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Trusted Tip How to hire a local qualified contractor for your Regina home improvement or renovation project.

As homeowners we all wonder what questions to ask a contractor to avoid a potentially horrible situation.  We have all heard  nightmare stories of home renovations gone wrong but how can anyone be sure this wont happen to them?   At Trusted Regina we believe we can help.  Trusted Regina was formed to help the public find local businesses you can TRUST.  In this article we share some of the ways we research businesses to ensure we have the best local contractors.  Giving you peace of mind knowing you have hired someone you can TRUST to do the job right.  


Requesting proof of insurance is one of the first steps in searching for a quality and Trusted Regina contractor.  

Are they Insured ? Any good contractor should carry liability and worker’s compensation Insurance this is something you should always require a contractor to have.

Contractor Liability Insurance

This will protect you if a contractor creates damage to your home, neighboring properties or injury to a third party that may occur during the renovation.  Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance; it should state the name and address of the contractor, the amount of general liability, including coverage for bodily injury and property damage, and the effective and expiry dates of the policy as well as the date of issue of the certificate.  Once you know the contractors liability coverage take it to your Insurance provider to ensure you are fully covered during the renovation as a renovation may require you to increase your coverage for a period of time.   

Workers Compensation

Except for single-person companies, Contractors are required by law to pay WCB premiums on behalf of their employees in the event of a workplace injury. Hiring a contractor that is not in compliance makes YOU the homeowner the project manager and liable for ANY injuries occurred during the renovation. Request a letter of good standing to ensure their premiums are paid up.  

Ask for references 

When anyone applies for a job they are required to provide references.  Why should a contractor be any different!  At Trusted we ask for so many references it's borderline obscene... it is A LOT and we call them all!. We don't anticipate you calling the number we do but we do think it is always a good idea to request references and that you call them.  Typed references or letters of recommendation are ok but a voice and a person are always best. 

There are two types of references you should request.

Client References:

Gaining a list of people who have used there service is extremely helpful and an indication of the amount of jobs they have done.  Asking if they did a good job is not always a good indication of the quality of their work and dedication to customer service.  Dig deeper. here are some suggested questions. - How did you find the contractor? how many jobs have they done for you?  Would you hire them again?  Would you recommend them to a family member? Did they finish the job on time?  Did they charge you the price quoted?  We have the 5 Trusted Guarantees and all of our contractors have to uphold them these are only some of the questions we ask. 

Supplier references

Though not always foolproof, supplier references are very important and help give some insight as to weather or not the contractor pays it's suppliers on time.  Which may in turn help you protect yourself from creditor liabilities.  Builders lien's are something you should know about and try to avoid!.  Here is a great article on how to avoid a builders lien.  

Check their online rating and memberships 

Another way to check and see if a contractor is worth hiring it to check sources like Trusted Regina to see if they have been put through a process of ensuring that they are who they claim to be. This is also are a very strong indicator of a company's commitment to professionalism. You should also search to see if any complaints have been made about them online and how they dealt with those complaints.  From time to time mistakes can happen.  But it is how a company deals with those mistakes that can show a great deal about how they would deal with you.  

Experience, education and certification 

Trade licencing requirements 

A contractor should easily be able to tell you how long they have been in business and have a valid business licence.  Beyond that there are other things you should ask.  Depending on the type of work you want done there are licencing requirements for different trades in Saskatchewan.  Ensuring that each trade has the proper licencing can prevent major issues down the line.  In Saskatchewan there are four compulsory apprenticeship trades. Electrician, Plumber, Refrigeration Mechanic and Sheet Metal Worker. To work in a compulsory apprenticeship trade you must have a journey person certificate or be registered as an apprentice with the SATCC. If one of the trades your contractor has working on your project claims to be a professional in this area ask for their certification. 

Ask for Examples of their work

Most contractors have tons of images of work they have done in the past.  See examples of their work can give you a good indication of the type of work they can do.  We do caution you however that sometimes that though they may be very lovely images you can't always be sure of the quality of the underlying work!

More info...

We hope this article helps you find the right contractor for your renovation project. We always hope you choose one of our Trusted Regina Contractors for any of your projects.   

If you are looking for more information about hiring a contractor we have several other articles that can help steer you in the right direction.

Trusted Shares some testimonials from happy clients of Decor8ing your Trusted Regina Interior Decorator  is the REAL DEAL...and nothing explains it better than when we get feedback from the public....people like YOU that made the smart & simple choice .. to deal with a Trusted business like Decor8ing,  and they did everything they could to help...and more,  just like we Guaranteed!


Ingrid Ruud from Decor8ing you TrustedRegina Interior Decorator knows how to look after her clients some of the great things they have to say about her!  

"Dear Ingrid,

I wanted to send you this letter to thank you for the wonderful work, you and your team did, in staging and decorating my home for sale. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and clear sense of design were key to the outstanding sale of my home in one day! The effects you were able to create not only enabled the sale to come so quickly, it went for over the asking price and the new owners purchased most of my furnishings. It was such a pleasure working with you, keeping me calm and organized and I am pleased to recommend your service to anyone!  

Please feel free to use my name and this letter in any way to further your business. Thank you again for your wonderful help."  Sincerely,  Brenda Brown 


" I first met Ingrid several years ago, when she worked as a design consultant at Alfords Floors and Interiors. Recently my mom moved into a Long Term Care Facility and I asked Ingrid to help me personalize her room and make it more warm and cozy. She did a great job.

I found Ingrid to be a very competent, enthusiastic Interior Decorator. She is a warm, caring, respectful person who strives to accommodate her client's needs and wishes in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Ingrid to anyone needing the assistance of an Interior Decorator. "  Vicki G.


" Last spring my husband & I bought some new white cupboards for the kitchen and I was trying to decorate the tops of them with some kind of greenery - I had no idea whatsoever! My daughter Claudette suggested that she bring Ingrid Ruud from Ingrid Ruud Decor 8....Ing out to my place in Sedley to give me some ideas. My daughter had her house decorated by Ingrid & just loved it. Ingrid (Decor8Ing) gave me suggestions on what to do with the tops of my kitchen cupboards. She is so energetic & full of good ideas that I wanted to do more with other parts of my house - bathroom, bedroom & living room! Ingrid & I went shopping for flowers, material & pictures. She came back to my home & did the beautiful flower arrangements, hung curtains & pictures & suggested paint colors. I really like my new look & have decided to get her back next year to decorate my living room. She loves her work, is extremely efficient /3t is just full of fantastic ideas. She's an excellent shopper. She has a natural aptitude for matching colors & knows that everything will go well together when it's finished - just boggles my mind! 

I've had many compliments on my "new" decor in my home & would recommend Ingrid very highly to anyone who is thinking of renovations or redecorating. " Yvette W


Ingrid is your Trusted Regina Interior Decorator


Trusted Regina Decorating expert provide a Trusted Tip on Color Palettes

Trusted Regina Interior decorating ideas!


There are a number of colour palettes that harmonize beautifully with every type of interior design. These classics have remained current despite the passage of time and trends, easily adapting to changes in style and furnishings. Follow these simple guidelines to choose a palette that will remain in tune with your own evolving home decor.

Rule 1: Limit your palette to a maximum of three or four colours for your entire home. Remember that these shades will govern the majority of your colour choices. You can also apply several hues of the selected palette, but try to stay as close as possible to your original choices.


Rule 2: The chosen colours should blend harmoniously when placed next to each other. Closely examine the swatches in different types of light to ensure that they continue to complement one another.


Rule 3: Avoid painting all walls in the same colour as this can sometimes create a box effect. Instead, combine shades that fall within your initial palette. This will create an harmonized and dynamic decor.


Colour tip : For a sophisticated and timeless look, choose a similar colour combination:

See photo below for an example. 

Start with a base colour consisting of Natural white, which is warm and delicate. Afterwards, introduce a light complimentary shade (brown) to soften and stylize the overall effect. Complete the palette with another complimentary shade ( grey ) in the same hue that is subtle yet elegant.


Original article - Rona Mag -

Trusted Regina Interior Decorating Trusted Tip on incorporating Neon into your home

TRUSTED REGINA Interior Decorating tip

Neon Colors to add to your Decor!


Sleeker and more modern than when they first made their debut back in the early 80's, hot pops of colour combined with reflective metals are making a strong comeback both on the runway and in home decor. Whether starting by adding brightly coloured accessories or painting a wall with a dynamic shade, there are plenty of solutions to integrate neon colours in every room in your home.



Neon in the kitchen is HOT! Here, bold colour feels fresh and modern in combination with elegant metal appliances. Integrate neon to your decor by painting a few walls or by adding bright coloured tablecloths, utensils or lamps. Opt for blue to create a clean and refreshing decor.



Adopt this new trend in the bathroom with paint on walls, furniture and even the bathtub! In the case of a sink or a bathtub, use a paint specifically designed for this purpose, resistant to moisture and heat. Consider adding green, which besides being refreshing, readily passes through all seasons.

Living Room



The neon pink fits perfectly with white, black, gray and even indigo furniture. Incorporate a touch of neon in your living room with a bright pink carpet or with some cushions on your couch. You can even go for neon furniture that will create a dynamic atmosphere in the room.



Add vibrant colours to your bedroom. Consider painting a few key elements such as your bed or the doorframes. You can also integrate neon colours with accessories such as cushions, rugs, vases or bright light fixtures. Think of yellow, lime or orange to add dynamism.

Original article - Rona Mag -

TRUSTED REGINA DIRECTORY brags about DECOR8ING your TRUSTED REGINA INTERIOR DECORATOR is thrilled to brag about our latest Banner advertiser ..and the exclusive TRUSTED REGINA INTERIOR DECORATOR on the REGINA DIRECTORY of excellence...


"Decor8...Ing" was established in 2008 by accomplished Interior Decorator, Ingrid Ruud.

Ingrid is a CDECA accredited professional and that means these CDECA members are dedicated to providing the public with professional and ethical service. They have graduated from recognized academic institutions and meet a high standard of industry expertise and experience. Ingrid has worked with customers and their decorating ideas and dilemmas for 25 years. There is so much more to choose from these is actually overwhelming, even paralyzing for some customers.

Time and experience has taught Ingrid decorating important lessons she shares through her initial consultation; which consists of:

 1. A Client Consultation Booklet is sent by e-mail, prior to the 1st visit, to determine a "Client Wish List".

2. At your home...the "Wish List" is perused, a budget is determined and ideas for the clients' home are discussed.

3. Ingrid will recommend local stores for furniture and accessories and if needed and will shop with her clients.

4. She will recommend reliable trades people who specialize in home renovations.

5. The client's personal "Decorating Booklet", along with recommend-ations, will be sent to customer following the initial meeting.

6. Many of Ingrid's clients communicate through e-mails with questions. She will work with her customers until the entire renovation has been completed, if the client so wishes.

She specializes in Interior decorating- Window Fashions Furniture and Accessory Shopping, Flooring, Floral Designs, Custom Designed Cushions, Paint and Wallpaper Consulting

She holds an Interior Decorating diploma, with highest honors from Stratford Career Institute and this has given Ingrid a career in which she is truly thankful. Ingrid's passion for floral designing took her to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1992, to receive her diploma in design at the Canadian School of Floral Art. Born in The Netherlands and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Ingrid introduced an Interior Decorating business to Moosomin, Saskatchewan, to great success, with her then business partner, Velma Moore. Dekor-Bees Interior Decorating was sold in 1997 and Ingrid brought her design talents back to Regina.

Employed by Fiorante Floors & Interiors and followed by Alford's Floors & Interiors, she breathed life into her clients' homes through the inspired application of colour, textiles, furnishings and accessories. Ingrid's enthusiasm and imagination have made family members, friends & client's decorating dreams become a reality, for over 25 years!


Click HERE for References ...or see the ones we took when we surveyed Ingrids clients below!


Sherry Bohay from Regina, SK  said "I highly recommend Ingrid, she provides an excellent service and I always recommend her to other people I know. I have used her off and on for the past 5 years probably."

Marla Kammer from Regina, SK said "I really enjoy working with Ingrid, she is excellent and give her a 10 out of 10! I tell people about her all the time!"

and finally Syliva from Regina, SK had this to tell us "I think Ingrid meets all those requirements you mentioned and she absolutely deserves to be on a site like this. I refer people to her all the time."

What more do you need! to know!

Call her today on (306) 5350374 or go to her website here ... 





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