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Trusted Regina Gym tip on Personal Training

 Personal Training FAQ's:


What is a personal trainer?
A personal trainer is a person who helps people exercise. The scope of practice for a personal trainer is to enhance the components of fitness for the general, healthy population. The five classic components of fitness are muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility, although there are other subsets like power, skill, and speed. The general population is defined as an age range of 18 to about 50 (45 and younger for males, 55 and younger for females). The definition of healthy in this context means an absence of a disease that would affect one's ability to exercise.

Further to this a personal trainer is who will motivate, hold you accountable and empower to change your life for the better. Your personal trainer will be with you every step of the way to provide you whatever guidance you need to guarantee that you achieve your results.

What education does a personal trainer have?
Today most personal trainer’s posses a 4 year sports science degree in Kinesiology. Every personal trainer at Gold’s Gym holds a professional fitness certification. There are many different types of certifications provided by various governing bodies. 

Who needs a personal trainer?
The simple answer is everyone! 

  • If you have never worked out before a personal trainer will educate you about how to work out and teach you all about the gym as well as nutrition and what will be going on inside your body.
  • If you need motivation a personal trainer will motivate you to achieve your goals and hold you accountable to achieving them.
  • If you start at the gym and quit soon after a personal trainer will make things interesting for you, give you the tools you need to stay interested and will not allow you to lose your motivation.
  • If you have been recently injured or are rehabilitating an injury a personal trainer will design and or modify a program perfect for your unique set of circumstances to help ensure a safe and efficient recovery to full activity.
  • If you are a competitive or professional athlete a personal trainer will assist you with the most current dynamic and cutting edge exercises and training secrets to ensure that you perform to your peak potential and remain injury free.


How long is a personal training session?
 personal training sessions are 45 minutes in length. 

How much do sessions cost?
Personal training session prices will vary based on how many sessions you will be purchasing. All sessions packages have payment plans available and are affordable for anyone. 


A Trusted Regina Air Conditioning and Furnace experts tip on saving energy around the house

Colin and Jason, the owners of Universal Plumbing and Heating Inc are proud to call Regina, Saskatchewan home, and they really pride themselves on offering the best possible customer service experience! The Canadian HVAC industry is notorious for bad service, and the guys at Universal started their company with the intention to do everything possible to create a good, solid reputation! They are in demand from both home owners and home builders alike.

Universal Pluming & Heating Inc are Trusted Regina Air Conditioning & Furnace professionals.

Here they share a tip on the most common mistakes people make in trying to save energy around the house:

Common mistakes people make include:

  • Letting the furnace or air conditioner salesperson sell them a unit that's much bigger than they need
  • Not getting the ducts checked for leakage when installing a new heating and cooling system

  • Thinking that "since heat rises, we only need to insulate the attic." Floors over a basement or crawlspace, walls and windows also matter.
  • Not using ceiling and portable fans to improve comfort in the cooling season. They use very little electricity. Use them to circulate air in the house, to make the house feel cooler by doing this, the thermostat setting for your air conditioner can be raised to 85°F, and still maintain the same comfort as the lower setting.

If you are looking for Air conditioning and Furnace contractors you can trust in Regina, look no further than Universal Plumbing & Heating Inc. Call them today to book your service call or install! 


Trusted Regina Financial Experts share tip on what is a Fee Only Financial Planner

Trusted Regina’s Financial experts share a tip on what is a Fee Only Financial Planner:

Check out this video to understand what a Fee Only Financial Planner is. One that works on an annual subscription/retainer with NO commissions & NO sales/selling.



Trusted Regina’s Finance Experts so why not give them a call to see how they can work for you!

Trusted Regina Gym tip on Personal Training

 Personal Training:

 Personal Training Team - Merging Knowledge with Skill for Unparallel Results!

Whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who has never exercised, you too can appreciate the benefits of working with a personal trainer. By providing support, direction and technique, a Personal Training Team will save you time and the potential frustration and pain in your journey to achieve your health and fitness goals. By working one-on-one with our staff of certified, professional trainers you will experience an efficient and more productive workout.

Working with a trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. Proven so effective, Personal Training has gone well beyond the past stereotypes of the elite athlete or the affluent. Now people use personal trainers at all fitness, age and economic levels.


Wheatland Fireplace a Trusted Regina hot tub & outdoor living expert's Free Wet Test

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Regina.

This really is where your REGINA Outdoor living and Fireplace dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland Fireplace REGINA is a TRUSTED Saskatchewan company that sells products that make your life better. Wheatland Fireplace services and installs their high-quality fireplaces, barbecues (bbq), grills and smokers from industry leading manufacturers. They love their customers and as a result,their customers love and TRUST them. Wheatland Fireplace are your Exclusive Trusted REGINA FIREPLACE store and they are Trusted REGINA OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION Experts. 

Here they share a tip on the Free Wet Test:

We are willing to put our money where our mouth is! Are they?

We are so confident in our Jacuzzi or Bull Frog Hot Tub Experience, we will give you $50 towards chemical purchases if you come and do a Wet Test against any competitors Hot Tub.

If this experience sells you on a Jacuzzi Hot Tub or you end up buying from one of our competitors we will still give you $50 towards Hot Tub Chemicals here at Wheatland Fireplace.

Please email Wheatland Fireplace to book your free hot tub wet test.

Click here for our brochure!


Visit the Wheatland Fireplace' showroom at or see their listing in the REGINA OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION and in the REGINA Home appliance & fireplace category. They are your Trusted REGINA FIREPLACE Experts!


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