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Trusted Tips & Resources

Trusted Regina Jewellery experts share a Tip on Custom Jewellery.

WHY go Custom?  

6 Reasons to Go Custom

1. High Quality  we use a higher concentration of pure, 24kt gold producing 14.4kt gold alloy to make all of our pieces. Also, we produce a pure white gold guaranteed to never yellow or fade in colour.

2. Engineering/design The rings are designed to last a lifetime. The portions of the jewellery are much thicker than the manufactured items. Custom rings are solid gold throughout and are not hollowed out to save on weight. We use leading edge technology in the production of the jewellery. This allows for perfect symmetry in design and stone location.

3. Stone setting The stones are set in-house and take advantage of the mount's thickness and strength. We try to set each stone using methods which create a low-maintenence product.

4. Stone Quality Stone quality is very important to keep our product looking better than the rest. We use only the highest grade diamonds and gems in each of our customs, and offer environmentally friendly and conflict-free stones. All of our diamonds are GIA certified as well as we provide Canadian diamonds with laser etching and Canadian certifications.

5. Price Building a custom piece allows us to produce a design, while tailoring to a budget.

6. One of a kind Having a one of a kind, hand-made piece of jewellery has something to say for itself.







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