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Trusted Tips & Resources

Bergens Autobody your Regina Autobody expert Refinish Masking tips

Bergens are a local family business and from the moment you walk in the door you will be treated like family!

Bergens Auto Body Regina  are proud to have an amazing 80 Years Auto Body Experience, and they have been serving Regina Auto Body needs for over 30 Years....they have a loyal customer base that simply wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Bergen's are an SGI Accredited Regina Auto Body and Collision Repair shop  , they offer courtesy cars to their clients and they specialize in foreign vehicles.

While Bergens Auto Body Regina appreciate your business, we know it's never fun to get into a collision in the first place.


Here they share Refinish Masking tips: 


Bergen's AutoBody & Collision Centre are TRUSTED REGINA AUTO BODY EXPERTS...and they are waiting to help you. Fan them on Facebook here and be assured that they will look after you can TRUST them..we Guaranteee it! 


Trusted Regina Floor Refinishing Experts tip on how to care for wood floors

If you look down and realize that your floors have lost their shine and luster it is likely time to get them refinished. Refinishing is the process of transforming your old floors back into new!

Here is a tip on how to care for wood floors:

There is a specific timeline of how to treat and care for a wood floor after it was just refinished. In this post I’ll outline what chemicals or actions are safe for your hardwood floors and when they become safe.

How Long After Refinishing Will My Wood Floors Be Ready?


All of these timelines are dependent on environmental conditions though. This is an average only! If your weather is warmer and drier than average then you can speed up the timeline a bit (but not too much). And inversely if it is cooler and more humid you’ll have to wait longer for your floors to be ready.

  • Up to 12 hrs after coating: Floors should NOT be walked on at all and adequate ventilation must be provided to allow the finish to dry properly.
  • 12-36 hrs after coating: Floors should be dry to the touch and are safe to walk on in socks or stockings. No shoes!
  • 36 hrs after coating: Floors are safe for light foot traffic with shoes, but high heels and furniture should be avoided if at all possible.
  • 1 Week after coating: Furniture can be replaced and normal activities can be resumed. However, avoid placing rugs on the floors until 1 month after finishing. Also, avoid using vacuums any cleaners, or even mopping the floor during this period. A broom and dust pan will suffice just fine for now.
  • 1 Month After Coating – Set your rugs, use your vacuum, mop your floor. Anything goes at this point. The finish has cured enough and is as hard and free of VOC’s as it will ever be. 

General Care Do’s & Don’ts


After your newly refinished wood floors have fully cured and life has gone back to normal there are a few things you can do to make sure the finish on your floors lasts. There are only so many times you can sand and finish a floor before you sand right through the floor. So, by taking care of your new finish you can extend the life of your floors and save thousands of dollars by putting off a refinishing for an extra 10+ years.


  • Sweep Regularly: Dust and dirt that sit on your floor get walked on and ground into the finish. It can quickly wear down your finish.
  • Mop Regularly: Depending on how dirty your house gets you need to mop your wood floors about every month. There are plenty of good wood floor cleaners to use but I recommend Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  • Use Felt: Put felt pads on the feet of any furniture you have that will be residing on your floors to prevent scratching and denting from the furniture.
  • Change Rolling Chair Wheels: If you have a rolling chair you likely need to get new rollers. The typical nylon rollers on most chairs will scratch and destroy a wood floor’s finish. A set of polyurethane casters will smooth out your ride and protect your wood floors.


  • Leave spills for long: If you spilled food or liquid on your wood floors clean it up right away. The wood is protected on the face but if it seeps into the cracks and isn’t dried soon the wood can stain or swell or both. Pets are often the biggest offenders in this area.
  • Use Oil Cleaners – Cleaners with oil in them like Murphy’s Oil Soap can create an oily residue on your floors that is often difficult to remove. These cleaners were great for floors when the finish was mainly wax, but with a polyurethane floor you don’t want these as part of your cleaning regimen.
  • Drag Anything…Ever – A sure fire way to put a gash in your finish is to drag or slide a piece of furniture across your floor. Even if you put something soft underneath the item you might have a little bit of sand or dirt that gets dragged along and puts fine scratches in your finish.

Without this basic care you may end up needing a hardwood floor repair or board replacement and that begins to get expensive. Wood floors can last centuries if taken care of properly. So follow these simple guidelines and your floors will be a blessing and not a curse for as long as you hang your hat there.


Trusted Regina Tire experts share driving tips

Driving tips:

Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of your tires and stay safe on the road. Big hint: It helps to have MICHELIN® tires. Also, how you drive and where you drive are important factors.

1. Oversteering/ Understeering

There are two problems that can arise if you take a turn too fast. Learn how to handle both of them. 

Learn More

2. Road Trips

Before you visit grandma, make sure your tires are ready for the trip. We’ve supplied a safety checklist to get you going.

3. Winter Driving

You don’t need 12 inches of snow to make a road dangerous. One (1) inch will do. Here’s how to conquer Old Man Winter.

4. Wet Driving 

Most drivers don’t respect wet driving as much as winter driving. But they have many dangerous similarities.

5. Gas Mileage & Tires 

Learn how to get the most mileage out of your tires while using the least amount of gas. 

Trusted Regina caterer shares a Beer Grilled Cheese recipe

 Beer Grilled Cheese recipe: 




  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup Chestnut Brown Ale or other nutty, brown ale
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 loaf sourdough bread, cut into 1" slices
  • 1 block mild or sharp cheddar cheese, sliced
  • 4 tablespoons butter, plus more if needed
  • Optional toppings: bacon, sliced ham, prosciutto, avocado (optional)





  • In a bowl, whisk the eggs, beer, flour, salt and garlic powder in a large shallow bowl.
  • Dunk 1 slice of bread into the batter on both sides, giving it a second to fully absorb the batter, and let the excess batter drain back into the bowl.
  • Move to another plate, and top with cheese and additional toppings if desired (bacon, sliced ham, etc.). 
  • Repeat with another slice of bread, and complete the sandwich.
  • In a large skillet, melt the butter over medium heat. Place the sandwich in the middle, and let cook on each side 3-4 minutes, until it reaches a crispy golden brown and a gooey cheese middle. 
  • Plate, add garnishes, and serve. 



  • Jazz up the recipe, make it into a breakfast sandwich with bacon, prosciutto, or sliced ham.
  • Keep it vegetarian with a sliced avocado on top.
  • There's never a wrong way to eat a grilled cheese. 


Trusted Regina Maid Service tip on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

 TRUSTED REGINA home cleaning experts! 

Here they share a tip on Cleaning Hardwood Floors:

Do you guys know the best way to clean hardwood floors? Apparently I have been living under a rock. For real. For the past 5 years every place J and I have lived in have had hardwood floors. Even our first apartment had them. And guess what? I have been going about cleaning them all wrong.

I don’t mind cleaning in general, but when it came to cleaning the floors, I loathed it. I used to make J clean them every week, because I hated it so much. Then we had Bray and I was home a lot more and decided I would take over all the cleaning. It would seriously take me an hour or more to clean the floors in our old house, and this house is almost double the size. Shoot me now! My old method was 1:vacuum all the wood 2:clean it all with Bona Hardwood cleaner {which is still the best cleaner out there in my opinion}. It took forever!


Luckily I have a girlfriend who is not only obsessed with keeping her own house clean, she also cleans other friends homes sometimes…so she’s what I like to call an expert:) I picked her brain for the best way to clean certain places/things in a home and she rocked my world. Let me introduce you to my new best friend:


Whats that? You all already use this?! Well I didn’t, and now my hatred for cleaning the hardwood floors is gone. This handy thing is a microfiber floor duster. I got mine at Target, but cant find a link online, so heres a similar one. Let me just tell you the ways I love this little guy: It attracts dirt, dust, dog hair, well. Everything sticks to it. The base is totally bendable so you can easily clean the floor and have it bent to clean the baseboards at the same time. Yep, thats a game changer. What do I hate more than cleaning floors? Cleaning baseboards! The best part of this though was the fact that I cleaned my whole downstairs and upstairs in under 10 minutes. With the vacuum that would have taken me at least 40 minutes. I simply swiveled it around and created a big pile, vacuumed it up, and vacuum the rugs after. When finished simply toss it in your washing machine, most last for about 50 washes! Or if your extra lazy and your house is pretty clean {usually those two don’t go together, do they?!} you can use the pad a few times before washing.

So- heres my two cents on easiest way to clean hardwood floors, and I don’t see my opinion changing any time soon: 1: Clean with the microfiber duster 2: Clean with the Bona Hardwood cleaner. Yes, you can totally buy the microfiber pad for your Bona cleaner, but that base doesn’t bend in order to clean baseboards. Which means you need to bend down and continue to clean those bad boys by hand..and whose got time for that?!

Now tell me, do you guys out there have other little tricks up your sleeves that you’ve been hiding from me? I am now determined to find out the easiest and fastest way to clean my house! 




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