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Chris Worby a Trusted Regina Financial Expert from Worby Wealth Management talks about LBS

Finding the shortest and safest route to any of your dreams requires planning and only with a carefully thought out financial plan can you be sure to make the most of your resources and to protect against risks along the way. At Worby Wealth Management, Chris will do his best to help you achieve those dreams with a financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs and based on your individual situation.

Let TRUSTED REGINA's FINANCIAL ADVISOR Chris Worby from Worby Wealth Management help you live your dream!

Here Chris talks about LBS (Local Bike Shop) and what isn’t online:

Today’s world of the internet means you can buy anything and get better informed anywhere anytime. Amazon, Yahoo, Google – they all wait with baited breath for you to ask or order something, anything, please!

What you can’t get online though, is knowledge. You can read information but there’s a difference between information and knowledge and all it takes is a conversation with someone truly knowledgeable to understand the difference.

This was impressed upon me again today when I visited my local bike shop to pick up a bike that I had in for service. I had tinkered with it, youtubed a few videos and tried to work on it myself but in the end, had to take it to the pros. And not just any pros, let me tell you about my LBS – or local bike shop.

#1 about my bike shop is that it looks like a bike shop. They have tools around, it smells of grease and rubber and the guys who work there wear overalls – because bicycles are dirty.

#2 about my bike shop is that they have been in Regina for over 50 years. The guy I was talking to about my bike parts today still rides the bike he raced back in the 60s!

#3 about my bike shop is that they have a couple of generations of guys who do bicycles – and that’s all. There’s likely a century’s worth of experience when I talk to these guys and bring them my bicycle for work.

And what does all this bring them? Knowledge. I learned today about the sound of Reynolds tubing and how flicking a downtube tells you what kind of metal is in that bike. That isn’t information, it’s knowledge.

I thought about this list and my own business.

#1 my office looks like a place people can come have a safe conversation about their money. The coffee smells good but I do leave the coveralls at home!

#2 I was born in Regina, have tried out the greater ‘opportunities’ of Calgary and moved back before it was fashionable to do so in order to build my practice here. My family is here, my life is here.

#3 as a 3rd generation financial advisor, there was a certain depth in my training that other advisors may not have had. This has been a boon to me and my clients.

In the end, this list has led me to not just have information about investing and money management but to have actual knowledge. Sure you can read some information online or go to your large international banking institute, but if you want great service and true knowledge, we at Worby Wealth Management can help.

Chris Worby is a Trusted Regina based financial advisor and Wealth Management consultant servicing local Regina households and businesses since 2001.

Call Chris Worby at (306) 757-4747 ext 226 or on his Cell: (306) 737-2909. Check out his listing on the Regina Directory in the REGINA FINANCIAL SERVICES category . Chris is a Trusted REGINA FINANCIAL EXPERT


Emerald Park Homes your Trusted Regina & Region Home builders video tour of two of their fabulous homes

Emerald Park Homes takes great pride in their workmanship, and have some of the finest tradesmen in the industry working together with them to create quality homes. Their focus is: "Our Quality Shows” and if you drive around the communities of White City / Emerald Park located just 8 minutes east of Regina on the #1 Highway, you will see signs on the lots available for your custom designed Emerald Park Home.

Put 20 years of experience in homebuilding to work for you! Emerald Park Homes are TRUSTED REGINA & REGION HOME BUILDERS and they are experts in their industry.

Here they share video tours of two of their fabulous homes:

Raised Bungalow White City

Open Concept living room, dining room kitchen. 2 pantries for storage; 2 bedrooms, Owners' Bath has large rectangular jet tub and two seat shower, basement wide open for development includes basement bathroom.


Emerald Ridge White City Showhome

1618 sq. ft. - 3 bedroom bungalow - open concept - huge windows - maintenance free exterior - covered back deck - 3 car garage - backing pond. This plan available in smaller sizes.


Find Emerald Park Homes online or check out their listing here in Regina & Region Home Builders to read the wonderful things their clients have to say about them ... they are your Trusted Regina Home Builders!


Bergens Auto Body & Collision Centre your Regina Auto Body experts pass a Mystery Shop!

Bergens are a local family business and from the moment you walk in the door you will be treated like family!

Bergens Auto Body Regina  are proud to have an amazing 80 Years Auto Body Experience, and they have been serving Regina Auto Body needs for over 30 Years....they have a loyal customer base that simply wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Bergen's are an SGI Accredited Regina Auto Body and Collision Repair shop  , they offer courtesy cars to their clients and they specialize in foreign vehicles.

While Bergens Auto Body Regina appreciate your business, we know it's never fun to get into a collision in the first place. 


TRUSTED COMPANY: Bergen's Auto Body 

Name of Shopper: Darrin Oremba from Premier Tax Services



My company vehicle was involved in a small fender bender that caused $ 6500.00 of damage to the front end of my SUV. The person I was in the accident recommended that I use Bergens Auto Body so I contacted them and made arrangements for my vehicle to be towed their from SGI. 


1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered? My calls to the office were answered quickly and warmly by their staff. Arrangements were easy to make and I was informed up front that there would be a bit of a delay because of the current back log of vehicles already ahead of me.


2. If retail: Appearance of the store / staff and showroom? Not a retail store.


3. Product/industry knowledge of staff? Follow up phone calls from the technicians working on my vehicle were knowledgeable about my vehicle and the damage and made recommendations that exceeded SGI’s original plan.


4. If a quote is required is the quote well laid out/ clear? Quote was very clear. A call explaining the extra charges not going to be covered by SGI were clearly laid out.


5. Did they ask where you found them? The asked during my first call how I found them and I explained about the referral from the other guy in the accident who turned out to be their accountant.


6. Overall experience 1-10. Over all experience is a 9.


7. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends? I have already recommended their business to my business partner and another friend.


8. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why? John was the person I dealt with from start to finish. 


9. If you made a purchase/booked a job how was the process? N/A



What a great Mystery Shop!!! Yet again showing you deserve the Thumbs Up from



Bergen's AutoBody & Collision Centre are TRUSTED REGINA AUTO BODY EXPERTS...and they are waiting to help you. Fan them on Facebook here and be assured that they will look after can TRUST them..we Guaranteee it!  


Trusted Regina Window Coverings expert share a tip on how to buy blinds and shades

Trusted Regina Window Coverings and Blinds Experts  

 Blinds and Shades – How to make the right choice.
Today, with so many styles of blinds and shades to choose from, finding the right one for your needs isn't always a quick open-and-shut deal. Here, we've gathered our best advice to help you see your way through the process. 

Whether you're looking for privacy, style, or both, it can be a daunting task to choose window treatments. How formal should you go, or how sheer? And how come your stylish neighbors always seem to get it right? Windows are a great focal point in a room and blinds and shades should be both decorative and functional. Now they can be considered more like window art. Thankfully, we've come a long way from the days of hiding them behind basic mini blinds. Now you can dress up a room in hundreds of ways without making a major investment!

Here's what to consider before you buy to keep from getting blindsided.

First Things First

• Light and privacy How much do you want and need? Decide whether you want your room bright and airy or more "buttoned up" and cozy. Is your goal to block out light for snug sleep in the bedroom or hang a sheer fabric in your kitchen that lets the sun shine in over your farmhouse sink? Are the windows you're covering near the front door or facing the sunny side of the house? Is the glare on your TV going to be a factor? All of these factors will influence the styles and fabrics you choose.

• Your budget Are you outfitting just one window or the entire house? You may consider spending more on certain windows and scaling back on others. Window treatments are priced by size, so expect larger treatments to cost more. Custom sizes and specialty fabrics, patterns, and features also add to the cost.

• How much time and effort you're willing to spend cleaning Standard blinds can be cleaned at home, but are magnets for dust and need frequent attention. Shades in textured fabrics and weaves hide soil better and are best cared for with either vacuuming or professional cleaning.

• Your decorating style Is it formal or casual, comfortable or chic? Bold colors can be fun or dramatic. Subtle hues are perfect for a room decorated in neutral, earthy colors. Do you prefer corded styles or sleeker, streamlined cordless ones?

• Safety Do you have young children in your household and a need for streamlined cordless blinds and shades? Blinds or Shades?

Blinds are best if you want tiltable slats that can be adjusted to let the sun shine in (or not). They offer a handsome, clean-looking custom fit and plenty of privacy. Prices for blinds generally climb in this order: vinyl, aluminum, faux wood (or textured vinyl) and wood. Here's what to know about some types.

Wood blinds come in light and dark hues and polished or painted finishes— and they're perfect for offices and dens. They're not the best choice for kitchens or baths, where moisture could do damage (choose polymer or faux wood instead), or for bedrooms or living rooms where you want a softer, more romantic effect.

Insulating blinds help conserve energy and filter or block light, so they work hard for your money.

When choosing blinds, keep in mind:

• Wider horizontal slats create the illusion of bigger windows and more space in apartments and small rooms.

• Vertical blinds work for windows that are wider than they are tall. They're an ideal pick for picture windows with a sweeping view or across sliding glass doors.


You don't have to put blinds at half-mast to let in light, as you do with the shades — the full length of the window pane can always be covered for a finished look, even when slats are open. Handy for bathrooms and bedrooms because you can leave blinds down for privacy but adjust as needed for light.


Blinds generally require more of a commitment to keep clean, because the slats attract dust and grime.

Shades are the answer if you're looking for tremendous versatility and style. They provide more ways to create different looks and moods using texture, pattern, and fabric weight.Blinds offers everything from sheer horizontal to energy-saving cellular to blackout roller shades and more, in either traditional bottom up or with top down designs for more light-entering options.

Some standouts:

Woven wood (such as bamboo) offers full, natural-looking coverage. It works well in garden rooms and breakfast nooks, where you often need to filter out the sun to read the newspaper or see your iPad screen. • Tight weaves like twill or microsuede offer optimal privacy because they're opaque. These work well in bedrooms and bathrooms—and don't forget the guest room.

Roman shades have soft, wide pleats that fold flat when raised by a cord. These are lovely for the dining room, living room and family room. Balloon, where the fabric is gathered into billowy poufs—make a high-style statement and are a dressy touch for formal living rooms or sitting rooms.

Honeycomb, aka cell or cellular, are designed with horizontal rows of air pockets (like the tight, neat rows in a bee's honeycomb) which work to keep heat in during winter and out during the summer. These energy savers are a favorite for all around the house.

Blackout, with a room-darkening fabric, block out up to 100 percent of light (they cost more than conventional styles) are ideal for bedrooms, home theaters, and media rooms.

Solar are made from a sheer weave that offers protection from harmful UV rays but don't completely block your view. They are a great option for sunrooms, kids' rooms, dining areas, and light-drenched offices.


Shades are a versatile way to easily refresh any room and can lend a warmer, softer look than blinds.

Downside: To keep them fresh and clean, you'll need to hand-wash vinyl shades. Fabric shades (especially if they're a light color) should be vacuumed with a hand tool regularly and either spot-cleaned or sent out for professional cleaning. There's an important push to get manufacturers to make blinds and shades safer, since the cords are hazardous for small children. Don't use corded window treatments or leave cords dangling within reach of curious little hands or where pets can get to them.

2014 Trusted Regina Contractor show

Trusted the Regina  Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 980 ..the first show aired in Sept 2012  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips, Interviews, Demos and Tours.

What this means is you can listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show - we think out of the Box when it comes to marketing, so we can provide the BEST Possible service for YOU the public- we are the Only Local Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Regina or Saskatoon !  

This latest show we are featuring is the 2014 Trusted Contractor show! 




This months guests are :

Al Shick Trusted Regina contractor.

Monte from Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding & Landscaping Trusted Regina turf, lawn & landscaping experts

Find them all on the Regina directory of Excellence



All the shows questions have been submitted by our wonderful Trusted Regina Facebook Fans  and one lucky fans question was chosen by Sean Dean to win the Prize package submitted by the 3 Trusted Businesses worth  OVER $500

Enjoy the show!! 




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