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Trusted Regina Insurance Experts at Dusyk & Barlow Tip on Auto Insurance Coverage for Vehicles in Storage

Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all their clients. Their long-standing reputation in the community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their clients' insurance needs are met.

They are Trusted Regina insurance experts!

Do You Have Proper Auto Insurance Coverage For Vehicles In Storage? 

Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. has two locations in Regina, SK. They are family-based, locally-owned Insurance brokers who have been involved in the Saskatchewan insurance industry since 1936. Insurance products they offer include auto insurance, including Saskatchewan SGI motor licensing services, home insurancecondo insurancetenant insurancetravel medical insurancecommercial insurance, and bonding and surety services. Our latest article shares some important information about auto insurance for vehicles in storage.

Protecting Your Vehicle In Storage: Why Home Insurance May Not Be Enough

Your home is not just a place to live; it’s also where you store many valuable possessions, including your vehicle. If you have a garage, you might assume your vehicle is automatically covered by your home insurance while parked there. However, this isn’t always the case, especially in Saskatchewan. In this blog post, we’ll explore why your vehicle may not be covered by your home insurance when it’s in the garage, and we’ll discuss the importance of keeping your vehicle insured through your auto policy, even when it’s temporarily in storage.

Home Insurance and Vehicle Coverage

Home insurance is primarily designed to protect your home and its contents, not your vehicles. While it typically covers personal property, including items in your garage, it often has limitations regarding vehicles. In  Saskatchewan, home insurance may not extend coverage to your vehicle at all, even if it’s parked in the garage.

The Importance of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is specifically tailored to protect your vehicles, whether on the road or in storage. It provides coverage for various situations, including accidents, theft, vandalism, and damage that can occur in your garage or while your vehicle is parked. Even when your vehicle is not in use and temporarily stored, it’s crucial to maintain auto insurance coverage to safeguard your investment.

Auto Insurance While in Storage

In Saskatchewan, you can adjust your auto insurance coverage when your vehicle is unused. You can switch to a “storage” or “lay-up” policy, which is more cost-effective than standard coverage because it removes certain risks associated with active driving.

A storage policy typically covers:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: This protects your vehicle from non-driving-related incidents such as theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters.
  2. Limited Usage: Some storage policies allow for minimal usage, such as moving your vehicle within your property or to a repair shop.
  3. Theft and Vandalism Protection: Comprehensive coverage under a storage policy ensures your vehicle is protected against theft and vandalism even when parked in your garage.

The Consequences of No Auto Insurance Coverage For Vehicles In Storage

Failing to maintain adequate auto insurance coverage while your vehicle is in storage can have significant consequences. You may be left without financial protection if an unexpected event occurs, such as a break-in or a fire that damages your vehicle. Repairing or replacing a vehicle can be a substantial expense; without insurance, you would have to cover these costs out of pocket.

While it may be tempting to assume that your home insurance covers your vehicle when it’s parked in the garage, this is not always the case. To protect your vehicle from various risks, including theft, vandalism, and damage, it’s essential to maintain auto insurance coverage even when your vehicle is temporarily in storage. Consider switching to a storage policy to reduce costs while protecting your valuable assets. Remember, being proactive with your insurance coverage is the best way to secure your peace of mind and financial well-being.

If you would like additional information, a quote on insurance, or information about any insurance products we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us at either of Dusyk & Barlow’s locations.

 “Protecting What’s Important Since 1936”


Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all its clients. Their long-standing reputation in the Regina community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their client’s insurance needs are met.

Trusted Regina Insurance Broker tip on 9 Things You Didn't Know About House Insurance

 9 Things You Didn't Know About House Insurance: 


1. If a summer storm thunders through and the fists of Thor strike down your roof, are you covered?

Yes, yes you are. This season for Regina has been particularly busy for Mother Nature. Catastrophic amounts of rain, extremely high winds and lightning shows that put Gene Simmons to shame. You'll be happy to know lightning strikes are covered with your home insurance policy. 

2. What if lightning knock down the power lines in my neighbourhood and we don't have power for hours on end and everything in my Freezer and Fridge rots, are we covered for that?

Unfortunately most basic home policies do not cover this, however most comprehensive policies do. Your comprehensive policy will cover damage or loss to your belongings (ex: food) caused by a failure of any system in your dwelling or outbuildings that maintains an artificial temperature (furnace, freezer, or fridge) as long as the damage is a result of that change of temperature and due to a peril insured on your policy. If you are insured for lightning and lightning strikes your house and fries your freezer and you lose all of your ice cream – fear not! Your ice cream is covered. However if a family member accidently unplugs your freezer and that causes your loss you will have to get them to replace your frozen treats.

3. What if an airplane crashes into your house, are you covered?

Yes! Fact, if an airplane were to crash into your house, you're covered. If you're in the house when this happens you have many more things to worry about than your insurance coverage but yes, you are covered in the rare chance of a plane crash. 

4. What if a satellite or meteor crashes into your house, are you covered for that damage?

Yes you are! It's very common for satellites to fall out of orbit and back down to earth. If major damage is caused make sure you file a claim with your insurance broker.

5. If an airplane or car or a fire or Thor damages an aircraft I stored on my property, is it covered?

No! Many people think because once you have house insurance everything under your roof is covered. This is not the case. Any vehicles, airplanes, motorcycles etc. must have extra insurance purchased in order to have them covered. Your regular home insurance policy doesn't cut it. 

6. Are you covered for flood or sink hole damages to your house?

No! Your regular house insurance policy doesn't cover damage due to flooding or that of a sink hole. The former obviously much more likely than the latter.

You are not covered for any loss or damage cause by flood, surface water, or overflow from streams or other bodies of water. However you are covered for loss or damage if it is due to a sudden and unexpected escape of water from a swimming pool or its attached equipment, fire fighting activities, or a public watermain.

7. Would you be covered for damage from an Earthquake or volcano?

Luckily Saskatchewan is situated no where remotely near a fault line or volcano, so this one we don't really need to worry about. Generally speaking, damage from an earthquake is not covered under your regular home insurance policy. You are not covered for loss or damage caused by snowslide, earthquake, landslide, or any earth movement. However, damage from the volcanic ash of a volcano often is.


8. Are you covered if your home gets damaged in a riot?

Again, living in Regina, the odds of your home getting damaged in a riot aren't that high, I mean, as long as the Rider's have a winning record. Generally you're covered for damage from a riot. 

9. Are you covered if an explosion damages your house?

Yes, you are covered for most damage to your house.....unless Dad was trying to be a hero this past Canada Day and exploded a part of your house, your insurance broker may have a few questions for you.

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