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Robert MacKay Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer expert tip on choosing a Regina real estate lawyer

It’s an exciting time – the old house is sold, the new one is ready, and all that’s left is the move…..oh wait – not quite yet! There’s all that legal “stuff” to deal with now….signatures….titles to be given…and pages and pages of documents that need to be signed before the key is in your hand!!! And to top it all off – who really knows a good real estate lawyer?

MacKay & McLean provides the professional services of a large Regina law firm, with the intimate attention of a small firm. The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. MacKay & McLean is with you every step of the way.


Here Robert shares a tip on hiring the right Regina Real Estate Lawyer  


Not taking real estate transactions seriously isn't a wise decision - time and money can be easily wasted if real estate matters are not entrusted to someone who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle them.Many complaints against lawyers are due to different real estate related issues, thus, practicing in this area of law requires more guts and dedication. This is the age of specialization and efficiency.

When searching for or choosing from Regina law firms, you want to get the best service at a competitive cost. Therefore, hire:

A specialist, someone who is a member in good standing with the Law Society and the Real Estate Association.

Someone who has assistants who are concentrating 100% on residential real estate – which will enhance their ability to answer your questions, address any possible issues and get the job done, particularly if special problems arise when processing the real estate transaction through to its ultimate conclusion (e.g., getting a key for the purchaser and closing funds for the vendor on closing day).

A firm that generates competitive quotes and prices, one who will prove that every dollar spent is worthwhile. Furthermore, a firm that makes paying easier and hassle-free.

Someone who makes themselves available as much as possible - ready to show up on lunch and after-hour appointments, and allows out-of-office and off-location signings.

A lawyer and a team that uses the Land Titles Online Submission System which reduces delays and errors.

A lawyer that will do more than just tell you where to sign your name: someone who is willing to explain a transaction’s process and progress, and professionally answer all of your questions.

Once you have committed to either buying or selling your property, simply tell your realtor and lender, as applicable, that Robert MacKay will be representing you and to forward the appropriate instructions to MacKay & McLean, attention "Robert MacKay".


Robert MacKay is your Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer  


Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen and bath Regina Bathroom store tip on choosing a Tub or Shower

 Choosing a Tub or Shower:

When choosing a tub or shower , you want a good quality product that will last.

Mirolin has many acrylic options in designs that will meet everyone’s needs. If you are looking for a free-standing tub, Mirolin has several models that are innovative and stylish. The Skye offers a fresh rectangular shape with a bit of flair making it a feature piece. The Merro is a more compact oval design and allows for a deck mount faucet.


Our Expert staff can assist you in finding the right size and shape to fit your space.

If a drop-in tub is what you are looking for we have several Mirolin tubs. The Chaise is a minimalist design with a slim line profile and is available with Whirlpool, air systems or combination systems. Our team can assist in choosing the system that is right for you.


Mirolin also offers several tub-and-shower combinations with walls in one piece units for new home construction or in sections for renovations. There are accessible options such as grab bars, like on the Parker models, that allow for a stylish yet safe tub-and-shower combination.


The Mirolin shower units offer simple streamlined shapes or you can choose models with lots of shelving and optional grab bars.

The Mirolin Free Living Series offers additional grab bars and seats to meet all of your current or future needs to create a safe and accessible bath or shower. You can be stylish and functional at the same time.



Trusted Regina beauty, fitness and health show 2014

Trusted the Regina  Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 980 ..the first show aired in Sept 2012  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips, Interviews, Demos and Tours.

What this means is you can listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show - we think out of the Box when it comes to marketing, so we can provide the BEST Possible service for YOU the public- we are the Only Local Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Regina or Saskatoon !  

This latest show we are featuring is the 2014 Trusted Health, Fitness & Beauty show





Trusted Regina partners who answered your questions on their specific industry.. 

2. Nikki and Candice from Strictly Esthetic's - answering all your NAIL and EYELASH questions

3. Josh from Fitness Warehouse - Answering all your FITNESS EQUIPMENT Questions

Enjoy the show ! 

Trusted Regina Electrician tip on Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting

Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting: 

The presentation of a person’s bathroom and kitchen are an essential part of the décor. With the right lighting in your bathroom and kitchen, you can change the way others view your home. This is why bathroom and kitchen lighting are among the top ways to boost a home’s resale value.

Create a sense of warmth, welcome and sophistication by lighting your bathroom and kitchen.

Transform your bathroom and kitchen with refreshing style and functional fashion. Use lighting to your advantage by making small rooms seem bigger and large rooms appear more intimate. Play up a room’s architecture, illuminate small spaces and use dimmers to create the perfect mood. 

Great Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Space

  • Cabinet Lighting: Adding lights under your cabinets helps you to see the items on your countertops with clarity and ease. Cabinet lighting is a great way to highlight the colors in your countertops and cabinets. Lighting can also be added below your bottom cabinets to illuminate the walkway at night.
  • Mirror and Vanity Lighting: Good lighting above your mirrors can give you optimum facial illumination. In addition good vanity lighting can reduce the amount of shadows in your bathroom giving the appearance of a larger room.
  • Ceiling Fixture: You have successfully made the room appear bigger as soon as you draw a person’s eyes upward. A ceiling light fixture can be the personal touch that ties the whole room together. It provides extra light, adds the extra element of sophistication, and makes the room appear larger.
  • Shower: Whether you are trying to relax before bed, trying to save energy or trying not to disturb your spouse early in the morning, having a light exclusively for the shower can be very useful. Having a light over your shower gives you the option to just turn an individual light on instead of turning on ALL the bright lights in the room.
  • Bathtub: Like a shower light, the bathtub light allows you to specifically illuminate an area for ease of use. This is a great place to put a dimmer. Having a dimmer over the bathtub allows you to create the relaxing mood you desire while sinking into that warm bubble bath.
  • Canned Lighting: If you do not have high ceilings, but would like over head lighting, canned lighting is a great alternative. You can place these lights in strategic parts of the room for a more intimate ambiance or a more open space.
  • Toilet: Focused halogen or flood lights are a great idea over a toilet, especially if the toilet is separated by a wall or door. This is another great place for a dimmer. You can leave the dimmer on all night so that you or your children can find the restroom in the middle of the night. You can also switch the dimmer on at a lower setting so you don’t disturb your sleep pattern any more than you have to.
  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is a great way to highlight artwork or architecture. Use accent lighting to draw your attention to what you enjoy most about the room.
  • Indirect Lighting: Use hidden lights to add a soft and soothing touch to the room. Add indirect lighting to coves or nooks to illuminate your room with artistic elegance. 

Preparing the Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is often times referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends gather for intimate conversations, cherished meals, holidays, and events. The kitchen is where people spend long hours cooking and entertaining. This is why one of the best ways to boost a home’s resale value is to update the kitchen. 

In order to maximize the beauty and functionality of your kitchen you need the right recipe.

Check out the following tips to create the smart and sophisticated kitchen you have always wanted.

  • Sink Lighting: Many times the kitchen is connected to another living area and you do not want to disturb those in the other room. Simply turning on the light over the sink is a great way to direct the light only where you need it.
  • Cabinet Lighting: Lighting cabinets is a great way to accentuate the architecture of your home. Putting lighting above the cabinets can showcase items displayed above and draw your eye upward creating a sense that the room is larger. Putting lighting below the cabinets can give you more lighting while you are preparing food. Installing both types of lighting will completely transform your kitchen.
  • Accent Lighting: Artwork displayed in your kitchen could become a great conversation piece by simply adding accent lighting. Accent lighting is also a great way to highlight and illuminate family portraits that surround your eating area.
  • Canned Lighting: This is a great alternative to the hum and glare of florescent bulbs. They are also more subtle and inviting.
  • Island Lighting: Lighting the island is important because many people gather around the island to talk, eat, cook, or work. The type of lighting you choose can be decorative or discreet.
  • Kitchen Nook Lighting: The life of the party and the result of all your hard work lies on the kitchen table. Display it properly with a chic fixture. Add a dimmer to create the perfect ambiance no matter what the occasion.
  • Wall Sconces and Ceiling fixtures: Give your kitchen additional personality by adding wall sconces or ceiling fixtures. Create an atmosphere that defines your taste and style. Transform your kitchen with decorative lighting.
  • Pendent Lighting: Make a statement by adding pendent lighting. This is a great way to make a kitchen feel more intimate and homey.


Trusted Regina Real Estate Agent shares advice on Understanding Current Regina Market Conditions

advice on Understanding Current Regina Market Conditions:

Numerous factors affect the real estate market. There may be more buyers than sellers. There could be more sellers than buyers. Interest rates, employment statistics and pricing. The supply of resale and new homes are also considerations when selling a home. Generally speaking, there are three types of markets that affect the sale of your home. Understanding each of these can make a difference to your bottom line.

Buyers' Market

Description: There is an abundance of homes on the market. Supply exceeds demand.
Characteristics: Many homes available for sale. Fewer buyers than homes. Homes remain on the market longer. Stable prices. Prices may also drop.
Impact: Less panic in buying. Buyers shop longer for homes. Upon negotiation, they often have more leverage.

Sellers' Market

Description: There are more buyers than homes available.
Characteristics: Few homes on the market. Many buyers. Homes are sold quickly. Prices often rise.
Impact: Home prices are higher. Homes prices often rise. Buyers purchase quickly, and tend not to shop as much. Multiple offers are common. Sellers may prefer offers with no-conditions.

Balanced Market

Description: There are roughly the same amount of buyers, sellers and number of homes on the market. Supply equals demand.
Characteristics: Demand equals supply. Sellers accept reasonable offers. Homes sell within a reasonable time period. Prices generally remain stable.
Implications: There is less tension among buyers and sellers. There is a reasonable number of homes to choose from.



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