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Tip on the IMAX Home Theatre System:

Have $2M and a Big Room to Fill? Get an IMAX Home Theatre System!

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), IMAX Corp. is getting into the home-theatre game. That’s right, if you have a big enough space and pocketbook, you can outfit your home with an IMAX home theatre system.

The system, which costs $2 million before factoring in any home renovations needed to accommodate it, offers the same IMAX technology that is used in commercial theatres. This includes a curved floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen, as well as a dual-projection system that is able to handle 3D and 2D formats. Laser-aligned loudspeakers and microphones are also included too.

Now, in addition to the main viewing room, one must also have a place to house the two projectors, which stand five-feet tall; are two-and-half-feet wide and are four-feet deep, each.

Exact room specifications haven’t been noted, but the WSJ notes that a homeowner could have to be prepared to construct a 500 square-foot viewing room on his property. Typical IMAX screens measure 118 feet wide and 82 feet tall. IMAX does say, however, that installations are a collaborative endeavour between it, artchitects, contractors and interior designers.

Latin American cable executive Ahmad Lee Khamsi is one of the first individuals to bring an IMAX system home, reports the WSJ. According to people familiar with the matter, his home theatre will take up 440 square feet.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and actors Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger are rumored to be discussing the prospect of installing a home IMAX system.

IMAX believes that its first two home installations will be completed within six months. It expects to do six more next year and 10-15 per year beyond 2014. 


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