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Chris Worby a Trusted REGINA FINANCIAL EXPERT provides a tip on a Budget Killer

Finding the shortest and safest route to any of your dreams requires planning and only with a carefully thought out financial plan can you be sure to make the most of your resources and to protect against risks along the way. At Worby Wealth Management, Chris will do his best to help you achieve those dreams with a financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs and based on your individual situation.

Let TRUSTED REGINA's FINANCIAL ADVISOR Chris Worby from Worby Wealth Management help you live your dream!

Here Chris shares a tip on a Budget Killer:

There is an insidious monster in your personal finances trying to eat up all your money! It is so small, you may never even notice until you realize you are living paycheque to paycheque or worse, going negative every month.

It’s called the MONTHLY PAYMENT!!!!

And it goes like this, “Cable bill, $60. Internet bill, $35. Cell phone, $60. Cell phone #2, $60….” Many people I know end up spending around $300/mo on telecom if you include internet, cable, land line, cell phone, data plan all in that category. And none of those amounts look so high – $60/mo, I can pay that. But when you add them all up, you have a real dent in your monthly finances.

So if you think bigger than this, how many amounts do you pay in the $11/mo range – think banking fees? How much do you spend at $10/mo, $20/mo and so on? And none of them are all that expensive really – they are just there.

We buy cars this way, houses, gym memberships, all kinds of things. The problem is that this leads to what I call “Accidental Spending” and can really destroy your budget. Paying in full and up front or thinking about your finances as a whole year’s expense can really change your patterns.

Think about it, if you had to pay $600 once for the gym rather than $50/mo, would you think twice and really consider getting that membership? And if you did think more before the purchase, would you be more likely to use the membership?

Same with your cell phone, if you thought about your data plan as a $40/phone/month expense for 2 phones, would you think twice about $960/yr just to get facebook wherever you want? Maybe you could wait until you are on a wireless network after all!

So, think about payments because they happen whether you go to the gym or not and whether or not you go out for dinner as well.


Chris Worby is a Trusted Regina based financial advisor and Wealth Management consultant servicing local Regina households and businesses since 2001.


Call Chris Worby at  (306) 757-4747 ext 226  or on his Cell: (306) 737-2909. Check out his listing on the Regina Directory in the REGINA FINANCIAL SERVICES category   . Chris is a Trusted REGINA FINANCIAL EXPERT




Original Blog post by Chris Worby your Trusted Regina Wealth Management and Financial Services Expert


Titan Auto your Trusted Regina Auto Dealer experts share a trusted tip on Oil Changes, Lube and Filters

As your premier dealer of quality used vehicles, Titan Automotive Group truly has a great selection to choose from! As they say "We have the best used cars in Regina......PERIOD!!" All you have to do is stop by and visit their showroom to meet their enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, who will do their best to find you the perfect car, truck, or SUV. They are REGINAS TRUSTED USED AUTO DEALER and specialise in ' Previously loved vehicles'!

Titan Automotive is a standout business in an industry with lots of bad stereotypes and horror stories.

Here Titan shares a tip on Oil Changes, Lube and Filters: 

Regular oil changes protect your engine and keep your vehicle running smoothly

An oil change from the experts Titan Automotive Group means a lot more than simply changing yourvehicle's oil filter. It's a comprehensive maintenance service performed by our experienced, certified technicians and includes:

  • Your choice of premium oils, from conventional oil to 100% synthetic oil
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Lubrication of all fittings
  • Filling and topping-off of all fluids
  • Air filter checked
  • Engine inspected for leaks
  • All belts and hoses checked
  • Tire pressure checked
  • Entire undercarriage inspection

How do oil changes help my vehicle?

  • Oil changes help protect your engine by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion in all climates
  • Regular oil changes, lubricated fittings, and new oil filters are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly

How often should I have my oil changed? 

It's always a good idea to check your owner's manual for specific recommendations, however most vehicles require you to change your oil every three months or 3,000 mi./4,800 km.


Find Titan Automotive online at or vist the awesome showroom at 755 Broad st, Regina..check their listing out here in TRUSTED REGINA AUTO DEALERS ...they are your TRUSTED REGINA USED AUTO DEALER EXPERTS !  


Reed Security Trusted Regina Alarm and Security Expert share a tip on their REEDHD Smart Cameras

Reed Security believes when you become a client you will be entering into a relationship – one they want to grow and become long term...they work hard to meet all your Regina Alarm & security needs from day one!

Here they share a tip on the REEDHD Smart Cameras:



Video Analytics is a generic term used to describe computerized processing and analysis of video streams and is used for a variety of tasks. Video Analytics automatically monitors ReedHD Smart Cameras and sends you real time alerts of pre-defined events. Instead of waiting passively, you can now TAKE ACTION.

ReedHD Smart Cameras:

  • Provide advanced detection and real time alerts - Actively fight crime
  • Provide business intelligence - Customer experience, staffing and traffic counts
  • Quickly pay for themselves Are less costly than private security guards - Do the math. How much do you spend per month for private security guards? Can the costs be reduced by implementing ReedHD Smart Cameras? You may consider using both.
  • Are less costly and lower maintenance than dogs - Dogs are a great deterrent. They're also messy and can be easily overcome with poison.
  • Are less costly and more effective than relying on a human operator - Various research studies and real-life incidents indicate that an average human operator of a surveillance system, tasked with observing video screens, cannot remain alert and attentive for more than 20 minutes. Moreover, the operator’s ability to monitor the video and effectively respond to events is significantly compromised as time goes by.
  • Work with PC, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets

ReedHD Smart Cameras Can Identify:

  • Penetration of Unauthorized People / Vehicles into restricted areas
  • Tailgating of People / Vehicles through secure checkpoints
  • Traffic Obstacles Unattended Objects Vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, highways or roads Removal of Assets Crowding or Grouping Loitering
  • Smoke and Fire Video Management

Software and Apps:

  • See Live Video Cameras Immediately review and respond to events detected by ReedHD Smart Cameras
  • Easily manage your cameras and setup rules
  • Search by time, camera groups, rule violation type, object type, etc.
  • May work with your existing video cameras

Actively Do Something About It:

  • Once an event is detected by ReedHD Smart Cameras it's time to take charge.
  • You can make a difference 80% of the time with the following added measures:

One Way Talk Down - Loudspeakers are installed at the premises. You can talk down to the premises from your smartphone. "HEY - YOU IN THE BLACK JACKET. YOU HAVE BEEN DETECTED. THE POLICE HAVE BEEN DISPATCHED. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY" "YOUR FACE IS BEING RECORDED IN HIGH DEFINITION"

2 Way Talk Down - Same as One Way, but with a microphone added to the premises. Great for after hours at car dealerships or unattended premises.

Sirens - You can activate external sirens to make unwanted visitors leave. 

Flashing Strobe Lights - You can activate flashing lights to make unwanted visitors leave.

24/7 Video Verification:

Packages For increased protection we highly recommend that ReedHD Smart Camera alerts be sent to our 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Stations. A professionally trained live operator will log into your cameras, perform a look-in and decide if a problem exists. We can *talk down to the site to actively deter crime, alert you and dispatch the proper authorities.

*Monthly charges apply for all video verification packages*Requires talk down option


Find Reed Security online at  or check out their listing here in the REGINA ALARM & SECURITY Category on the REGINA directory of excellence. Virgil Reed and his team are YOUR Trusted commercial security experts! 


Trusted Regina Financial Experts share tip on Things to do with your RRSP Refund

Trusted Regina’s Financial experts share a tip on Things to do with your RRSP Refund:



·Put it on your mortgage – lower debt would allow you to fast track your early retirement plan.

·Pay off credit card debt – saves more interest than you can likely make by investing.

·Start a rainy day fund – life has a habit of surprising us.

·Put it in your children’s RESP – receive an extra 20% grant on it (30% in Saskatchewan). That’s a very good return on investment.

·Reinvest it in your RRSP – supercharge your RRSP by getting the deduction for next year.

·Do some essential home maintenance – you have been putting off because of the expense but now you have the cash. Your home is your biggest asset, look after it

·Fed up with your job? – Start an escape fund, plan your own business and this will help fund the start up.

·Donate it to charity – that’s a tax deduction!

·Put in in the TFSA

·Keep it non registered and explore – do something riskier than you usually would with it and learn about investments.

·OR be really naughty and treat yourself…..who says we always have to be sensible. Live a little!



Trusted Regina’s Finance Experts  give them a call to see how they can work for you!

Tammy Wandzura a Trusted Regina Mortgage Broker video Tip- what is a mortgage broker?

Purchasing your home is one of the biggest and most important decisions that you can make. Tammy Wandzura your Trusted Regina Mortgage broker and the team at Elite Mortgage Choice  believe that buying a home should also be an exciting experience with little to NO stress. By trusting your REGINA Mortgage Broker, you are ensuring that any stress you may have had in previous encounters can be eliminated!

Tammy truly believes that all you should have to worry about is opening the door to your new home for the very first time.

What is a Mortgage Broker? What are the benefits of working with a Mortgage Broker? Tammy Wandzura AMP with TMG The Mortgage Group is a Trusted Saskatchewan Mortgage Expert , here she shares all the reasons you need to call her today and start saving money!


Call Tammy Wandzura today at 306 933.3386 for all of your REGINA mortgage needs OR visit

EMAIL today for more info and to start SAVING



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