lifestyle changes. They ensure that YOUR journey to weight loss is a happy and healthy one by celebrating every step of the way.

Cauliflower Cakes (tastes just like potato patties and its low carb!)

1 small head cauliflower
2 eggs
1/4 cup minced onion to taste
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
salt to taste
olive oil for frying

Start by cutting the cauliflower in small pieces and steam until is soft. (I do mine in the microwave). Then let cool a bit. I throw my cauliflower into the blender for a minute. It doesn’t take much for it to turn into mashed “potatoes”. In a large bowl, combine the eggs, onions, cheese, and parsley.

Then add the mashed cauliflower and mix it all up a little more.

Heat a bit of olive oil in a large skillet. Add a few heaping spoonful’s of the cauliflower mixture. They’re done when both sides are brown.

Placing them on a paper towel to remove some of the oil. Salt and serve.

This entire recipe total carbs are 15g Net Carbs.

If you have any questions or want to hear about our Regina weight loss program contact Ideal Journey Regina .



Medius Restoration Services your Trusted Regina Disaster Services professionals share a tip on how to help keep your indoor air quality at safe levels.

Medius Restoration Services  specialize in crawl space remediation, asbestos identification and removal, smoke & odour mitigation, and re-construction services, and they help you recover from disaster faster! You can find them in our Regina Contractors, Exteriors and Roofers category. 

Medius an IICRC certified firm,  are reasonably priced, efficient and environmentally responsible. When you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, they are available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. 

They are your Trusted Regina CLEAN TEAM! 

Medius Restoration Services are Trusted Regina disaster service, mold and asbestos remediation professionals contact them today! 

Here is a tip that can help keep your indoor air quality at safe levels.

When's the last time you checked your crawlspace. A majority of crawlspaces have garbage and debris left in them. That garbage can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew over time. We suggest you do continually ensure that garbage is removed from these areas to avoid potential contamination.

Additionally as you can see in the picture below you should make sure your plastic is laid flat and ideally attached to the concrete walls. If the plastic is not flat then this impedes drying and can trap water, thus growing mildew. By attaching your ground protection to the walls you can mitigate the moisture beneath it from affecting the air quality above the plastic which usually will travel through penetrations into your living area.

These are just some general maintenance items that can help keep your indoor air quality at safe levels.

Medius offers a full range of restoration and remediation services, be assured that each and every job is done to the highest standard possible.

Call today 306-565-3395 and see what they can do for you!

Trusted Regina cleaners Complete Clean offer some helpful cleaning tips!

Complete Clean are Regina home cleaning services professionals and they pledge to clean thoroughly, completely and reliably. It’s what they do! They are organized, punctual, extremely professional and they put their clients first. From your first phone call, to the end of your clean you'll find the whole process seamless and enjoyable, they guarantee it! Complete Clean are Trusted Regina Residential and Commercial CLEANING SERVICES professionals! 

General household cleaning tips!

To eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, place a bowl of new or used coffee grounds on a shelf inside, and replace every two months for a continually fresh smell. When dishes come out of the dishwasher with residue, run an empty load with 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the detergent cup. Alternately, use several tablespoons of Tang, lemon-flavored Kool-Aid or powdered laundry detergent for the same effect.

To combat grease buildup and maintain cleanliness, grind a handful of ice cubes in the garbage disposal every few weeks. Add the peels from lemons or limes to help eliminate odors. 

The anti-static component in dryer sheets helps break down the bond between food and pots and pans, so put a sheet in a dirty pot filled with water, soak it overnight, and easily scrub the pot clean the following day.