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Trusted Marketing Services Trusted Regina Marketing Agency share 6 tips to get on 1st page of Google locally

The Trusted Marketing Services team have skill sets & real-life experiences that other marketing agencies and social media management companies simply do not share.  The Trusted Marketing Team are not nerds….they are entrepreneurs, networkers and marketers, so If you need affordable website solutions,   Social media management or anything to do with advertising and marketing contact them today.

Trusted Marketing Services are your Trusted Regina Marketing Agency  

6 tips to get on 1st page of Google locally:



“I want to be on the first page of Google” is now the most common response we get at Trusted when we ask people what they want for their marketing goals, and there seems to be a confusion amongst local Saskatchewan business owners as to how this actually happens, so we thought we’d lay it out in layman’s terms. 

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.

To be on page 1 of Google for your category of business locally is a great goal, especially as recent stats tell us that over 80% of all click-throughs to websites on Google searches take place on the first page of Google. Not being there means you will miss out on leads, and that means those on the 1st page have a significant competitive advantage. Except how you get on that first page can be tricky, especially if you are in a very competitive category ( Real Estate, Auto Dealers, Mortgage Brokers for example). Here we outline the main points to consider.



1. You need a website – and it needs to be a good one!

Your website is a TOOL, and it should be out there working for your business 24/ 7. It’s not just about the ‘look’ of the site, it’s about how well it works overall for good SEO – you need to consider the navigation ( how easy is for your visitors to get around and find the important information), the keywords ( if you are a Plumber make sure it is on your website often), include the location ( if you are a Plumber in Regina say so ) , choose appropriate images and have good links ( social links, links to other sites that make sense and links to your site from other sites that make sense)

( contact us at Trusted Marketing Services if you want to discuss your website – or lack of.)

2. You need to have a blog

Content marketing is a phrase you may have heard bandied about; in reality it means writing new, quality, relevant content about your company and your category – ideally in a blog on your website on a regular basis – This just keeps your website up to date in the eyes of Google ( as Google determines who gets ranked where it’s important to impress her and do what she values)

(check out our Saskatchewan marketing blog here )

3. You need to be social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google + – pick whats best for your business and build an audience for your content- quality web traffic from your social media to your website is valued by Google and if you are spending all your efforts sending people to your Social media as the final destination you are WRONG – the social should be the tool to help your www. not the other way around! If you don’t take social media seriously and do it well you are really missing out on the chance to connect with your local audience and share your company personality & values.




4. Your overall marketing strategy

Assuming you DO have a strategy? Too many local business separate online and offline marketing and this is a big mistake, in today's world in many categories online is MORE important than offline, as consumers shop and make more buying decisions online than in person. Your website should be your best sales person, it should reflect who you are & what you are doing at all times.

( if you are not sure about your marketing strategy contact us for a consultation )

5. Online local directories

Online local directories are important to Google ( as they layout information in a logical manner) and I predict they will become more so as more and more websites come online locally- Being listed on a good local online directory ( like and ) will help your Google rankings as it shows you are recognized locally in your category, also if the online directory is well ranked in your category you benefit from that – you can get on the first page of Google by being on their directory; along with the others in your category of course. ( Trusted Directories have many, many other advantages & benefits over your regular local online directories – contact us to find out more). 


6. Google products

Google Adwords, Google Plus, YouTube etc..etc.. Buy them, use them – Google likes when you buy INTO their products.

A word of warning ..DO NOT put all your eggs into the Google Adwords basket to get on the 1st page of Google – this is not a smart long-term marketing decision. Google Adwords cost is going to keep rising as more people enter the auction and you can’t all be on the first page…make ORGANIC your priority ( we know customers prefer organic search results too)

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to allocate time and effort into doing the best job you can online. There is no QUICK fix, this is a race…and it’s not a sprint, it’s a never-ending marathon, and you need to keep running and adapting to the ever-changing conditions or you will fall behind and drop off your prospects and existing customers radars. Don’t be tempted into trying to cheat Google by paying companies to create splash pages, buy backlinks or by falsely boosting your social followers' numbers….. you didn’t become successful in business by cutting corners, it’s the same way online.



Contact us at today, we are your local and international award-winning Trusted Marketing Agency!




A Trusted Regina website expert's tip on Marketing Data

Here they share a tip on Using Marketing Data to your Advantage:

How do you make a website stand out? How do you know what will need improvement and what will speak to consumers?  Properly collecting and tracking data solutions will help a company’s business strategy and marketing.  Data can be collected through SEO, looking closely at social media, and looking at the sales of products. The benefits can range from finding marketing trends, growing sales, increasing your knowledge of the market and consumers as well as lowering costs.

SEO can greatly increase the amount of traffic for a website. By tracking key words used in the market, will help better position a website on the most popular search engines. Better positioning will increase the number of users to look at your website.  Another positive of tracking SEO is to look for potential problems that may occur with a website such as accessibility problems.

Social Media is a dynamic way of seeing the thoughts of consumers and seeing how they follow a website, how they engage and what keeps them engaged.  Easily accessible social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allows companies to find out what consumers are interested in and gives more insight into the market and what trends seem to be happening.  Seeing what is “Liked” or “Shared” with Facebook gives free marketing that can be shared with “Friends” at a much faster rate than traditional forms of marketing.  Twitter allows for your consumers to have discussions, follow and create a trust with your company.

Tracking sales and product selection is another great data tool.  Tracking Solutions and Data and How this Data can be Used to Help your Business Strategy and Marketing Tracking inventory shows what products/items should be promoted or discontinued, which will help optimize sales and help keep your costs down.  Identifying patterns also allows more knowledge into the market, by seeing if items are being affected by external factors or something as simple as seasonality.  Tracking sales also allows a company to track customer satisfaction with customer feedback and ratings of the products.

Trusted Regina team brag about Nanotech your Trusted Regina Mobile, tablet and laptop screen repair pro's!

Trusted Regina  team are pleased to announce Nanotech Electronic Solutions as a Trusted Regina partner who specialize in putting your broken smart phones , tablets and laptops back together!


The staff at Nanotech Regina are all tech loving people,  and they are there for you to get your electronics back in working order, and back in your hands as fast as possible. They know how much you depend on those electronics and want to have your cell phone or lap top or even tablet back to you in as little time as possible.


Service is number one for Nanotech, they want to make it right, by doing it right and doing it well the FIRST TIME!.

They treat everyone that comes through the doors like they have known them forever and want each and every customer to be happy with their experience at Nanotech. They can fix it and then bling it up for you too! From screen protectors to cell phone covers. Tablet cases and chargers. They carry a range of items to make your gadget great! Check them out, we did, and we gave them the thumbs up as your Trusted Regina Mobile, tablet and laptop repair professionals!


Here is what some of their happy clients had to tell us

“I have gone to Nanotech every time I have broken a cell phone and even my smartphone. They have been great at repairing the damage. They always give a time frame of how long it will take to fix and its always done early. Other repair places always try to tell me that I need to fix other problems and Nanotech never tries to upcharge the repair, unless something really needs fixing. They don’t take advantage of you.” Jordan Copeman, Regina

“Great service had it done quickly and great price!! Thanks “ TRISH , Regina “Nanotech has a good selection of cases and covers for cell phones, always something new there, and their service is always great. Always on time. Everyone is so well mannered.” Markus, Regina

Your Trusted Regina website expert share a tip on Search Engine Optimization

Here they share a tip on Search Engine Optimization:



Stand out

In the evolving world of technology it is extremely important for a business’s website to stand out and be noticed. Search Engine Optimization is a tool that targets keywords related to the specific industry your business is in and from there, drives more traffic to your site. 

Due to the effectiveness of SEO, it has become widely adopted as the top, online marketing strategy. Business’s that operate their websites using SEO have noticed increased traffic coming to their site. It focuses on creating keywords that are relevant to the title tags and Meta descriptions, these keywords allow websites to move their ranking up on various search engines. The top ranked websites on all search engines will inevitably receive the most clicks. SEO is extremely cost-effective; it targets active consumers who are searching for products or services in your industry online. Search Engine Optimization is quantifiable and therefore results can be tracked, delivering a strong return on investment. 

Not only does SEO increase traffic to websites in a cost-effective way, it brings about brand awareness. The highest ranked websites receive the most impressions and have much higher exposure. Having your website and its keywords on the first page of a search engine instills trust in consumers. Consumers typically associate themselves with businesses that they can trust, most often pages on the first page of a search engine are perceived as reliable. 


Your Trusted Regina website expert tip on YouTube Ad Campaigns

Melcher Media has innovative media services to help you enhance your marketing voice and maximize your efficiency in the office and can help you whether you are a small independent business or a large corporation.


Here they share a tip on YouTube Ad Campaigns:

Watch it work for you!

Think your business could use a little boost in the marketing department?  YouTube Ad Campaigns are a great resource to effectively market your business and in return, create brand awareness and loyalty with your customers.

The internet has been turned into a social setting where many humans spend a lot of their time; they are looking for some type of information or entertainment. By creating a short clip, your audience has the option to either skip or view the ad before their desired video is ready. The best part about this campaign is that you pay for the amount of impressions your ad receives. If the viewers decide to skip your ad, you are not stuck with any costs!

YouTube Ad Campaigns are aimed at industries specific to your business. Based on a consumers browsing history, we have the ability to target consumers in the market who are viewing competing goods and services or similar products. Not only can we target specific areas within Saskatchewan, areas all around the world with access to YouTube will have the opportunity to view your ad as well!

YouTube Ads create brand awareness and loyalty through driving more traffic to your website. Regardless if the person chose to watch the entire ad, they may be prompted at a later time to go back, view your site and become potential customers! SEO options are available for YouTube ads that will provide measurable results through Google analytics. Watch your YouTube ad work!


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