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Emerald Park Homes your Trusted Regina & Region Home builders share a Trusted Tip on Buying a home!

Emerald Park Homes takes great pride in their workmanship, and have some of the finest tradesmen in the industry working together with them to create quality homes. Their focus is: "Our Quality Shows” and if you drive around the communities of White City / Emerald Park located just 8 minutes east of Regina on the #1 Highway, you will see signs on the lots available for your custom designed Emerald Park Home.

Put 20 years of experience in homebuilding to work for you! Emerald Park Homes are TRUSTED REGINA & REGION HOME BUILDERS and they are experts in their industry.

Here they share their first Trusted tip

Thinking about buying a home?

Think about your Needs — Now and in the Future.

Take the time to ask yourself the questions and write down your answers. Buying a home is likely one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime so we encourage all homeowners to make a list and do the research to make good decisions for your family and budget. Determine if this home is going to have to meet most of your needs for the next 5 to 10 years, or is it a more temporary home. Here are some things to consider.


How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms do you need? Do you need space for a home office? What kind of parking facilities do you need? For how many cars?

Special features

Do you need air conditioning? Do you want storage or hobby space? Is a fireplace or a swimming pool high on your list? Do you have family members with special needs? Do you want special features to save energy, enhance indoor air quality, and reduce environmental impact?

Lifestyles and stages

No matter what type of housing you choose, you must have a clear idea of your needs today, as well as your possible future needs. These are some examples of questions homebuyers might ask:

Do I plan to have children? Do I have teenagers who will be moving away soon? Am I close to retirement? Will I need a home that can accommodate different stages of life? Do I have an older relative who might come to live with me?

What Location Should You Choose?

Location is a critical factor. A home with everything you need, in the wrong location, is probably not the right home for you.

Here are some things to consider about location.

•Do you want to live in a city, a town or in the countryside?

•How easy will it be to get to where you work? How much will the commuting cost?

•Where will your children go to school? How will they get there?

•Do you need a safe walking area, or recreational facility, such as a park, nearby?

•How close would you like to be to family and friends?

The CMHC worksheet Home Features Checklist  can help you think about what you need today, and what you may need in the future. Complete the worksheet and print it.

Emerald Park Homes invites you to take the short drive out to the White City/Emerald Park area located just 8 minutes east from Regina on the # 1 Highway. Our office and friendly staff welcome you to our showroom at 64 Great Plains Road.

Find Emerald Park Homes online or check out their listing here in Regina & Region Home Builders to read the wonderful things their clients have to say about them ... they are your Trusted Regina Home Builders!


Obasa Suites your Trusted Saskatoon and Regina Accommodations & Suites are showcased in Canadian Business Journal

Are you a professional who requires short term accommodations? Perhaps your family is relocating to Regina and you haven't found a permanent home in the city? Maybe you are having issues with your own or flood damage perhaps...and the thought of a lengthy stay in a hotel room while your property is being repaired just doesn't appeal to you? Whatever your situation, Obasa Premier Suites Saskatoon and Regina Accommodation and suites  offers temporary housing solutions in a wide range of beautiful properties in Saskatoon, Regina and across Canada. Whether your stay is short-term or long-term, relax in fully furnished housing with style, comfort and convenience.


Here we share a recent article about them in the June 2012  Canadian Business Journal





Saskatchewan-based OBASA Suites has made a mark on the national corporate housing industry through its acute understanding of the needs and demands of corporate travel and its unique challenges. It understands that in order for people to do their jobs away from home or while in transition, they need the comfort and amenities of home. In today’s global business environment, it is not uncommon to travel across the country or to another continent for weeks or months at a time. This is the demographic that seeks out OBASA Suites; corporate guests who require a temporary home away from home.

OBASA Suites provide short- and long-term corporate accommodations in Saskatoon and Regina, with affiliates across Canada. It offers more than 100 suites, some as large as 1,975 square feet which are fully furnished and come with a flexible, no-lease option, convenient locations and the amenities of a hotel with the comfort of home. “All our clients need to bring is their clothes,” says Robin Purcell, Corporate Housing Manager, who oversees client relations. Recently, Purcell has seen an increase in activity in the Saskatchewan market due to the success of the province’s economy. Companies such as BHP Billiton, AMEC and Cameco are turning to OBASA Suites regularly to accommodate their employees travelling from China, Australia, and New Zealand.

With a steady 85 to 90 per cent occupancy rate, OBASA Suites is expanding within the province to areas such as Prince Albert and Yorkton by early 2013, with a five-year goal of going coast to coast. Purcell sees business “growing and growing”. The business model works to attract long-term clients by offering greater discounts based on longer stays, but the service level attracts shorter term clients as well. “We accommodate all different types of clients,” says Purcell. “Most corporate housing companies have a 30-day minimum requirement. We also accommodate shorter term guests, but the longer you stay is where you start seeing the discount. Also unlike a hotel, we do not charge GST, PST or destination marketing fees on our 30-plus night stays.” Monthly cost saving comparisons between OBASA Suites and standard hotels are significant, less than half of what it would cost to stay at a hotel for 30 days, and this is before the cost for the OBSASA Suites amenities are calculated into the hotel stay.

OBASA Suites estimates that the savings on living costs such as parking, laundry, movie rentals, and meals are markedly less, at about 20 per cent the price a client would pay at a hotel for the same services. “Our wonderful accommodations, locations and price comparisons aside, what I believe truly distinguishes OBASA Suites is our attention to customer service,” says Purcell. “I have built a team with a great deal of experience with customer service within the hotel industry and we know our corporate clients’ needs. It’s a personal service. We think outside of the box and do whatever we can to ensure our guests stay is enjoyable and stress free. We stand by our mission statement which is capturing our success by meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients.”

Original Article : Canadian Business journal June 2012



Trusted Regina fan gives a Trusted Regina Auto Repair & Regina Tire Partner the Thumbs up is the REAL DEAL..and nothing explains it better than when we get feedback from a happy Trusted Regina fan...who found a Trusted Partner off the directory and had a wonderful experience ..just like we Guaranteed

This is the email we received from Brenda recently about our Trusted Regina Auto Repair & Service and Trusted Regina Tire experts 


"After having new front and rear brakes installed (also a new windshield) on my aging 2005 Sunfire by Whitmore Park, I proceeded on a road trip to Saskatoon. Before I had driven very far the car started to shudder and pull to the left. I stopped on the shoulder of the highway and called. I spoke with a friendly guy who advised me to come back right away in case it was something serious ----- he would look at the problem immediately. It was the lunch hour and I'm sure I messed up his lunch break, but he solved my problem (a problem completely unrelated to the the work they had previously done to the vehicle), and had me back on the highway with in the hour........ at no additional charge!

They gave me a detailed explanation as to what had happened, gave me a hug and wished me a safe trip to Saskatoon.

I am a 57 year old single gal who watches every penny I spend. I was more than impressed when I had initially taken the car in for an estimate, and they took the time to give me advice and options that would save me money and keep my car running smoothly and safely in the future. Now that I have experienced the exceptional level of after after-service care, I am happy to say that I am a loyal customer of Whitmore Park. As a matter or fact, this most recent experience  is my second positive experience with them! Thank you, Trusted Regina, I would never have found Whitmore Park with out you!! " Brenda D



Way to go Whitmore are setting the standard for all that follow !

When Trusted Regina gives the ' Thumbs up' to a business it MEANS something!

Trusted Regina Fitness Experts share a Tip on stretching.


Reasons to Stretch

You know you are supposed to stretch before you exercise, but do you know why? Stretching works for us at the cellular level. It elongates the muscles fibers (hint: this is where stretching gets its name) and it increases blood flow to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The cells of your body are then provided with more oxygen and nutrients. Once this has occurred, you start your work out with two main benefits: one, you will be less likely to injure yourself, and two, you will have more energy for working out.

Stretching can also help to build coordination and reduce muscle tension, something everyone can benefit from. Sometimes there are individuals who are in especially high need of stretching, and that would be people who are building muscle mass quickly. If you bulk muscles without stretching them, you will actually lose flexibility in those muscles – think of the guy with huge shoulders whose arms can no longer reach over his head or hang naturally by his side, or the football player who can't sit cross-legged on his heels because of strength training without flexibility training.

Check listings in REGINA FITNESS & GYMS find your REGINA FITNESS EXPERTS on the Regina Directory of Excellence!



Trusted Regina Electrical Experts share a tip on Energy Efficiency

Trusted Tip on Energy Efficiency 

Looking for Ways to Save Energy?

More and more consumers are switching to energy efficient electricity. They want to make smart decisions when it comes to installing their home with appropriate energy saving devices. By making the switch you not only save yourself money, but you help save the environment from toxic fossil fuel pollution and help to create a more secure energy future for America. It can be a challenge to determine the best steps to take in order to yield the greatest benefit in your home. 

Lighting Dimmers and Timers

Conservation is good for everyone.  

Power Consumption Meters:

A Power consumption meter measures how much energy each appliance consumes to help you find ways to cut back. 

Wireless Lighting Controls:

Reduce unnecessary energy consumption by controlling your lights with dimmers, programmable light switches, automatic lights, sensors and timers. 

Solar Energy Systems:

Reduce your overall home energy costs, qualify for state and federal incentives, and become more environmentally friendly by installing a solar energy system in your home. 


1.Reduce your heating and electrical bills.

2.Reduce water, air and soil pollution. This will not only help the environment, but protect your children and your grandchildren from chemical pollution and disease.

3.Reduce green house gas emissions. This will help reduce the effects of global warming on our environment.

4.Decrease North America’s energy dependence.

5.Decrease need for fossil fuel, oil, coal, propane, and natural gas. With less of a demand for these types of energy we will be on our way to cleaner more responsible energy use.




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