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Our Trusted Regina window coverings and blinds expert shares a design tip

Our Trusted Regina window coverings and blinds expert shares a design tip.

Trusted Regina Window Coverings and Blinds Experts  

These amazing drapery tops are sure to wow!

Classic Pleat 

Our custom drapery has sewn seven beautifully constructed pinch style pleats onto the face of the panel so it looks just like a custom-made pleat panel when hung on a rod. The pleats are perfectly spaced and fixed so that the beauty of the folds remain even when the panels are drawn or closed.

Grommet Panel

The modern clean look of grommets work beautifully with any décor. The grommets are evenly spaced across the heading of the drapery and when woven on to a rod, structured columns are created across the face of the drapery.

Inverted Pleat

We’ve taken the best features from the faAB Pleat and incorporated it into the Inverted Pleat. This exclusive heading is a modern twist on a classic drapery heading.

Trusted Regina mortgage expert gives us some valuable information about Refinancing.

Trusted Regina Mortgage Associate it for you?

Canadians today face many reasons to refinance their mortgage. For example, you may have been working at improving your credit score and now qualify for a new mortgage with a better discount, or you may want to stabilize your payments by changing from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed-rate. Refinancing is also a good option to pull out equity for consolidating debt, home improvements, investments, college expenses, and more.

Refinancing isn't necessarily a bad thing or term

There are many things that play a role in whether or not refinancing is a good move.  The first thing is to determine what your overall goal is by refinancing.  It can answer many questions for you including providing you with these benefits.  Why do you want to refinance?

  • Getting a rate that reduces your monthly payment while being low enough to offset the costs of refinancing is one common reason to refinance
  • Paying down higher interest debts like credit cards or loans or lines of credit .
  • Having your monthly payment reduce to help you pay off your mortgage quicker as your not incurring more debt but able to now focus on just paying the mortgage off
  • Buying a rental property or 2nd home(cottage).
  • Increase your quality of life now, maybe buying a boat or trailer for those family outings.
  • Doing some investments and get a higher rate of return on your investments and borrowing the money at a lower rate for the mortgage.
  • consolidate their high-interest debt to reduce their overall interest rate and free up hundreds of dollars in cash flow every month.
  • Doing some much needed renovations to your home using the existing equity to increase the value of your home it's a win win .

Here is something most people don't know when considering when doing a refinance all costs can be included in the mortgage including lawyer fees and penalties. 

When done correctly, a refinance can save families money on long-term interest.

If your curious to know how much can save if you refinance your mortgage this calculator will help you find out!. 

Meet the staff at En Vogue Day Spa and Gift Studio a Trusted Regina Spa.

En Vogue believe that the elimination of stress and tension is critical for the improvement and maintenance of overall well being. They work to improve quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Treatments designed to satisfy the whole body are provided by highly trained staff in the field of Massage Therapy, Esthetics, Skin Care, and Oncology Esthetics. They take pride in their excellent reputation and do their best to provide service that makes you want to come back for more!

Each staff esthetician has received Certification from a College of Esthetics. Registered Massage Therapist have completed four years of Certified Massage Therapy. Staff training is ongoing as we recognize that esthetics is an ever changing, innovative industry. It is their assurance that you will receive optimum skill performance in your treatment.

En Vogue is a Trusted Regina Spa 

Patricia Cassell-Ogilvie & Kim Cassell - Owners

As we enter our 19th Year we realize that En Vogue is only as good as our TEAM! Our Team is part of our family, we support and love each and every one of them!

Dawn - Esthetician

Dawn joined our team in 2003. Dawn got married and once babies started to arrive she decided to retire from her esthetician and spa manger position to stay home and be a mom. Time goes by and life changes and we are happy to report that she has come home to En Vogue! Welcome home Dawn!! Dawn’s answers to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: There are a number of reasons I like my job. I love all the people I work with and all the different clients I meet. Esthetics is a broad spectrum that I can expand my knowledge and challenge myself whether it be in an artist manner or in a medical aspect. I like having the ability to enhance someone's knowledge on skin care and treat an area they may have concerns about.

Beauty is: Is a personal preference that provides you with a perceptual experience of harmony and peace. 

5 words that describe me: Perfectionist, ambitious, confident, friendly, kind-hearted.

My favorite thing about En Vogue: En Vogue's owners, managers and staff are like a big happy family. We support each other and lend a helping hand when we can. I also love the warm, welcoming environment that you experience while you are here.

Tina – Senior Client Services

Tina joined our team in 2007. Tina possesses leadership and organizing skills that are called on many times in her position. Her ability to remain calm and unflustered is appreciated by all that work with her. Tina’s answers to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: Meeting new people on a daily basis and creating relationships with our regular clients

Beauty is: Being confident and happy with yourself, inside and out.

5 words that describe me: Outgoing, friendly, dedicated, artistic, reliable

My favorite thing about En Vogue: The peaceful environment and friendships among coworkers

Ai - Esthetician

Ai joined our team in June of 2005. Ai is our quiet one. Ai is a skilled professional. Loved by clients and us! Ai is so humble other members of our team had to provide 5 words that describe her. Ai's answers and her team answers follow:

What I love about my profession: I enjoy interacting with people.

Beauty is: being your self

5 words that describe me: conscientious, shy, humble, respectful, quiet

My favorite thing about En Vogue: Working with all the great women

Chris - Educator, Skin Care & Body Treatment Specialist

Chris joined our team in March 1999, shortly after we opened in October 1998. Chris has helped us transition and grow over the years and is part of our family! She is a master of her profession and her positive, energy is wonderful to be around. Chris's response to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: is improving the way people look and feel.

Beauty is: confidence.

5 words that describe me: Loving, kind, considerate, understanding and hard working.

My favorite thing about En Vogue: is it is a big happy family and it feels like home.

Dani - RMT

Dani joined our team in July 2010. Dani is our world traveler as you can tell by the cat she is snuggling! Off she goes to Africa, Thailand and who knows where next! We all travel vicariously with her! Dani's response to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: Being able to help people feel better and seeing the difference a treatment can make to their body, mind and spirit.

Beauty is: self confidence from within

5 words that describe me: helpful, caring , diligent, adventurous, fun loving

My favorite thing about En Vogue: The relaxing atmosphere clients feel as they walk through the door, it helps them to Escape their busy lives and makes them feel comfortable. Also the girls I get to work with every day are amazing.

Kyana - Client Relations

Kyana joined our team in January 2011. Kyana started working with us part-time while attending high school. We were happy after graduating, she decided to move to a full-time team member. Kyana has blossomed over the years, continuing to grow in her important role with our valued clients. Kyana's response to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: Getting to meet people every day and helping to make their spa experience enjoyable.

Beauty is: Being comfortable in your own skin humble, honest, shy, hardworking, genuine

5 words that describe me: humble, honest, shy, hardworking, genuine

My favorite thing about En Vogue: Everyone is one big happy family.

Laura - RMT

Laura joined our team in November 2006. Laura works hard to keep herself in top physical shape.. running marathons and taking demanding classes in some form of exercise. She is a also our Ms. Fix-it.. she can fix just about anything and no matter what she has a smile on her face. Laura's response to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: Each day and every hour is different. I get to help people feel relief from pain, and a reason to feel joy through touch and inspiration.

Beauty is: Beholding the world around you, appreciating the small things, nature and the reality of life without the constant worry of time. Life is too short to live the same day twice. Breathe and let it go!

5 words that describe me: athletic, caring, spontaneous, honest, easy going

My favorite thing about En Vogue: The staff is one big family. When everyone gets along it makes work fun and run a lot more smoothly

Shawna - Esthetician/Manager

Shawna joined our team in June of 1999. Shawna is an expert in her field and guides others in the team. She is multi-skilled and possesses a gentleness that our team and we appreciate. Shawna's response to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: I like Helping and making people feel better about themselves.

Beauty is: How you feel inside and if you feel beautiful inside it shows on the outside.

5 words that describe me: compassionate, devoted, attentive, courageous, particular

My favorite thing about En Vogue: We have great clients and our team treats each other like family.

Taylor - Nail & Waxing Tech

Taylor joined our team in December 2012. Taylor's positive attitude and readiness to learn makes her a valuable addition to our team. Taylor's answers to the four questions:

What I love about my profession: What I love most about doing spa services are the feelings of relaxation and happiness I can bring to people.

Beauty is: I think beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.

5 words that describe me: :) Caring, honest, reliable, organized and friendly :)

My favorite thing about En Vogue: My favorite thing about En Vogue is the great staff I work with!

Thesbe - Spa Support

Thesbe joined our team in August of 2013 when we lost our beloved Angelina to cancer. Thesbe is from the Philippines, a joy to be around and we are fortunate that she found her way to us! We asked each of our team members the following questions:

Beauty is: Beauty is one of our assets but the most important is being what you are inside and out.

5 words that describe me: God fearing, hard working, humble, kind & honest

My favorite thing about En Vogue: Their services & the management. I found a new family here.

Sandra - Esthetician

Sandra joined our team in August 2007. Sandra is our easy going, always ready to jump in whenever or where ever she is needed team member. She has a good sense of humor and a dry wit that makes our team enjoy working with her. Sandra’s answers to the four questions given to each team member:

What I love about my profession: I enjoy my clients, helping to distress their lives. When you enjoy what you do work doesn’t feel like a job.

Beauty is: being able to spend the day at the spa without your husband finding the charge on his credit card!

5 words that describe me: Reliable, down to earth, easy going, fun spirited, trustworthy

My favorite thing about En Vogue: The relationships that are built with repeat clients.

Alex - Esthetician

Alex joined our team in February 2010. Alex is methodical and a perfectionist, a valued member of our team. She always has a smile and our team enjoy being around her and everyone knows she is always there for them. Alex’s answers to the four questions given to each team member:

What I love about my profession: meeting new people and being able to help them feel good about themselves

Beauty is: is all around us and found within ourselves

5 words that describe me: easy going, positive, caring, dependable, calm

My favorite thing about En Vogue: all the amazing ladies I get to work with

Yada - Traditional Thai Massage

Yada our new team member. Yada is a Traditional Thai Massage Practitioner. No matter how bad you think your day is going when Yada comes into the room with the biggest smile and happy demeanor you just have to smile!

Whatever your needs we are sure you will enjoy the experience that En Vogue offers and we strongly suggest that you go along and check it out for your self!!! Check out their reviews and the complete Trusted Regina directory listing 

En Vogue is a Trusted Regina Spa

A Trusted Regina Financial Advisor talks about Household Finances - What is the 25% rule?

Worby Wealth Management a Trusted Regina Financial Advisor talks about Household Finances.

The truth is that financial management is boring. I mean, it sounds interesting when you watch movies and they’re yelling, “Buy, Buy! Sell, sell!” But this behavior does not make you rich – in fact, it can have the opposite effect.

Smart people understand one thing – tactics do not win the battle, logistics do. And one of my best pieces of advice is the 25% rule.

It essentially breaks down like this: If you want to attain financial security contribute 25% of your net monthly income towards your net worth. It is very important that financial security has very little to do with being ‘rich’ but everything to do with having the resources available to have options throughout your life.

Net worth is composed of two things: Assets and Liabilities. I think of Liabilities as the hole requiring filling and of Assets as the mountain you build with your resources.

A few notes about each. Paying down credit cards does not fit into the asset/liability description above. Credit cards are consumption. If you have already made errors and are carrying balances, then you need a plan to pay them down and it can be worked into a liability repayment plan. However, further credit card debt becomes consumption rather than a liability.

Big expenses – trips, renovations, etc. should be paid for with funds that have been saved in advance; they should not be financed. The reasons are many. First, once you start down the ‘financing fun’ road, it can be hard to maintain discipline. Second, a trip paid for and fully funded is less stressful. Third, something you pay for as you go you tends to be better planned out and fits your budget – and studies show that planning your spending is almost as fun as the actual spending.

Building assets is then the ‘exciting’ part, right? “Buy, buy, sell, sell” and all that. Actually, it is very hard to get rich quickly and fairly easy to get rich slowly. Using pension plans and RRSP, TFSAs and RESPs to accomplish your family’s plans can be done well over time but the ‘get rich quick’ schemes rarely work out.

Find a strategy you are comfortable with and run it as a discipline. If you are going to buy and hold, never deviate. If you are going to move with certain market cycles like a momentum system, or act like a value manager, do this and never change it. Make sure you do your homework up front to get a working system and then never change. Mistakes in investing comes from emotion.

But none of that happens without a strategy – and the spending strategy that works best is using 25% of your net, monthly income to build your net worth. Not only do you have funds available to build assets and pay down liabilities but you also create a buffer in case something bad happens. You aren’t living at capacity with your finances, you have options.

And that is financial security.

Call Chris Worby at (306) 757-4747 ext 226 or on his Cell: (306) 737-2909. Check out his listing on the Regina Directory in the REGINA FINANCIAL SERVICES category . Chris is a Trusted REGINA FINANCIAL EXPERT

Chris Worby is a Trusted Regina-based financial advisor and Wealth Management services provider servicing local Regina households and businesses since 2001.

Trusted Regina welcomes another amazing new partner Prairie Boys Spray Foam!

We are so pleased to announce this great addition to the Trusted community!  

When I spoke with Cody's references I quickly found out that not only did they had a great product, but they were an amazing crew. The testimony below is an excellent reflection of why they have been approved to be a Trusted Regina partner.

"At the start of my reno's for the basement suite portion I was asked about insulation batting or spray foam?? Once I was informed spray foam would not only help with keeping in heat in the winter but would keep water out in the summer I jumped at the chance. 

Cody and the crew from Prairie Boys Spray Foam were amazing with the work that was done. In one afternoon they were in and out and all done with no mess and no fuss. Once the install was done there has been not only no water issues in the basement suite, but the temperature in the area has also improved greatly. No longer needing to have the heat cranked upstairs to keep the basement warm. 

I will definitely be going back to Prairie Boys for insulation in the future and will be passing along the name for others as well.”  Jolene Kainz

Prairie Boys Spray Foam will help create comfort in your home by insulating with 2 pound polyurethane spray foam insulation. Whether it’s a new construction or renovation project, Prairie Boys Spray Foam will increase the efficiency in heating and cooling your home. Air leakage will be significantly reduced while energy cost savings will grow.