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Trusted Regina Financial Management Consultant John Barabe Discusses Inflation and Investments

John Barabe is a Trusted Regina Financial Management Consultant and he has an unwavering commitment to quality and service which has enabled him to build and retain a successful practice in Regina. He and his team of Regina financial professionals and support staff believe that planning with honesty and integrity are cornerstones to improving their clients' quality of life. He applies his knowledge to help clients make the right choices when considering all the product and service options that exist in today's marketplace. In his latest Trusted Regina financial expert article, he shares information on investment strategies and how to keep up with the pace of inflation. 

Do your Investments Keep Up with The Pace Of Inflation?

If you need $1000 per month for expenses and you have $1,000,000 in deposit accounts (for example a guaranteed investment certificate, term deposit, or savings account) earning 1.2% you are set, right? Well, if inflation is 2% the expenses will increase from $12,000 to $14,628 in 10 years and to $17,831 in 20 years. Your investment falls short of the income you need so you end up spending your original capital to make up the shortfall. 

What you need is a return that will allow you to draw an income that keeps up with the cost of living.  

Let’s simplify further with an example of the poor current deposit account returns:

In 1991 $150,000 invested in one year GIC’s earned enough to purchase a new Ford.

In 2011 $150,000 invested in 1 year GIC’s earned enough to purchase the same 1991 Ford.

Despite record low interest rates, you still need an income from your investments. If your investment return is coming from a guaranteed deposit account currently, you may not even be keeping up with inflation.  

What if there were a way to get a better return, a reasonable return, and still remain low risk? 

Unfortunately many people that need income for retirement or even just an investment return that is reasonable are not getting this direction.  I will provide you with access to unique methods to reduce risk, while allowing you the returns you deserve with the objective of maximizing your returns. I want to assure you there are investment strategies that can outpace inflation and provide you with reasonable retirement income. 

I thank you for reading this article and would like to offer you a value-added service for your time. I will make myself available to act as a sounding board. Please understand, you do not need to become a client to take advantage of this service. The reason I do this is because I became a financial advisor to help people make informed choices with their financial future. It’s very gratifying. One of two things typically occurs when going through this process; either I validate for you that your current approach is fundamentally solid, or I reveal a few minor flaws that you might want to consider adjusting.  As you know, minor adjustments can often lead to major improvements down the road. Either way, I will make myself available and ensure that this is a great investment of your time.

John Barabe, Madison Schenher and team.

John Barabe  is a Trusted Regina Financial Management Consultant

Trusted Regina Insurance Provider Campbell & Haliburton Insurance Discuss Buying Insurance Online

Trusted Regina Insurance experts at Campbell and Haliburton Insurance  have been in the community for over 50 years. They know it is customer service and knowledge that counts when you are in need of an insurance company in Regina. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance,, dedicated insurance brokers in Regina can assist you with finding the plan that works best for you. In their latest Trusted Regina Insurance Tip, they share 10 things to know about buying insurance online in Regina.

10 Things to Know About Buying Insurance Online from Campbell & Haliburton

For years, decades even, purchasing insurance has followed the same basic formula. You or I realize that we need insurance. So what do we do? We book an appointment and meet with an insurance broker to let them know what we are looking for. They then help assess our needs and provide us with options. We purchase and presto! We are insured. 

But what about buying insurance online?

That model has worked well in the past, and for many of us, it continues to be our preferred means of choice.  There is something very comforting about talking with a professional who knows and understands our needs.

A growing number of us though, are looking for something different. Many of us turn towards the online option: banking online, ordering groceries online, doing our Christmas shopping online, and even shopping for cars online. So why not purchase home insurance online too?

Campbell & Haliburton Insurance, has launched a new online platform. This enables our customers to purchase some of the more common insurance products online from the comfort of their own homes. Are you looking for home insurance, tenant insurance, or condo insurance? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Most customers can obtain a quote and even have their policy issued instantly online. Are you a landlord needing insurance for a rented dwelling? You can do that too!

10 Things to Know About Buying Insurance Online from Campbell & Haliburton

But this is new and we get that. You have questions, we have answers! We have compiled a list of “Top 10 Questions About Buying Insurance Online”.

10. "How Does Buying Insurance Online Actually Work?

It’s actually quite easy! You simply go to our myCH online landing page and click on the “Get Started” link. You will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself, and your home. Don’t worry, none of it is too difficult or complicated. After all, we are in the business of making this as easy as possible for you! We use some neat state-of-the-art software that does some quick behind-the-scenes calculations which then provides you with a quote in real-time! You can customize it and make any changes that you need. Once you are ready to complete it, click on the purchase button, and voila! Your policy is issued.

9. "That Does Sound Easy - But, I'm a Bit of a Technophobe."

No problem! We have a live chat feature that is fully operated during regular business hours. If you have a question at any point along the way, just type it into the chatbox and one of our brokers will answer it right away! We don’t use automated chatbots, only real people, the best people! Suppose, you want to purchase a policy at 3:00 a.m.? You can certainly do so! The online tool is available 24/7. Our agents, however, are not. They need their sleep. But rest assured the next morning someone will get back to you and answer any questions you may have!

8. "Can I Make Changes Down The Road?"

Absolutely! If at any time, you want to take a look at your policy or make changes, you can do that within your own self-serve pocket account. Simply log into your pocket account to view or make changes to your policies!

7. "I Did This Online, But Can I Still Call in if I Have Questions?"

Yes, most definitely! You can either chat, email, call or stop by the office! We will accommodate whatever is the most convenient for you. Just because you purchased online doesn’t mean that you can’t call in! At Campbell & Haliburton we are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

6. "How Can I Pay?"

We’ll make buying insurance online as easy as possible for you. Do you want to pay monthly or once per year? Both are options. Credit card? No problem! Directly from your bank account? Yes, you can do that too! To keep you as safe as possible, all of the payments are made through a secure payment portal.

5. "Is Online Legit?"

Buying insurance online is completely 100% legitimate and completely above board. We made sure of this before we launched it! At present, there are a couple of different insurance companies that are available through this platform: both SGI CANADA and Exhale Insurance are set up to provide quotes. We hope to have some of our other partners on board in the coming months. Stay tuned!

4. "What About My Business? Can I Purchase Online Insurance?" 

Yes and no. At present this platform is only available for home, condo, and tenant insurance. But we can certainly assist you with your business! Just call or email Campbell & Haliburton, we would be pleased to assist you with whatever you need.

3. "My Insurance Situation is a Little Unique. Can You Still Help Me?"

Most certainly we can! Most home and tenant policies can be done online. But then there are some things that don’t quite fit into that box. Perhaps you are running a business from your home, or operating an Airbnb*? Or even breeding magical unicorns? No problem! We’ve seen just about everything that there is to see and can insure most of it. (Okay, we are having some difficulty in obtaining unicorn insurance, but hopefully someday soon!) Just because it can’t be done online doesn’t mean we can’t do it at Campbell & Haliburton! Likely we can. Just contact us by phone or email and we’ll see what we can do!

*If you are doing any sort of home business or renting out any portion of your home including Airbnb, we recommend that you contact us right away.

2. "What About Car Insurance?"

Not at present. We are hopeful that you will be able to purchase an extension auto policy through this platform soon! But for now, if you need an auto insurance quote please contact us and we can assist you with whatever you need.

1. "Can I Get a Puppy if I Buy Insurance Online?"

Sure! Why not? We recommend that ALL of our clients get puppies! Oh, wait. Did you mean would we give you a puppy? No, sorry, we can’t. But we would love to see pictures of any of your pets!

If you don’t have an insurance broker and want to talk to someone who is truly passionate about your rental dwellings, contact us at Campbell & Haliburton Insurance. We would love to talk to you.

- Daryl Arendt, Office Manager & Licensed Insurance Broker

Our Trusted Regina Insurance Agents at Campbell & Haliburton have your best interests and safety in mind and our commitment to customer service is one of the pillars of our business. We also know insurance inside and out, so please contact us for all of your insurance needs and we will be more than happy to help ensure what you value most is protected. >

Campbell & Haliburton's doors opened in 1957.  Since then, they have seen run-away inflation, recessions, and now, a global pandemic.  Through it, all their doors have remained open as they are committed to providing outstanding service to you.  No matter what the next years and decades bring they have committed to continue to stay open to serve you.

They offer many different insurance policies to protect the most important areas of your life including:

Campbell & Haliburton is a Trusted Regina Insurance Broker

Trusted Regina Financial Management Consultant John Barabe Discusses Boom and Bust

John Barabe  is a Trusted Regina Financial Management Consultant and he has an unwavering commitment to quality and service which has enabled him to build and retain a successful practice in Regina. He and his team of Regina financial professionals and support staff  believe that planning with honesty and integrity are cornerstones to improving their clients' quality of life. He applies his knowledge to help clients make the right choices when considering all the product and service options that exist in today's marketplace. In his latest Trusted Regina financial expert article he shares a Boom and Bust Report! 

Boom Bust Report

August 2021

I am sending this out as material information to keep everyone informed. This is not a solicitation for any investment. This is only meant to provide perspective and update you as best as I can from the extensive ongoing research that I do.




We live in interesting times. In history there have been bubbles; however, they used to be contained to a region or asset. The Dutch Tulip Bubble (1630’s), South Sea Bubble (1720), 1929 crash, and more recently the 2000 Dot Com Bubble and the 2008 U.S. Housing bubble to name a few. But none of these engulfed the entire world. Fast forward to today. By nearly any metric, the stock markets are now at highs never seen before. 

How is this possible? 

Companies are shut down, closing stores and offices, or running way below capacity due to an inability to bring in workers and customers staying home.

Bond prices are also in the stratosphere. Since when do negative interest rates make any sense? This is the epitome of a bubble. Negative interest rates are only possible when investors overpay so much for a bond, that they are guaranteed to lose money. Interest rates around the world are either near, at, or below zero. Thus, loans are super cheap as interest rates are the lowest in human history (because bonds are the highest priced in history). 


To complete the “everything” bubble, we must include real estate. Real estate prices are a factor of the affordability of the monthly payment. Even though real estate prices are extremely high, payments are still affordable due to the lowest interest rates in history. Recent increases in housing are now eclipsing payment affordability despite the record low rates. If rates were “normal”, housing prices would have to be much lower.

The bubble is not limited to stocks, bonds, and real estate. There are other signs of a bubble. Intangible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT-digital record of ownership), empty canvasses, non-existent music and most recently a woman’s intangible “love” have been priced in the many thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! Really? 


Wondering what an NFT is? 

In order to really understand an NFT on an intangible asset, I will equate it to a tangible asset like a house. With an NFT you own a document that says you own the “house”. But anyone else can own the house as well (digital copy is identical to the original) and the masses can and have downloaded your house exactly as you did. The only difference is you paid a fortune for the ownership document. See the following example.


A digital artist named Mike Winkelmann sold his NFT (of the below image ) for US $69 million!! 

What did the buyer get? Anyone can still view “Beeple’s” original and even make exact copies of it at no cost. $69 million just does not buy what it used to. In my mind the buyer bought nothing.

There is evidence of a major bubble, now well known as the everything bubble (do your own search of the “everything bubble”). We know logic would have us buy low and sell high. When we buy high, we reduce our potential for return and increase our downside exposure (increase risk). The masses buy high and sell low despite this logic. Success secret: do the opposite. 


Regardless of the evidence that stocks, bonds, and real estate are in a bubble, there are still great opportunities for your life savings. Being aware of the dangers allows you to protect yourself and even profit from the opportunities they provide. 


I hope you are enjoying the remaining summer as we all know too well what comes next. If you have any questions, or just want to catch up, please feel free to touch base by email, phone or with an in-office appointment. 



John Barabe, Madison Schenher and team.



5 and 6

Earlier this month, the Italian artist Salvatore Garau sold Nothing for a mere €15,000 ($22,000) – making him an underachiever extraordinaire at a time when Nothing is sacred, and people are clamouring to pay millions for it.

“You do not see it but it exists; it is made of air and spirit,” Mr. Garau said of his “immaterial sculpture,” titled Io Sono. “It is a work that asks you to activate the power of imagination.” And yet, if he had been financially savvy, he would have issued an NFT, a non-fungible token, for the work. Back in March, a digital artist named Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, sold a digital collage as an NFT – not some physical artifact, but just a spritz of bits attesting to a kind of ownership-adjacent non-ownership. Anyone can still view Beeple’s original and can make exact copies at no cost. The buyer spent US$69-million.




11   According to BMO, home buyers must have a minimum 5% down payment for homes worth less than $500K. For homes between $500K and $1M, home buyers must have at least 5% for the first $500K and 10% for the remaining amount. For homes worth more than $1M, home buyers must have a minimum 20% down payment.

12 Ninepoint presentation July 21, 2021 slides 10 and 11. 

13  well done research that details how the world used gold/silver for most of history. The reserve currency misinformation chart that is used wide spread. Less to do with reserve currency and more to do with fiat. 



The opinions expressed within this article/communication are those of the Financial Advisor and are not necessarily those of Keybase Financial Group Inc. Any data provided is for illustration purposes only. Clients and prospective clients should always read a product prospectus and fully understand all of the risks associated with the product before purchasing. Any information relating to the discussion of taxation issues is considered to be only general in nature. Clients should seek a qualified tax professional to discuss their specific tax requirements.


Third party publications are not prepared by Keybase Financial Group Inc. The opinions, estimates and projections contained in the publication are those of the author as of the date indicated and are subject to change without notice. Keybase Financial Group Inc. makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, in respect thereof, takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions which may be contained therein and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss arising from any use of or reliance on the report or its contents. The provision of this publication is not to be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation for or an offer to buy any securities.


Keybase Financial Group Inc. is a member of the MFDA and is a member of the MFDA IPC.


Trusted Regina Franchise Owner Bonnie Day Shares Tip's on Avoiding Dangerous Scams When Selling a Vehicle Online.

Tip's on Avoiding Dangerous Scams When Selling a Vehicle Online.

In our latest tip Bonnie Day, owner of the directory shares her thoughts on scams we should all try to avoid. 

As the owner of Trusted Regina, I have gained a level of skepticism much higher than most mere mortals. I frequently examine businesses to see if they are trustworthy and look for red flags as part of what we do on a daily basis.  So it would come as no surprise that I would utilize this superpower to ensure that I am not having the proverbial wool pulled over my eyes. 

Recently I listed my Harley Davidson for sale.  I carefully gathered the information, mileage, maintenance on the vehicle and any extras that I had added to the bike.  Took great images and prepared to sell.  I decided on two places to post to the world what a wonderful specimen my bike was in hopes that a savvy buyer would love and appreciate it as much as I have.  I then took it to the masses and posted it on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace.  

This wasn't the first motorcycle I had placed for sale online so I knew that scammers would likely pop up as I have experienced in the past.   Within ten minutes of posting the first one came in, it was pretty easily identifiable as a scam. The second one, however, was much more interesting... But we will get to that later, for now, let's address the first one.

Enter Scammer #1 Paul Martins - Deployed overseas PayPal Scam

Paul contacted me stating: 

"I read through your advert and from what I have seen it's priced favourably compared to others so I want you to consider it sold to me because I am ready to buy it for the asking price and Presently I am out of town on duty in a remote area. Our phones have been disabled from voice calls as making phone calls is against the code of ethics of my job Military. I work in the army services civil contractor for the D.O.D field artillery unit and won’t be back until November 30th,  otherwise I would have called you.

So,I am ready to seal the deal right away and pay you via my PayPal account that is attached to my bank account as it is the only secure form of payment that I have access to right now.

So, kindly get back to me with your full name and PayPal email address and your cell phone number along with your final asking price so that I can initiate the payment immediately. If you don't have a PayPal account, it is absolutely free to set one up, kindly visit A shipper will be hired that will come for the pick-up upon the completion of the payment aspect of the transaction. Let me have the requested details to proceed with the payment if we have a deal.TY "

Let's break it down, Paul has access to the internet and initially contacted me via text from a 615 area code... Nashville Tennessee USA, I am in Canada.  If Paul was an active serving member as he claims he would be allowed to use cell phones for an hour or two per day in barracks, enforced not by the military itself, but by specialized subscriptions from telecoms providers, so he wouldn't have been able to text me from his "disabled" phone in the first place.  Also a little common sence works here:  If a service member is lucky enough to have his personal phone and send a text while deployed overseas he certainly isn't using it to text me about a Motorcycle he can't ride until after November.  I know my bike is amazing but it isn't that amazing!

Paul is trying to portray himself as someone I can trust, he has put himself in a role that is meant to instantly reduce your level of skepticism after all Service members are trustworthy right.  

Paul goes further He is going to give me the full asking price and send me the money via PayPal... a secure source of payments right.  In addition, Paul has conveniently given me the link to start up a PayPal account just in case I didn't have one.  He is also going to hire a shipper to come and pick up the bike.  Paul has red flags everywhere. 

A scammer, posing as a buyer, will fail to negotiate. They may ask a few standard questions to appear to be a legitimate buyer, but this is a facade. Most buyers will ask very specific questions.  The “immediate offer” is a classic scamming tactic.  Of course, it’s never ideal to settle for less than your asking price. 

But a buyer that doesn’t even attempt to negotiate or ask questions is most likely a scammer.  

The PayPal detail is important.  Paul has likely sent me a "fake link"  that sends me to a website that looks identical to PayPal but it is not!  Now if I had entered in all of my details to this fake website Paul would have all of my information: Name, Address, Credit card information and so on; essentially all of the stuff I don't want Paul to have. 

The other trick Paul may be attempting here is that the PayPal site and information is accurate however when Paul pay's me he is going to overpay me.  The “overpay” scam has several variations. In this one, the scammer will offer to pay you via PayPal or a similar service. Then, they will claim they accidentally overpaid you. The scammer will forward you a fake PayPal confirmation email as proof of payment, then ask you to wire them back the amount they overpaid. The trick is that they never paid you in the first place. But you actually paid them when you send them the “difference” they “overpaid.”  

Enter Scammer #2 Richard - VIN SEARCH SCAM ALERT

Richard sent me a text asking if the vehicle was still for sale and other normal buyer questions. 

  • How long have you had it?  
  • Can I come by tomorrow at 2 pm to see it?  
  • Can you provide me with a Motor Vehicle Report?  

It was an out of province number but that is not overly alarming in and of itself.  So I replied sure 2 pm works and sent him a VIN search from SGI showing that it was free and clear of any accidents.

Richard wasn't ok with the SGI VIN search and insisted that I run the VIN on a website he sent  

For me, this was a reg flag so I figured I would have a look.  I check out the website where it asks me to pay $26.00 to run a VIN number via credit card.  Sadly for Richard I'm cheap and had already run a clear VIN search for him and was unwilling to pay the $26.00 however I offered to reduce the amount of the search if he purchased the bike.  

Richard then started to get aggressive and said 

"I want it ran on registeryourvin,  I don’t trust people."

 At this point, I had figured out that Richard was a scammer, but I wanted to see where he would go with it. I decided to offer a compromise. I suggested to Richard that I run a VIN search on Carfax or a site of MY choosing. I told him that people are scamming sellers in this exact way and, dear Richard, I don't trust people either.  Richards reply was short:

I want registeryourvin report!

Sorry Richard I am NOT going to give you my name, address and credit card information so that you can steal from me.

The point is even if a buyer initially seems legitimate, at some point you need to trust your judgment even if something small appears strange.  It's not strange for a buyer to request a VIN search.  In fact, I initially thought that this made him a serious buyer.  But his insistence on where this VIN was run was what set off my alarm bells.   Here are some tips to look for when avoiding these types of scams.  


Here are some tips to avoid being scammed when selling online.

#1 -  Guard your personal information.  Never enter your personal or credit card information on a website a potential buyer has sent you! It may appear real but in all likelihood, it is NOT and they want to steal your money, identification or both.

#2 - Profile the buyer. If your buyer is legit — and reasonable — the sale will flow smoothly.  Exchanging text messages about buying a used car is normal these days, but push for a quick phone chat. As you talk with the potential buyer, pay attention to your intuition. If the buyer makes any unusual requests or if anything makes you uncomfortable, just wait for another buyer.

#3 - Never accept an offer to Ship the Bike/Car - This is a common scam anyone asking you or offering to ship an automobile is likely a scam and should be avoided. Even if they claim they are so “busy”, they’ll most likely insist you ship the bike. They’ll pay will a stolen credit card or send you a fake PayPal payment confirmation. 

#4 - Don't be overeager.  A real buyer will likely ask you questions about your vehicle and make you an offer that is below your asking price.  

#5 - Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment.  Some scammers will have a sob story or try and play on your heartstrings to convince you of their scam.  Think of it as a business transaction and nothing else.


If all else fails take your vehicle to a dealership or reputable Auto dealer and sell the vehicle to them.  

At Trusted Regina we share all kinds of tips to protect our community; we aim to ensure you have some peace of mind and information to help you.  



For Release - January 26th, 2021 at 10 am SASKATOON, SK  


S & E Trusted Online Directories is a multi-award-winning Saskatchewan marketing company headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Founded in 2011 by local award-winning entrepreneur Sara Wheelwright, it has a local online directory division, that includes and a licensed market in Regina operated by Bonnie Day, In addition there is a full serve marketing agency, . Our company focus is  supporting local businesses operated with integrity as a priority. 

FIX IT UP is owned by Brad Fekula and Dwayne Melcher. Brad has over a decade of marketing expertise at Cubbon Advertising, primarily dealing with Saskatchewan businesses. Dwayne is the owner of Melcher Media, a previous Trusted Regina website company and a highly respected Saskatchewan tech agency specializing in software and virtual reality (VR) development.  The Fix It Up software allows consumers  a convenient and reliable way to save time and money when looking for a local quote. The FIX IT UP quote software was created by the developers at Melcher Media to revolutionize the way quotes are provided. 


In 2020 Trusted and FIX IT Up entered into a mutually beneficial legal partnership agreement with the view to providing more support to local businesses in Saskatchewan.  On the surface the 2 companies may seem to be in competition as local web based directories; but in fact on closer inspection it became obvious that they instead complement each other's activities. They share a common goal, to   provide the best solutions and advertising value to their clients in the Saskatchewan services industry. 

The Trusted Directories partner with a select and restricted number of locally owned  businesses. These businesses fall into 40 specific categories and most are based  in and around  Saskatoon and Regina. These businesses are mostly service providers, and to become partners they must meet a unique set of standards, pass a Trusted qualification process, and sign a contract to commit to upholding specific standards of service ‘ The Trusted Guarantees’.  Trusted then promotes the partners individually and as part of  the ‘Trusted Community’. Essentially, we sell the Trusted Partners as our only ‘product‘ to the local marketplace via a comprehensive marketing campaign - including, but not limited to,  billboards, radio, social media, CPC campaigns, event marketing, sponsorship, and more. This gives the partners significant exposure in their local marketplace, drives quality leads, and helps their SEO. Trusted also contributes time and money to help  the partners community support efforts, and the Trusted community holds each other accountable as a group of like minded, quality driven, locally owned businesses. 

FIX IT UP directories on the other hand, primarily provides a comprehensive quoting platform for local service providers in over 220+ categories. A detailed and industry specific online quoting system saves service providers significant time. In addition, to  build such a platform/feature on their own websites would be a significant cost that most service providers would not invest in. FIX IT UP businesses pay a very small lead fee, which they only pay if they are selected for a job they quote. The benefits for consumers and corporations is that they can provide all their information in one easy to use platform and await quotes from local service providers.  This is a managed process and also saves consumers time shopping around and the frustration of businesses not getting back to enquiries in a timely manner. 

The Trusted/FIX IT UP partnership involves the following elements:

1. Integration of  the FIX IT UP quote software into the Trusted Directories clouded database platform. 

This means that Trusted Partners will be able to receive detailed quotes from local consumers who want a Trusted local service provider. This saves the consumer time and as the partners have to respond in a timely fashion customers are not left ‘ hanging ‘ waiting for a reply. In addition they can request a quote at their convenience as our platform is open for business 24/ 7 !

A bonus for the Trusted partners, is that the quote link and landing page is unique to each business. This means they will not be competing with other businesses in their category that are signed up as a FIX IT UP provider.

See a listing example here: 

2. Trusted Saskatoon & Regina Partners who are listed on Fix It Up will be highlighted as Trusted on Fix It Up.

This differentiates Trusted Partners and recognizes the steps they have taken to invest in their integrity.
It also shines a spotlight on their consistent high standards of quality work and customer service and gives them an advantage in the selection process.

3. FIX IT UP operates on a ‘ typical online directory model’.
They aim to sign up as many businesses as possible and charge a very small fee per lead.  After staffing and development costs this does not allow for much capital to invest in local marketing to drive consumers to use the platform, especially when it comes to mass media like print, broadcast or billboard.  

The Trusted Directories model is different, they charge more for an annual fee and severely restrict the number of businesses in each category to offer much more individual promotion, marketing value, and personalized service for their partners. They appreciate the quality of the FIX IT UP quoting software and in return for integration they are committed to promoting the feature and their FIX IT UP Partnership as part of their ongoing marketing strategy in the cities they serve . 

The owners of Trusted and FIX IT UP believe that local businesses like themselves should actively seek out collaboration opportunities in order to become more successful. We appreciate each other’s strengths, and we are proud to enter into a partnership as two established and recognized leaders in the Saskatchewan marketing industry. A community whose tech sector collaborates is a valuable asset to the province and we believe is crucial for the success of Sask tech as a whole. 

Support local and we all win!