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Our Trusted Regina Spa En Vogue explains their newest treatment the Eyelash Lift!

En Vogue Day Spa & Gift Studio have been in business since 1998, a member of the Leading Spas of Canada since 2001 and one of two spas in Saskatchewan that has passed stringent requirements to attain Leading Spas of Canada Quality Assurance Designation. A Designation that means they meet consistent safety, operational and hygiene standards. In 2012, Patricia, who is passionate about spa safety, was elected to the Board of the Leading Spas of Canada, the association that represents spas across the country.

En Vogue Day Spa and Gift Studio is a Trusted Regina Spa 

Do you want your eyes to appear brighter, rejuvenated and glamorous? Their Lashforever™ Lash Lift will make that happen for you! And unlike other lash treatments, Lash Lift is suitable for both short and long lashes, in any eye shape, ensuring that every one of us gets the same opportunity of beautiful lashes.

Lash lifting is a great alternative for people with sensitive eyes or for people whose lashes grow straight out or downwards. Expect to see a natural-looking “lift” of the eyelashes for a more open, youthful-looking eyes. This treatment is quick and easy, with perfect results every time and it lasts up to 12 weeks, (time may vary slightly depending on your natural lash cycle.)


The Lashforever™ Lash Lift products are FDA and Health Canada Approved and safe for your eyes and natural lashes. Lashforever™ is an advanced perming system that is semi-permanent and curls the natural lashes without any adhesives, extensions or rods. Lash Lift replaces the traditional perming system of wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, which can cause lashes to over-curl and look short and stubby. Lash Lift uses different sizes of silicone pads and each lash is lifted individually, which creates a perfect curl for your lash length each time.

With lifted lashes, your eyes immediately open up and lashes appear fuller and longer. You can add on tint which adds color or deeper color, especially loved by those that have fairer skin and hair. Tint must be applied before your Lash Lift.


Lash Lift $75

Lash Lift with Lash Tint $85

Your service requires you keeping your eyes completely closed the entire time of service. It is a gentle service so you may even drop off to sleep while your service provider works her magic!


Does the Lash Lift procedure hurt? Not at all, in fact you will most likely be fighting the urge to take a quick nap. 

Is the procedure safe? Yes. Lashes are lifted onto our specially shaped lifting pads before products are applied. With anything around the eyes we want to ensure that no product actually enters the eyes. If you feel stinging of any sort let your technician know immediately.

Will the Lash Lift damage my natural lashes? No. However it is important to select a trained professional and follow all appropriate after care.

 How long does a lash lift take? A lash lift can take anything from 45 minutes to an hour from beginning to end. Maybe a little longer if you decide to have your eyelashes tinted which will enhance the effect of your lash lift.

Can I wear makeup after my lash lift? Yes but it is advised that you leave your lashes untouched for at least 48 hours after your treatment.

If you want to wear mascara it is advised not to use a waterproof mascara, as the removal of waterproof mascaras can be harsh on the lashes and weaken the lift.

 Can I use an eyelash curler? No. There will be no need for an eyelash curler as this treatment gives a much better result than using a curler, But more importantly, using one may weaken and damage your lashes.

You will be required to fill out a Health Questionnaire before having this service.

The Lash Lift can not be done if you have any of the following:

  • Brittle and/or broken short lashes
  • Positive reaction to patch test
  • Allergy to Latex
  • Eye Sty/Stys
  • Keratitis
  • Cysts
  • Blepharitis
  • Cuts, abrasions, swelling in the immediate area
  • Chemotherapy
  • Skin Disease
  • Any eye infections such as conjunctivitis
  • Skin disorder in or around the eye
  • Any disease / disorder causing shaking, twitching or erratic movement
  • Recent operations around eyes, head and face or scar tissue in immediate area
  • Watery eyes
  • Any inflammation around the eye area
  • Hypersensitive skin / eyes
  • Bells Palsy or any condition that makes closing eyes difficult
  • Any skin trauma, cuts burns etc in the eye area

Whatever your needs we are sure you will enjoy the experience that En Vogue offers and we strongly suggest that you go along and check it out for your self!!! Check out their reviews and the complete Trusted Regina directory listing 

En Vogue is a Trusted Regina Spa


Our Trusted Regina Tutors and Educators share a stage by stage guide to understanding report cards.

Oxford Learning Center works with all ages from 3 up to College age, and they are there for you and your child if they are struggling with a particular subject, having difficulty concentrating or you want to prepare them for secondary school. What you may not know is there is help and the answer is Oxford Learning Center.

Based on decades of research into how children learn, they designed a radically new approach to teaching and this is how Oxford Learning came to be the powerhouse of better learning that it is today. The Oxford Learning Regina tutoring team will give your child the tools for a life time of learning; You really couldn’t give your child a better gift.

Oxford Learning Center are your Trusted Regina tutors and educators 

Trusted Regina Tutors and Educators tip on Learning Language from their Oxford Learning Blog



From the ages of five onwards, children are learning to adjust to an academic setting. Report cards tend to report on student’s behavioral and social progress, such as how they are getting along with their peers, and whether they can stay focused on a task.

Academically, young children are being introduced to the basic skills that they will use to build all future learning upon. Reading progression is critical during the early years. Students should be continually meeting, if not exceeding, the reading progression standards.

While young students may have their entire academic future ahead of them, poor report cards could mean potential problems in the long run. If issues are cropping up time and again, parents should consider getting extra help for their child so that the issue doesn’t become a major learning roadblock.

Children are changing greatly during the early years, and what was a problem today, may not be a problem tomorrow. Even if a particular area might be of concern, parents should watch for incremental improvement from one report card to the next. Always discuss report cards with the teacher, who can give a better picture of a child’s progress.

Each report card marks a milestone of achievement. Just because a child is under performing on one report card, does not mean that there won’t be significant improvement by the next report card.


The middle years of school are all about progress markers. While the early years focus on behavior and development, the middle years are very important academically. Children are introduced to increasingly difficult academic skills and their ability to learn these foundational skills is very much the focus of report cards.

Low grades on report card, while problematic, are not as much of a cause for concern as grades that are dropping. Consistency is key on report cards during the middle years; children should not be going down in grade points.

At this stage, the emotional impact of report cards becomes an issue. Worry about grades can cause stress among children and parents alike. Parents can offer incentives to students to help increase their study time, or learn to ask for help in order to maintain grades.

When poor grades are present on multiple report cards, parents should consider it a red flag and seek help before the problem becomes a major issue.


In high school, report cards are the biggest indicator of academic performance and progression. The first report of the school year is a warning flag—if there are issues, students should get help as soon as possible. There is plenty of time for students to improve grades before the second and final report cards.

In high school, students’ grades should reflect their short and long-term goals in life. Students need to consider the long-term outcomes of what their grades will mean to them based on what their future goals are.

The pressure is on; students are moving quickly on the fast track towards higher education, and every grade counts. Students should seek extra help as soon as they realize that they need extra support, whether in a particular subject, or in study or homework skills. The sooner that students get the support that they need, the less stressful that report cards become.

Oxford Learning are your Trusted Regina tutors and educators! 


Trusted Regina is proud to introduce our newest partners Skott Enns and Ryan Boughen of TMG in the Mortgage category

Trusted Regina loves partnering up with amazing business' and we are proud to introduce our newest partners.  Skott Enns and Ryan Boughen of TMG The Mortgage Group in the Mortgage category.  

Personally, when I bought my first home, I had no knowledge of the Mortgage industry, and did not know a heck of a lot about mortgage brokers and what they do to help. I felt “safe” dealing with the bank…so that’s what I did.  I had no idea that just by working with a mortgage broker, they have better rates and in the case of Ryan and Skott your best interests at heart!  It's not just us saying that, we asked their clients:

Ryan somehow pulls out deals that banks can’t do.  He is very good at making things work and keeping the client stress free. He is just a good guy very approachable calm and knowledgeable. Very client focused” Christen Johnson – Regina 

 “We talked to 3 separate brokers and went with Skott because he provided better communication and bent over backwards for us.  He was very flexible and when we told people the rate the rate he got us they couldn’t believe it.” Matt Barton – Regina

They both have very active young family's. Ryan along with his wife Natasha, have three young boys and Skott and his wife Shawna have young twin boys.   This really explains why they love helping family's get a mortgage for their first home. Skott and Ryan truly are passionate about helping families keep their money and a successful financial future. They look forward to helping your family, whatever size.  

If you are looking for honest, unbiased advice from a mortgage broker in Regina they would love to talk with you!

Skott Phone 306-201-6500  Ryan Phone 306-570-3379 

No Time to set up an appointment! No Problem! You can also click here to apply now  with Ryan or apply now with Skott and get the ball rolling.

TMG The Mortgage Group Skott Enns & Ryan Boughen are Trusted Regina Mortgage Brokers

Trusted Regina welcomes Dust N Shine a Trusted Regina residential and commercial cleaning company!

The Trusted Regina directory team are proud to announce our newest partner in the Regina cleaning services category, welco Dust N Shine. 

The face of Dust N Shine and co-owner with his dad Lee Zurowski was born in Regina.  His family moved to BC, then years later they were drawn back to this beautiful city and the entire family came back with them.  He like any good Regina boy also loves the Saskatchewan Roughriders and was thrilled he could watch them at home again.  He also brought his partner Jan and soon after they had the birth of Maddox.  Their Christmas miracle Maddox was born 10 weeks early on Boxing day 2015.  Seeing the efforts of the Regina NICU they decided to give back to the community they have grown to love and set up a go fund me page where all of the proceeds go directly to the Z99 NICU Radiothon.  After 5 years of being back home they are fully ingrained back into this community.  Lee told us that the best thing about moving back to Regina is the down to earth really good people he added: business isn't just business in Regina it's relationships.  

Dust N Shine is proud to be a family owned business serving Regina and the surrounding area. With many years of cleaning experience their team will provide professional service and treat your home or business as if it were their own.  Here is what some of their clients had to say about them!

“We have been using them for several months and the only thing I would change is to have them come more often.”  Charlotte Shoemaker -Regina 

"The cleaning team have a key to our gate and our offices and we have complete trust in them to enter our premises when we are not there.  I would have no hesitation in recommending their services, as they have always done a great job for us.” Teresa Finnegan - Regina

We Welcome LEE and his family at  Check out ALL Dust N Shine  do here on the listing here in Regina Cleaning Services


A Trusted Regina Chiropractor shares some helpful information about Concussions

Based out of Argyle Natural Health Centre, Dr. Bachorick enjoys working with patients who have complex and challenging problems, He finds his training in neurology has been an immense help in assisting all of his patients improve their health and level of function. Dr Bachorick has spent this much time and energy pursuing this knowledge because it has been invaluable in learning new treatment approaches to complex and chronic problems.

Dr. Shawn Bachorick, Chiropractor shares some helpful information about Concussions 

Lots of media about this issue with high-profile athletes having their careers jeopardized by concussions. However, you don’t have to be a famous football or hockey player to end up suffering the effects of a concussion.

What is a concussion? 

Simply, it is a traumatic brain injury which impairs brain function and commonly causes symptoms including, but not limited to, dizziness, nausea, cognitive impairment, headache, visual disturbances and balance problems.

Who is most at risk? 

Obviously participants in contact sports (martial arts, football, rugby, hockey, etc.), but other sports like soccer, baseball often see accidental contact lead to problems as well. Other traumas like car accidents and falls are also frequent causes of concussion.