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Trusted Regina Window Coverings share Depth in Layers

Trusted Regina Window Coverings and Blinds Experts 

Here they share Depth in Layers: 

A truly distinctive design thrives with cellular or pleated shades as building blocks. 


Begin with a cellular shade:

A temperature-regulating cellular shade is an excellent choice for a room where family will gather. A graceful neutral allows some light in and provides a foundation for the room. 



Add a pop of color:

Nothing expands and improves décor quite like deep, bold color. And when that color is added via gently flowing folds of drapery, it arrives hand-in-hand with improved insulation, privacy, and light control.




Finish with a flourish:

A large-scale, fabric-wrapped cornice extends the softness of drapery to the ceiling. Its linear form nods to the shape of the room’s furniture pieces—a touch that brings subtle visual consistency to the room.




Composing a polished, consistent look is an essential component of interior design. Graber window treatments are created with compatibility in mind; colors that harmonize, materials that complement, pairings that create a cultured ambiance.



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