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Trusted Tips & Resources

How to enjoy the sun in your home with style and function. Here's a Trusted tip on Solar Shades.


Form follows function with our easy-to-operate Solar Shades. These stylish yet classic shades block protect against glare and UV rays while maintaining the vista outside your window. Available in a multitude of fabrics, they can turn a room into a bold statement or perfectly complement traditional decor. 

In addition to fabric style, choose the weight and opacity of your solar shades according to how you would like to regulate the light. 

Sheer fabrics are airy and translucent.

Light filtering fabric provides a soft outline of the outdoors.

Room darkening fabric dims the room significantly.

Blackout fabric completely blocks light for ultimate privacy.

Want to control your window treatments with the touch of a button? Discover how we raise the bar (and the shade) with Somfy Motorization.

Creating Comfort in Outdoor Spaces

Porches, patios, and decks allow you to connect with the natural beauty of the outdoors and extend the living space of your home. With the addition of our Exterior Solar Shades, these areas can also be comfortably protected from intense sun and excessive heat.

Since these shades tend to be larger and installed in higher, harder-to-access areas, they pair perfectly with a motorized lift: the light streaming in to your patio can be controlled with the touch of a button.

Hung outside porch windows, exterior solar shades block the sun before its rays reach the glass panes and impact the interior.

Trusted Regina Window Coverings experts share TOP 10 Reasons to Replace my Window Coverings

Here they share TOP 10 Reasons to Replace my Window Coverings:

Is it time to replace the blinds in your home? Are they old, outdated, or simply boring to look at? There are many reasons you might want to replace your blinds and if you are not quite sure yet if it is time to replace them or not, here is a list of 10 reasons why you probably should.

1. They Are a Nightmare to Clean!!

Those blinds you can never seem to get 100% clean no matter what you do or try… or they simply take forever to clean? Time to replace them with something easier to keep up with!


2. They Are Just Beyond Repair…

You know the ones… broken wands… they are warped or simply nonfunctioning… maybe all of the above? Time to get new blinds and save yourself the headaches!

3. They Look so Outdated =(

They remind you of your grandma’s house… or a tacky set over at your Auntie Mary Ellen’s place. Worse… you are afraid they will remind your guests of their grandma’s place! Time to replace and refresh with a newer updated look that matches your inner style!


4. They Don’t Match Anything

Did they look great in the magazine but in place they clash with everything else in the room? It’s time to donate them and let us help you choose a much better match!

5. They Don't Fit Right

You know they should fit right in the window but there is a big gap on the side… or perhaps they are a little too tight and look "forced" to fit? Time to get correctly fitting blinds.


6. They Are Hard to Operate

You thought the seamless look would be great for that huge picture window… but now you have heavy blinds that are a chore to lift and lower? It is time to find a better lightweight option and make use of that window again.

7. There are Small Children Around or Pets Around

You or a close family member recently welcomed a bundle of joy and you are worried about the dangers of dangling cords. Your best option is to go cordless and eliminate this serious hidden hazard.


8. You Need a Different Kind of Blind

Perhaps you work late and you need to nap during daylight hours… or maybe your theatre room needs better light control. No problem… you can choose room-darkening blinds to eliminate most of the light in a room… or you can go with light filtering to make the most of the sunshine.

9. You Have Had These Blinds as Long as You can Remember

You moved in and the blinds were there… you never bothered to replace them. It’s time to buy blinds that better reflect the class and style of your home. Also, custom blinds will increase the value of your home!


10. You Just Want Something New

You want new blinds. Well that is a good enough reason for us! Where to find these new blinds you ask?  

Trusted Regina Window Coverings expert share a tip on how to clean blinds and window coverings

How to clean blinds and window coverings:

Regina Window Treatments are both decorative and functional – they add to the protection of furniture and hardwood floors to prevent fading—as well as giving much needed privacy control. All types of window treatments should be dusted monthly. Deep-cleaning treatments depend on the type of material you're cleaning. Read Below for all kinds of cleaning tips! 

Fabric Shades: Clean by using the soft brush nozzle on your vacuum you can dust fabric blinds. Keep the vacuum setting on low suction.


Fabric Vertical Blinds: Close blinds so they lie flat. Dust with the dust-brush tool on the vacuum (set on low suction). To spot clean, take down the slat and lay it on a flat surface. Blot the stain with a sponge dampened with mild dishwashing liquid and tepid water. Treat heavy stains with a commercial upholstery cleaner (test on an inconspicuous spot). FABRIC VANES: Dust or vacuum with an upholstery attachment. For soil removal, sponge with a mild detergent and warm water solution (or dry fabric cleaner) and blot dry. Do not immerse in water or dry clean.


Cellular/Honeycomb Shades:

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades are easy to keep looking fresh and new for years. Regular dusting with a feather duster is recommended. When necessary, fabric can be lightly vacuumed with a brush attachment. If the cellular shades become soiled with topical dirt (i.e. dirt that is resting on the surface of the fabric), we recommend that the shade be spot cleaned using a soft rag or sponge, with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use strong detergents or spot removers. Extra care should be used when cleaning Cocoon fabric as the fabric could be permanently creased.

Dry cleaning is not recommended and is not covered by warranty.


Metal and Vinyl Venetian and Vertical Blinds: For regular cleanings close blinds so they lie flat. Moving from top down, dust with a feather duster, lamb's-wool duster, barely damp soft cloth, or the dust-brush tool on the vacuum (set on low suction). Close them in the opposite direction and repeat. For a deep cleaning wipe each slat individually with a cloth dampened with warm water and mild clear dishwashing liquid. Never use abrasive cleaners, which will damage the finish. The slats of vertical blinds can be taken down several at a time and laid flat to make wiping easier.


Pleated Shades: The following cleaning instructions have been developed for the fabric used in pleated shades. Remove the pleated shade from the window, open the shade and lay it out on a clean, flat surface, such as a table or countertop. If the shade is dusty, simply vacuum over it using an upholstery attachment.

For cleaning fingerprints or soiled spots on pleated shades, we recommend using an aerosol spray foam upholstery or fabric cleaner, such as Woolite® or ScotchGard® upholstery cleaners. Spray the foam cleaner over the entire area to be cleaned. Immediately scrub the area with a clean damp sponge (back and forth gently in the direction parallel to the pleats in the fabric) until the stains are removed. If necessary, the entire shade may be cleaned in this fashion. Be careful not to crush or wrinkle the fabric. Remove the excess water from the fabric by patting with a clean, dry towel. Hang the shade up when completely dry.

Frequent cleaning may remove the fullness and body of the pleated fabric. Do not use strong detergents or spot removers. Dry cleaning is not recommended.


Solar Shades: Roller shade fabrics are virtually maintenance free. If the shade is dusty simply vacuum over it using an upholstery attachment. A feather duster can also be used to gently remove dust. Shades may also be gently wiped with a clean damp cloth. Allow the shade to dry completely before raising. Do NOT completely immerse. Solar shade fabrics are virtually maintenance free. Only periodic vacuuming and an occasional cleaning using a mild detergent, soft brushing and thorough rinsing is required. Allow the shade to dry completely before raising. Do NOT completely immerse.


Draperies and Curtains: Dust using the upholstery tool on the vacuum (set on low suction). Follow the manufacturers recommendations. If fabric is washable, launder in the machine on the Gentle cycle. Hang to dry and iron while still damp. If fabric is not washable, dry clean. Draperies and curtains in the kitchen or bath or in particularly humid climates, where dust can cling, may need to be cleaned more frequently.


Wood Blinds and Shutters: Close slats so they lie flat. Working from top to bottom, dust with a feather duster, a lamb's-wool duster, an electrostatic cloth, or the dust-brush tool on the vacuum (set on low suction). Close them in the opposite direction and repeat. Wood blinds and shutters should not be exposed to steam or moisture in a kitchen or bath. Deep cleaning requires a wipe down of each slat with a slightly dampened cloth, then dry thoroughly.


Woven Wood and Bamboo Shades: Dust with the dust-brush tool of the vacuum (set on low suction). Deep clean by gently wiping with a lightly dampened white cloth. 


Trusted Regina Window Coverings experts share a tip on Window Coverings, Timelines, Costs

Window Coverings, Timelines, Budget:

Building or buying a home this year?

There are just so many details and things to think about when you are moving into or building a new home. I can’t tell you how often I have been with a family in their new home, and they have a desperate need for window coverings, but have no idea as to what to expect as far as budget, timelines, or even which type of window covering product would suit them the best. 

TIMELINES – your consultation will take anywhere between 30 mins up to 2 hours. At your consultation, decide on your window coverings and also take professional measurements of the windows in your home. 
For most custom window coverings, shutters being the exception, the ship time from the manufacturer is between 3-4 weeks. Plantation shutters will take between 4-10 weeks, depending on the size and scale of the project. Most other products (wood or faux wood blinds, cellular or honeycomb shades, roller and solar shades, roman shades, sheers and draperies, etc.) are able to be installed between 4-5 weeks from time of order.

BUDGET! This is something everyone wants to know! Most local Blind companies offer a wide variety of choices from a number of brand name quality manufacturers – and there is a bit of variance in the price ranges. The size of your windows also plays a factor into your costs…the larger the window, naturally, the more pricey the window covering. One of the most cost-effective window covering products would be faux-wood blinds. Fabrics and natural woven woods generally require more of an investment, as do plantation shutters. Pleated, roller and solar shades tend to fall more into the budget-conscious category, and cellulars (depending upon options and upgrades) fall pretty much in the middle of the road. I do think that you would be surprised what you can actually afford when you do some comparison shopping! 


Trusted Regina window coverings experts share a tip on Somfy Motorized Window Coverings


 tip on Somfy Motorized Window Coverings:

Add Motorization to Draperies

At the touch of a button, your draperies will open to reveal your view in one graceful motion using motorization.

Talk about convenience! Motorized window coverings powered by Somfy® let you control lighting and privacy preferences at the touch of a button. They save time by simultaneously opening or closing window coverings throughout your home, even on those hard to reach windows. Somfy is the world's leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems. The company has over three decades of experience so you can feel confident you are getting the best window covering motorization systems available. I

Motorized window coverings powered by Somfy offer many benefits. They reduce the wear and tear that comes from manual operation and can be set on timers to open and close at your preferred time of day. Since they’re inherently cordless, motorized window treatments also eliminate the danger of your children or pets becoming entangled in hanging cords.  

Somfy allows you to choose from a wide array of control options such as wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes and timers.  

Whether you prefer shutters, drapes, blinds or shades, all popular window coverings can be motorized using Somfy systems. To learn more about Somfy and motorized window coverings,

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