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Robert MacKay Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer expert tip on choosing a Regina real estate lawyer

It’s an exciting time – the old house is sold, the new one is ready, and all that’s left is the move…..oh wait – not quite yet! There’s all that legal “stuff” to deal with now….signatures….titles to be given…and pages and pages of documents that need to be signed before the key is in your hand!!! And to top it all off – who really knows a good real estate lawyer?

MacKay & McLean provides the professional services of a large Regina law firm, with the intimate attention of a small firm. The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. MacKay & McLean is with you every step of the way.


Here Robert shares a tip on hiring the right Regina Real Estate Lawyer  


Not taking real estate transactions seriously isn't a wise decision - time and money can be easily wasted if real estate matters are not entrusted to someone who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle them.Many complaints against lawyers are due to different real estate related issues, thus, practicing in this area of law requires more guts and dedication. This is the age of specialization and efficiency.

When searching for or choosing from Regina law firms, you want to get the best service at a competitive cost. Therefore, hire:

A specialist, someone who is a member in good standing with the Law Society and the Real Estate Association.

Someone who has assistants who are concentrating 100% on residential real estate – which will enhance their ability to answer your questions, address any possible issues and get the job done, particularly if special problems arise when processing the real estate transaction through to its ultimate conclusion (e.g., getting a key for the purchaser and closing funds for the vendor on closing day).

A firm that generates competitive quotes and prices, one who will prove that every dollar spent is worthwhile. Furthermore, a firm that makes paying easier and hassle-free.

Someone who makes themselves available as much as possible - ready to show up on lunch and after-hour appointments, and allows out-of-office and off-location signings.

A lawyer and a team that uses the Land Titles Online Submission System which reduces delays and errors.

A lawyer that will do more than just tell you where to sign your name: someone who is willing to explain a transaction’s process and progress, and professionally answer all of your questions.

Once you have committed to either buying or selling your property, simply tell your realtor and lender, as applicable, that Robert MacKay will be representing you and to forward the appropriate instructions to MacKay & McLean, attention "Robert MacKay".


Robert MacKay is your Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer  


Trusted Regina Electrician tip on Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting

Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting: 

The presentation of a person’s bathroom and kitchen are an essential part of the décor. With the right lighting in your bathroom and kitchen, you can change the way others view your home. This is why bathroom and kitchen lighting are among the top ways to boost a home’s resale value.

Create a sense of warmth, welcome and sophistication by lighting your bathroom and kitchen.

Transform your bathroom and kitchen with refreshing style and functional fashion. Use lighting to your advantage by making small rooms seem bigger and large rooms appear more intimate. Play up a room’s architecture, illuminate small spaces and use dimmers to create the perfect mood. 

Great Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Space

  • Cabinet Lighting: Adding lights under your cabinets helps you to see the items on your countertops with clarity and ease. Cabinet lighting is a great way to highlight the colors in your countertops and cabinets. Lighting can also be added below your bottom cabinets to illuminate the walkway at night.
  • Mirror and Vanity Lighting: Good lighting above your mirrors can give you optimum facial illumination. In addition good vanity lighting can reduce the amount of shadows in your bathroom giving the appearance of a larger room.
  • Ceiling Fixture: You have successfully made the room appear bigger as soon as you draw a person’s eyes upward. A ceiling light fixture can be the personal touch that ties the whole room together. It provides extra light, adds the extra element of sophistication, and makes the room appear larger.
  • Shower: Whether you are trying to relax before bed, trying to save energy or trying not to disturb your spouse early in the morning, having a light exclusively for the shower can be very useful. Having a light over your shower gives you the option to just turn an individual light on instead of turning on ALL the bright lights in the room.
  • Bathtub: Like a shower light, the bathtub light allows you to specifically illuminate an area for ease of use. This is a great place to put a dimmer. Having a dimmer over the bathtub allows you to create the relaxing mood you desire while sinking into that warm bubble bath.
  • Canned Lighting: If you do not have high ceilings, but would like over head lighting, canned lighting is a great alternative. You can place these lights in strategic parts of the room for a more intimate ambiance or a more open space.
  • Toilet: Focused halogen or flood lights are a great idea over a toilet, especially if the toilet is separated by a wall or door. This is another great place for a dimmer. You can leave the dimmer on all night so that you or your children can find the restroom in the middle of the night. You can also switch the dimmer on at a lower setting so you don’t disturb your sleep pattern any more than you have to.
  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is a great way to highlight artwork or architecture. Use accent lighting to draw your attention to what you enjoy most about the room.
  • Indirect Lighting: Use hidden lights to add a soft and soothing touch to the room. Add indirect lighting to coves or nooks to illuminate your room with artistic elegance. 

Preparing the Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is often times referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends gather for intimate conversations, cherished meals, holidays, and events. The kitchen is where people spend long hours cooking and entertaining. This is why one of the best ways to boost a home’s resale value is to update the kitchen. 

In order to maximize the beauty and functionality of your kitchen you need the right recipe.

Check out the following tips to create the smart and sophisticated kitchen you have always wanted.

  • Sink Lighting: Many times the kitchen is connected to another living area and you do not want to disturb those in the other room. Simply turning on the light over the sink is a great way to direct the light only where you need it.
  • Cabinet Lighting: Lighting cabinets is a great way to accentuate the architecture of your home. Putting lighting above the cabinets can showcase items displayed above and draw your eye upward creating a sense that the room is larger. Putting lighting below the cabinets can give you more lighting while you are preparing food. Installing both types of lighting will completely transform your kitchen.
  • Accent Lighting: Artwork displayed in your kitchen could become a great conversation piece by simply adding accent lighting. Accent lighting is also a great way to highlight and illuminate family portraits that surround your eating area.
  • Canned Lighting: This is a great alternative to the hum and glare of florescent bulbs. They are also more subtle and inviting.
  • Island Lighting: Lighting the island is important because many people gather around the island to talk, eat, cook, or work. The type of lighting you choose can be decorative or discreet.
  • Kitchen Nook Lighting: The life of the party and the result of all your hard work lies on the kitchen table. Display it properly with a chic fixture. Add a dimmer to create the perfect ambiance no matter what the occasion.
  • Wall Sconces and Ceiling fixtures: Give your kitchen additional personality by adding wall sconces or ceiling fixtures. Create an atmosphere that defines your taste and style. Transform your kitchen with decorative lighting.
  • Pendent Lighting: Make a statement by adding pendent lighting. This is a great way to make a kitchen feel more intimate and homey.


Robert MacKay your Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer expert tip on buying property at the lake

It’s an exciting time – the old house is sold, the new one is ready, and all that’s left is the move…..oh wait – not quite yet! There’s all that legal “stuff” to deal with now….signatures….titles to be given…and pages and pages of documents that need to be signed before the key is in your hand!!! And to top it all off – who really knows a good real estate lawyer?

MacKay & McLean provides the professional services of a large Regina law firm, with the intimate attention of a small firm. The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. MacKay & McLean is with you every step of the way.


Here Robert shares a tip on Buying Lakefront or Cottage Property:

1. Never buy property without setting foot on it first. Take the time to look it over closely and inspect it yourself.

2. Has the property been appraised recently?

(a) If so, when?

(b) How did the seller arrive at the asking price?

(c) Check MLS and FSBO web sites and print off some of your own comparables.

3. If there is a cottage?

(a) Is it insulated? Or, how many seasons is the cottage rated for?

(b) If there is no cottage, are their restrictive covenants? Does one have to built within a certain period, by a certain date? Do you have your choice of builder? Building architecture?

(c) Was a geological report done? Obtain a copy.

4. Surveyor’s Certificate available?

(a) Obtain a copy of the so that you can determine exactly where the property lines are.

(b) Does it show the buildings: cottage, garage, boat house, etc.? If not, plan on buying title insurance.

(c) Check with the municipality whether the building must be a certain distance from the property lines and check this against the survey to confirm the building complies with bylaws.

(d) Is there road access, as well as the terms of the road maintenance agreement, if applicable?

(e) Confirm right of access to the land if not accessible from a public road.

5. Access to electricity, water, sewage and other utilities?

6. Is the property serviced by an on-site Septic System?

(a) How old is the septic tank?

(b) What is the location, age, size and depth of the tank?

(c) If so, has the system passed inspection within the past 2 years?

(d) Can the Seller provide a copy of the report?

7. Is town sewer available?

(a) If the property is serviced by town sewer, is there a betterment still to be paid or connection costs?

(b) What is the yearly cost of town sewer?

8. Does the property require flood insurance? If so, can I get a copy of the current policy?

9. Are there any known defects in or around the property that I should know about?

(a) Obtain a Property Condition Disclosure Statement;

(b) Have the current homeowners completed any upgrades?

(c) Was the work permitted? Request copies from town departments.

10. Are there any easements associated with the property? Can you provide a current copy of the deed? Best to have your lawyer obtain a copy of the title prior to negotiations.

11. Find out about the conditions of the shoreline in the summer? Weed count? Type?

12. Is the water level is always the same or if it fluctuates throughout the year?

(a) Is the lake water level controlled?

(b) Is the water quality tested annually?

13. Are there restrictions in the use and/or development of the shoreline?

14. Water.

(a) Have the lake/river water been tested. You would not want to spend a quarter million dollars or more only to have your child develop a rash after they go for a swim.

(b) If there is a pressure water system that draws water from the lake

i) How old is it?

ii) Test it to ensure it is functioning; and,

iii) Look for leaks.

(c) If the lot is serviced by well water, have a water potability test conducted.

15. What recreational activities are allowed / not allowed on the lake?

16. Are the bylaws or restrictions with respect to fire?

17. Is there a boat dock?

(a) Does it have to be removed and stored in the winter or left year round?

(b) Maintenance required?

18. If the property is remote, make sure you know who is responsible for maintaining the road. Banks may require a copy of a Road Maintenance Agreement before they will lend on remote property.

19. Does the lake have an active Lake Association? If so, obtain contact information.



Robert MacKay is your Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer  



Trusted Regina Real Estate Agent shares House hunting tips

 House hunting tips:


You have established your budget. You have been pre-approved for a mortgage. You have contacted a Real Estate Professional to assist you with the purchase of a home. Now the fun, and evaluation begins. You will probably be looking at a few homes before you decide on the perfect one for your family. Before you decide to purchase that home you have absolutely fallen in love with, be sure to be objective in your decision. On appearance alone, the fireplace, the new flooring, paint job and new carpeting create a warm and inviting feeling. Yet, is the home really that perfect? Take a deep breath. Take some time to think about the bigger picture of the home in terms of your needs. Carefully consider whether this home offers the features that will last beyond the first impression.

Here are some essential factors to consider:

Location is a significant factor in your choice of home. An established community, with a good reputation, a low crime rate and well-maintained homes, maintains home values. A garbage dump, industrious buildings disposing bad odours and major freeways surrounding your neighborhood are unattractive and disruptive to a peaceful lifestyle.

Also consider availability and cost of access to public transportation, major roads and highways.

Also consider the condition of public areas such as streets, sidewalks, parks and recreational facilities.

Public services should also be established including street cleaning, snow removal, garbage collection, and emergency services.

You will also want efficient access to medical services including hospitals, doctors and dentists.

Be sure that schools and related school services are also within easy access.

Recreational, shopping and entertainment needs should also be considered.  




Trusted Regina Electrician and Regina Electrical expert tip on Safety and Security

Safety and Security:


Is Your Home Safe?

The safety and security of your family is our first priority. We also want to be sure that we take all the steps necessary to protect your home and property. The more information and knowledge about electrical safety we can provide our customers and the public, the better. This is why we partner with Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). We want to ensure that we provide the consumer with accurate and up to date electrical safety and security information.

“Knowledge can save your life,” said ESFI President Brett C. Brenner. “If you know the signs of an overloaded electrical circuit or how to test a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet, you can prevent electrocution or electrical fires.”

Electrical fires, electrocution and electric shock injuries are the most common threats in regards to your electrical safety.

According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC), there was an annual average of 104,500 (unintentional, electrical, residential structure) fires from 1999-2003, which resulted in about 500 deaths, 4,280 injuries, and nearly $1.5 billion in property loss.

CPSC’s latest data (2003) indicate that there were an estimated 160 electrocutions related to consumer products.

Taking proactive safety precautions is a great way to prevent injury and loss. Check out these easy ways to implement electrical safety and security in your home:

  • Surge Protection
  • AFCIs/ GFCIs
  • Generator Installation and Maintenance
  • Motion Sensors
  • Wiring Upgrades
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Transfer Switches
  • Dedicated Circuits

For additional information about Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) visit ESFI’s website provides safety tips, in depth educational tools and much more. 

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