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Trusted Regina mortgage professional shares a tip on reverse mortgages and empowering older homeowners.

When most of us dream of retirement, we imagine ourselves in our homes - sharing a meal with family or just relaxing in a comfortable spot.

But retirement can also bring financial strain. Seniors often face the challenge of managing with less cash flow than they anticipated or coping with unforeseen expenses. 

A Trusted Regina Mortgage Broker empowers older Canadian homeowners with smart, simple ways to use the value of their home during retirement.

For over 25 years The Canadian Home Income Plan (CHIP) our reverse mortgage solution has helped thousands of older homeowners enjoy more financial flexibility without having to sell or move. CHIP might be the solution for you.

CHIP Home Income Plan is a home equity loan available exclusively to Canadian homeowners to convert a portion of your home equity into tax-free cash. But, unlike a traditional loan or mortgage, you never have to make a payment until you choose to move or sell – although you can make payments if you so choose.

The CHIP Home Income Plan has other advantages over traditional loans or mortgages. For example, there are no income qualifications and once you receive the loan, it can never be recalled.

It's called a Reverse Mortgage because unlike a traditional mortgage in which you make regular payments to a lender, the CHIP Home Income Plan pays you! You do not have to make any payments — principal or interest – for as long as you or your spouse lives in your home.

Features of a CHIP Reverse Mortgage:

  • Homeowners age 55 and older
  • No payments are ever required
  • No Income qualifications
  • No Credit requirements
  • Qualify for up to 50% of the value of the home
  • Money can be received as a lump sum, or over time or combination
  • Owner maintains title
  • They can sell or move at anytime
  • Receive the money tax free

Top 10 reasons to give Dad the “Oil Change Spa” this Father’s Day

Great Canadian Oil Change on Quance and North Albert Street in Regina provides oil changes in 10 minutes. No appointment needed! At Great Canadian Oil Change they will always do their best to keep you traveling safely, in a cleaner environment.

They are your Trusted Regina Oil Change experts in the Regina Automotive General category.

Pamper him AND his vehicle!

Dad deserves a gift that he will appreciate and feel treated by!  Is he the type of guy who likes to pamper his vehicle?  Pamper them both by sending him to the Oil Change Spa to relax while our experts take care of the car or truck he loves.  We’ll make sure his vehicle is kept in tip-top shape.  This is the kind of spa that dad will really appreciate!

Now available – electronic gift cards – instantly redeemable – purchase securely – send to your loved one by email, Facebook, text or print. Press here for more information or to purchase.


We have great hours and no appointment is ever needed.


Our technicians have the expertise you need – some of our technicians have 20,000 oil changes under their belts.  All work is warranty-approved which means the manufacturer of your vehicle recognizes the work that we do.


We make recommendations based on information from the manufacturer of your vehicle.  You choose the type of oil you want and add any other service we offer as desired.


We’ll answer your questions or help you find the answer.


Stay in your car and relax how you choose. Our friendly hostess will offer you a choice of complimentary beverage and something to read.  Be entertained by our informative GCOC-TV or watch what is happening below with the undercarriage camera.  Enjoy our free WIFI or even take a (short) nap.


A top up of fluids is included in the service.


A multi-point inspection is also included in the service including checks for leaks and the lights.  We will give you an indication of problem areas in your vehicle if there are any.


An oil change at our shops typically takes less than 15 minutes – you have the rest of the day free and do not have to be without your vehicle for hours


You choose what to do with the information about your vehicle from the multi-point inspection.


Many of our customers love the complimentary air freshener and other extras like a dash wipe and garbage bag.

You won’t go wrong by getting your dad, grandfather, uncle, brother, son, spouse or partner a gift card to the Oil Change Spa this Father’s Day

To purchase a gift card securely online, press here.  A convenient way to send a gift he will love!

Great Canadian Oil Change Regina – serving Regina and area with pride.

At Great Canadian Oil change in Regina, we follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle.  We will verify that your vehicle is due for an oil change before performing it.  We look forward to seeing you for an oil change or for one of the many other services we offer!  See here for the services we offer. 


Great Canadian Oil Change on Quance Street and North Albert Street in Regina deserve the Thumbs up from in our Regina Automotive General Category and they are Regina's Trusted oil change experts!


Ideas to help you succeed this summer on your journey to weight loss

Here are some ideas to help you succeed this summer:

Turn off the electronics 

If you focus on what you are in eating you will have better success. 

Studies have shown that people who eat watching TV or playing video games have no idea if they were satisfied with the food they just ate.

Drink Smart

After a long hot day, it’s really is easy to down a few frozen margaritas.  As we all know that is a lot of calories.  If you really want a drink try a vodka and soda.  

When a drink doesn’t take like a Slurpee you are more likely to drink it slower so you are taking in fewer calories.

Have A Good Sleep

Studies have shown that if you sleep less you lose less fat and generally feel more hungry.

Eat Spicy Foods

Studies have also shown that eating spicy foods help speed up your metabolism.  Things like chili peppers.  They also say that spicy foods can help trigger the feeling of full in comparison to bland foods.

Plan Your Meals Ahead Of Time

If you plan your meals you are more likely to stick to your diet to help you reach your goals.

Flaunt What You Got

When it is getting warmer out show more skin.  When you wear loose fitting clothes you are more likely to eat more

Stay Motivated

It is so easy to forget to eat healthy, working out and the reason why you started on this journey.  You need to always remind yourself why you are doing this.

Drink Coffee

Studies show that caffeine speeds up metabolism.  Just remember that is coffee without sugary syrups.

Hope that you found this helpful. 

How to enjoy the sun in your home with style and function. Here's a Trusted tip on Solar Shades.


Form follows function with our easy-to-operate Solar Shades. These stylish yet classic shades block protect against glare and UV rays while maintaining the vista outside your window. Available in a multitude of fabrics, they can turn a room into a bold statement or perfectly complement traditional decor. 

In addition to fabric style, choose the weight and opacity of your solar shades according to how you would like to regulate the light. 

Sheer fabrics are airy and translucent.

Light filtering fabric provides a soft outline of the outdoors.

Room darkening fabric dims the room significantly.

Blackout fabric completely blocks light for ultimate privacy.

Want to control your window treatments with the touch of a button? Discover how we raise the bar (and the shade) with Somfy Motorization.

Creating Comfort in Outdoor Spaces

Porches, patios, and decks allow you to connect with the natural beauty of the outdoors and extend the living space of your home. With the addition of our Exterior Solar Shades, these areas can also be comfortably protected from intense sun and excessive heat.

Since these shades tend to be larger and installed in higher, harder-to-access areas, they pair perfectly with a motorized lift: the light streaming in to your patio can be controlled with the touch of a button.

Hung outside porch windows, exterior solar shades block the sun before its rays reach the glass panes and impact the interior.

Spa and Esthetics Sanitization - A Trusted tip on what you should look for.

To date, the Canadian Spa Industry & Health Canada does not have set standards, including infection control standards for spas. 

Here are a few suggestions on what to look for in all businesses supplying esthetics and spa services:

  • Ask the receptionist at the time of booking to verify that all service providers are accredited in their field.
  • You should always be asked to fill out a health questionnaire before treatment. There are certain medications and health conditions that determine the type of care and the type of products that are safe to use.
  • Check into the sterilization techniques used. Many salons and spas use UV Sterilizers to sterilize tools. These do not kill bacteria. All non-disposable instruments used must be sterilized correctly in order to protect you from what can be very serious health complications. Solutions used for sanitization and sterilization must be a hospital-grade disinfectant that also includes protection against HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.

These are just a few of the things to ask about…Keep these points in mind when choosing your spa pampering, and your experience will be safe and relaxing.

 Any tools that can not be put in the autoclave are given to you to take home or are discarded. We use hospital-grade disinfectant (Accel TB) to disinfect our Pedicure Chairs & Hydrotherapy Tub after each and every client, meeting all specified safety standards. We care about your health and safety.

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