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Our Trusted Regina partners at Regina Plumbing and Heating tell us why financing a new air conditioner makes sense

Regina Plumbing & Heating provides professional plumbing and heating services that you can count on.. They believe that in order to deliver true customer service, they needed to add something that can not be bought or imitated...Sincerity, integrity, and value. Here they share some great information.

Why Financing a New Air Conditioner Makes Sense

When deciding to make a huge purchase like a car, house, or even AC units it is always best to pay for them outright saving you the most money possible on your purchase. Unfortunately, for most people this is not always possible, and financing with Regina Plumbing and Heating is the next best thing. 

When your air conditioning unit fails it can feel like it has come at the worst possible time. And really, is there ever a good time for your central air to malfunction? Once you have had your system diagnosed, and it has been confirmed that you do in fact need a completely new unit, it’s good to know that you have options.
Replacing Older Air Conditioning Units Can Save You Money

The first major benefit of purchasing brand new equipment is that you will no longer have to worry about breakdowns. If your current cooling system is fifteen or twenty years old, this may very well be a constant worry. Additionally older systems are usually highly inefficient, which will inevitably cost you more money on your utility bills. By taking the time to look into financing options for new central air conditioning systems, you can eliminate these worries. With financing you can start saving money on your utility bills immediately, which can even help to offset the cost of your new unit. Another monetary benefit to installing a brand new AC unit is the value it adds to your home. For obvious reasons, an aging HVAC unit is not as appealing as a new one would be. Potential homeowners and their real estate agents look for potential issues that could arise after they make a purchase, and an older heating or air conditioning unit is a big expense that new homeowners will not want to deal with. Affordable Financing Options 

With flexible and affordable furnace and air conditioner financing, you can upgrade or replace your heating and cooling system now, and pay for it later. Financing allows you to take as little as 12 months or as many as 15 years to pay it off with dozens of options in between and no penalty if you decide to pay it off early. Air Conditioner financing is also great for business owners and landlords who can build the predictable cost into their tenants’ lease or monthly business expenses. Contact Regina Plumbing and Heating today, and we will help you keep your cool without breaking the bank. 

Trusted Regina welcomes it's newest partner Regina Plumbing and Heating to the directory of excellence

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new Trusted Regina Air conditioning, Furnace partner to the directory, it is particularly exciting to welcome a partner that has amazing values and stands by their work like Regina Plumbing and Heating does.  

Have you ever asked yourself, what ever happened to good old fashioned service?  

For Regina Plumbing and Heating, providing service like they had in the good ole day's is what they work hard to achieve each and every day. They genuinely believe that customer service is the heart of their business.   Phrases like honesty, accountability, quality and integrity aren't just buzzwords, they are guiding principles at Regina Plumbing and Heating.  It is also what set's them apart and makes them a great Trusted Regina partner.

On top of their amazing service, they also are locally Regina owned, have over 150 years of combined experience and a diverse workforce.   With staff like Jason, Chris, Mike, Ian, Ellie, Brent the boiler whisperer, Ellie the estimator and more,  they have all of the bases covered!  The experience and education list goes on and on with many staff having more than one certification.  Combined they have several Journeyperson certifications including;  Plumbing, Sheet metal, Refrigeration, Commercial plumbing and gas fitters, Boiler tech's and HVAC techs and more.  

Whatever size of job you have from commercial boilers of any size to installing a new heating or air conditioning unit, natural gas upgrade or right down to the tiniest water leak they have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

Regina Plumbing and Heating are veteran's in their industry, delivering results based on expert experience, care and proven results is a huge portion of what makes them a great Trusted partner. Let them take you back to old school with quality workmanship and service you can depend on.  Find them on the Trusted Regina directory today under the Regina air Conditioning and Furnaces Category.  Regina Plumbing and Hearting are Trusted Regina Heating and cooling pros 

Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. is the proud sponsor of the Regina Humane Society's Pet Therapy Project.

Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. is the proud sponsor of the Regina Humane Society's Pet Therapy Project.

When I sat down with owners Clint and Tania Orr and asked them why they chose to sponsor this particular charity they explained:

"We have two rescue dogs and a cat ourselves.  Also all of our staff are animal lovers, one is even a dog trainer.  This provided a great way for us to show support to our staff members, our many pet owner customers, and the community.  Animals are a part of our lives everyday and this sponsorship is just a great fit.  We are so proud to be a part of it."