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Trusted Regina Team brag about Great Canadian Oil Change on Quance - our Trusted Regina Oil Experts! works for YOU the public..we work extremely hard to find the Trusted Regina  businesses we feature on the Regina Directory and we do all the running around and checking on those businesses so YOU don't have to other directory OR service out there offers the public the unique service that we do at Trusted, and we take our job very seriously.

Lets tell you why Great Canadian Oil Change on Quance Street, Regina deserve the Thumbs up from in our Regina Automotive General Category and why they are Reginas Trusted oil change experts!


When the Trusted Regina team sat down for the first time with Mike Wiens from Great Canadian Oil Change on Quance, it was an absolute pleasure. Not only was he nice enough to buy lunch (heh) but Mike talked about how he knew, when he was starting his business, that it wasn’t a very reputable industry to get in to. He thought that he could change all of that with hard work, friendly well trained staff and great customer service, and over time he has created a great reputation for himself and many loyal customers...going to Great Canadian Oil on Quance is well worth the drive!   

The Trusted Team talked to customers of Great Canadian Oil Change about Mike and his team, and we can tell you that we were impressed by the amazing things they had to say during the survey part of the Trusted Regina verification process. One of the customers we spoke to, Claudette, who had already said great things about Great Canadian Oil Change and whos testimonial we used as part of their listing on the directory e-mailed the Trusted team just 2 days after we spoke to her with this comment:

 “Just an update on my comments about Great Canadian Oil Change. I'm sitting in the shop right now. My car needed a heater core plug. They didn't have one. What did they do?! I still can't believe this. They called parts source, went and got it and are installing it now. You asked me on a scale of 1-10. I said 10. Sorry I was wrong. It's more like 20! Just can't believe this. Hats off to the guys.”

Real customers, experiencing amazing customer service from excellent businesses!

The Trusted team loves hearing stories like that, and sharing them with you the Regina Public fact its one of the best parts of the job! 

We are proud to brag about Mike and the team at Great Canadian Oil change, Trusted Reginas first listing in the Regina Automotive General category ....and they are setting a really high standard!   



Trusted REGINA VETERINARY Experts on the REGINA DIRECTORY share a Trusted Tip on anti -freeze


Here we share a helpful Trusted Tip on the REGINA DIRECTORY about the dangers of anti - Freeze and your pet

With the impending cold weather now and the corner, antifreeze poisoning is a concern. Most cases of antifreeze poisoning occur around the pet's own home and are usually due to improper storage or disposal. As a precaution, vehicle owners should practice safe usage, storage and disposal of antifreeze to help prevent accidental ingestion.

Ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in almost all major antifreeze brands, has an inviting aroma, a sweet flavor. Its appealing smell and taste often tempt animals and children to drink the highly poisonous substance. It only takes a few tablespoons of highly toxic antifreeze to seriously jeopardize an animal's life. Pet guardians need to know how to help keep antifreeze away from animals, as well as detect the early symptoms of antifreeze poisoning.

The following guidelines help pet owners avoid pet exposures to antifreeze.


  • Always clean up antifreeze spills immediately.
  • Check your car regularly for leaks. 
  • Always store antifreeze containers in clearly marked containers and in areas that are inaccessible to your pets.
  • Never allow your pets to have access to the area when you are draining antifreeze from your car.


Clinical signs can start within 1 hour of ingestion. They include: vomiting, wobbly gait (ataxia), depression within 1-3 hours, increased drinking, fine muscle tremors and panting. During the next 12-24 hours: the initial signs may progress to seizures or coma or the animal may temporarily improve yet then go into acute kidney failure.

If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately!

Check out the listings here in the Vets and Pets category on THE REGINA DIRECTORY directory of experts.

Trusted REGINA TIRE experts share a tip on Winter Tires and why you should invest in them!


Winter Tire Safety Tips.

Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada advise motorists to think about safe driving in winter. Vehicle handling will be improved when tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index are installed on all four wheels. View a new demonstration video showcasing the benefits of using four winter tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index by visiting - see this great Winter tire info video from the APA !




Tires marked with the pictograph of a peaked mountain with a snowflake meet specific snow traction performance requirements, and have been designed specifically for use in severe snow conditions.

If you intend driving in severe winter conditions, install four winter tires that meet the "snow tire" designation on your vehicle. These snow tires will assist you to control your vehicle safely in slippery conditions.


Chris Worby a Trusted REGINA FINANCIAL EXPERT provides a Trusted Tip on choosing a Regina financial advisor

Finding the shortest and safest route to any of your dreams requires planning and only with a carefully thought out financial plan can you be sure to make the most of your resources and to protect against risks along the way. At Worby Wealth Management, Chris will do his best to help you achieve those dreams with a financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs and based on your individual situation.

Let TRUSTED REGINA's FINANCIAL ADVISOR Chris Worby from Worby Wealth Management help you live your dream!

I have a print out that shows my retirement projections. Is there anything more I should expect from a financial plan?

Yes – absolutely!

There was a study done a while ago in operating rooms where a checklist made complication rates go down and survival rates go up.

Why? Do checklists make doctors smarter and nurses more capable of performing their tasks? No, it just reminded them of things they needed to think about in order to deal with everything they needed to deal with to make sure everything went well and according to plan. Financial plans are the same and retirement is only a portion of your financial decision making. You have current spending, banking, insurance decisions, will and estate planning – all kinds of other things that are not even on the radar of a retirement plan. And, at the end of the day, a printout will not make your retirement work – you need consistent, on-going advice to see these things through to the end. So beware of the checklistless surgeon – and financial planners!

Call Chris Worby at  (306) 757-4747 ext 226  or on his Cell: (306) 737-2909. Check out his listing on the Regina Directory in the REGINA FINANCIAL SERVICES category   . Chris is a Trusted REGINA FINANCIAL EXPERT



Bathfitter a Trusted REGINA BATHROOM Expert shares a Trusted Bathroom Tip on the Regina DIRECTORY

A Bathroom Re-modeling Solution That Lasts a Lifetime...Done in Just One Day...Why spend tons of money - not to mention gruelling hours - on bathroom remodelling? Bath Fitter Regina offers all this, and absolutely outstanding will not be disappointed at any stage of the process ..from the friendly and welcoming receptionist, the knowledgeable and helpful sales staff, the efficient and talented the boss himself...they are all proud to do what they do, and strive to give you the best possible experience when choosing BATH FITTER.

Here they provide their second Trusted Tip on the Regina Directory, they are  REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS

Small Bathroom Renovation Made Easy


Fear not, owners of small bathrooms! Bathroom renovation for the cozy and compact doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, it can even be fun and exciting, especially if you utilize this guide to making small bathroom renovation easy. You’ll find suggestions geared specifically toward small spaces, as well as tips that can create the impression of more space and open up your bathroom.

Wainscoting Is for All Size Bathrooms

Wainscoting is an easy process that knows no limits, big or small, when it comes to the size of your bathroom. It is an aesthetic transformation that adds texture to any part of the wall that you choose. There are plenty of options, and it can be a DIY procedure if that’s easiest for you.

A Conversion Is the Pathway to Freedom

An easy way to add space to your small bathroom is to perform a tub-to-shower conversion. This allows you the freedom to dictate how big or small your shower will be, since you are not hampered by the tub and the need for space to bathe. In addition, a shower allows for other options that will open up space in your bathroom, covered in detail below.

Shower Doors Should Open Up…The Room

If you’re upgrading to a shower door or getting rid of your old one, think about how you want it to open. Sliding doors don’t need any clearance. If you’re opting for a hinged door, think about making it as small as possible and make sure it opens up in a way that won’t be interfering with anything else in your bathroom.

Clear Glass = More Space

Frameless & clear glass shower doors can give the appearance of more space because they will eliminate visual barriers from the room. You may also want to make sure your shower walls are up to snuff with a new shower surround renovation, since they will now be exposed to the entire room.



Let There Be Light

Opt for lighter colors and more solid patterns. Lighter colors and subtle tones will open up the room, and solid patterns will help create the illusion of more space. Keep this in mind when making design decisions for any aspect of your bathroom: shower surround, wainscoting, wall paint, furniture, etc..

Accessorize the Shower

Accessorizing your shower can allow you to add a design element to your existing space while simultaneously creating more storage within your shower. Maybe it’s time to move certain things from the linen closet to a towel bar or a corner shelf. Even replacing your faucets and fixtures for more simple ones can give the impression of more space. If you have a clear glass shower door, these shower accessories become part of the overall look of your bathroom.

Go Vertical

Go Vertical, whatever that might mean for your bathroom. Utilize the space from the floor to the ceiling. Put a shelf somewhere new. Condense your tub area to a more vertically-oriented shower. Put a storage bin on top of something, even if it’s tough to reach. Before you know it, you’ll have more space and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of going vertical on your own. These are just a few ways in which renovating a small bathroom can stop being a nuisance and start becoming fun. Good luck in your project, and as always, your friends at BATH FITTER REGINA are a phone call away to assist you with anything you might need.




Find BATHFITTER REGINA at 1743D Mc Ara Street , online Here or in the REGINA BATHROOMS Category on the REGINA DIRECTORY..they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS



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