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Trusted Regina Window Coverings experts share TOP 10 Reasons to Replace my Window Coverings

Here they share TOP 10 Reasons to Replace my Window Coverings:

Is it time to replace the blinds in your home? Are they old, outdated, or simply boring to look at? There are many reasons you might want to replace your blinds and if you are not quite sure yet if it is time to replace them or not, here is a list of 10 reasons why you probably should.

1. They Are a Nightmare to Clean!!

Those blinds you can never seem to get 100% clean no matter what you do or try… or they simply take forever to clean? Time to replace them with something easier to keep up with!


2. They Are Just Beyond Repair…

You know the ones… broken wands… they are warped or simply nonfunctioning… maybe all of the above? Time to get new blinds and save yourself the headaches!

3. They Look so Outdated =(

They remind you of your grandma’s house… or a tacky set over at your Auntie Mary Ellen’s place. Worse… you are afraid they will remind your guests of their grandma’s place! Time to replace and refresh with a newer updated look that matches your inner style!


4. They Don’t Match Anything

Did they look great in the magazine but in place they clash with everything else in the room? It’s time to donate them and let us help you choose a much better match!

5. They Don't Fit Right

You know they should fit right in the window but there is a big gap on the side… or perhaps they are a little too tight and look "forced" to fit? Time to get correctly fitting blinds.


6. They Are Hard to Operate

You thought the seamless look would be great for that huge picture window… but now you have heavy blinds that are a chore to lift and lower? It is time to find a better lightweight option and make use of that window again.

7. There are Small Children Around or Pets Around

You or a close family member recently welcomed a bundle of joy and you are worried about the dangers of dangling cords. Your best option is to go cordless and eliminate this serious hidden hazard.


8. You Need a Different Kind of Blind

Perhaps you work late and you need to nap during daylight hours… or maybe your theatre room needs better light control. No problem… you can choose room-darkening blinds to eliminate most of the light in a room… or you can go with light filtering to make the most of the sunshine.

9. You Have Had These Blinds as Long as You can Remember

You moved in and the blinds were there… you never bothered to replace them. It’s time to buy blinds that better reflect the class and style of your home. Also, custom blinds will increase the value of your home!


10. You Just Want Something New

You want new blinds. Well that is a good enough reason for us! Where to find these new blinds you ask?  

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