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Trusted Regina Insurance Experts at Dusyk & Barlow Tip on Auto Insurance Coverage for Vehicles in Storage

Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all their clients. Their long-standing reputation in the community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their clients' insurance needs are met.

They are Trusted Regina insurance experts!

Do You Have Proper Auto Insurance Coverage For Vehicles In Storage? 

Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. has two locations in Regina, SK. They are family-based, locally-owned Insurance brokers who have been involved in the Saskatchewan insurance industry since 1936. Insurance products they offer include auto insurance, including Saskatchewan SGI motor licensing services, home insurancecondo insurancetenant insurancetravel medical insurancecommercial insurance, and bonding and surety services. Our latest article shares some important information about auto insurance for vehicles in storage.

Protecting Your Vehicle In Storage: Why Home Insurance May Not Be Enough

Your home is not just a place to live; it’s also where you store many valuable possessions, including your vehicle. If you have a garage, you might assume your vehicle is automatically covered by your home insurance while parked there. However, this isn’t always the case, especially in Saskatchewan. In this blog post, we’ll explore why your vehicle may not be covered by your home insurance when it’s in the garage, and we’ll discuss the importance of keeping your vehicle insured through your auto policy, even when it’s temporarily in storage.

Home Insurance and Vehicle Coverage

Home insurance is primarily designed to protect your home and its contents, not your vehicles. While it typically covers personal property, including items in your garage, it often has limitations regarding vehicles. In  Saskatchewan, home insurance may not extend coverage to your vehicle at all, even if it’s parked in the garage.

The Importance of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is specifically tailored to protect your vehicles, whether on the road or in storage. It provides coverage for various situations, including accidents, theft, vandalism, and damage that can occur in your garage or while your vehicle is parked. Even when your vehicle is not in use and temporarily stored, it’s crucial to maintain auto insurance coverage to safeguard your investment.

Auto Insurance While in Storage

In Saskatchewan, you can adjust your auto insurance coverage when your vehicle is unused. You can switch to a “storage” or “lay-up” policy, which is more cost-effective than standard coverage because it removes certain risks associated with active driving.

A storage policy typically covers:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: This protects your vehicle from non-driving-related incidents such as theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters.
  2. Limited Usage: Some storage policies allow for minimal usage, such as moving your vehicle within your property or to a repair shop.
  3. Theft and Vandalism Protection: Comprehensive coverage under a storage policy ensures your vehicle is protected against theft and vandalism even when parked in your garage.

The Consequences of No Auto Insurance Coverage For Vehicles In Storage

Failing to maintain adequate auto insurance coverage while your vehicle is in storage can have significant consequences. You may be left without financial protection if an unexpected event occurs, such as a break-in or a fire that damages your vehicle. Repairing or replacing a vehicle can be a substantial expense; without insurance, you would have to cover these costs out of pocket.

While it may be tempting to assume that your home insurance covers your vehicle when it’s parked in the garage, this is not always the case. To protect your vehicle from various risks, including theft, vandalism, and damage, it’s essential to maintain auto insurance coverage even when your vehicle is temporarily in storage. Consider switching to a storage policy to reduce costs while protecting your valuable assets. Remember, being proactive with your insurance coverage is the best way to secure your peace of mind and financial well-being.

If you would like additional information, a quote on insurance, or information about any insurance products we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us at either of Dusyk & Barlow’s locations.

 “Protecting What’s Important Since 1936”


Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all its clients. Their long-standing reputation in the Regina community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their client’s insurance needs are met.

CONGRATULATIONS Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers- Celebrating 10years as Trusted Regina Insurance Brokers



In this series of recognition articles, we continue to spotlight the businesses that have been Trusted Regina Partners for over ten years. Currently, we are recognizing the group of Partners that joined the Trusted Regina community in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing ten years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Regina and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes Dusyk & Barlow Insurance brokers.

 “Protecting What’s Important Since 1936”


Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all its clients. Their long-standing reputation in the Regina community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their client’s insurance needs are met.

Dusyk & Barlow are proud to have provided insurance services to Regina and area residents since 1936, that's for over 87 years! The team prides itself on providing superior customer service and maintaining its reputation as a trusted and reliable locally-owned and operated Regina insurance business for the next 80 years! Their success is powered by their team of insurance experts, who take the responsibility of protecting you and your family very seriously. They live and breathe insurance and want to make sure you have peace of mind knowing your home, business, and family are adequately insured for all of life’s circumstances. 

Dusyk & Barlow has access to eight different insurance providers. This means that all the company’s brokers must constantly keep themselves up to date on what each insurer provides. Through Dusyk & Barlow’s website, clients can access many SGI services and obtain home insurance quotes. Their decades of experience prove particularly valuable for that purchasing insurance for commercial endeavours. The Regina brokers work with clients to determine what they feel they need to have insured versus how much risk they could feel comfortable assuming for themselves. Another bonus for Dusyk & Barlow’s commercial clients is that the company is licensed to provide insurance in all western provinces from B.C. to Manitoba. This is particularly valued by clients who open a business in Saskatchewan and later expand into other western provinces. 


A quick Google and you will see many online reviews; the customer feedback is consistently excellent. They have many loyal clients who have been Dusyk & Barlow Insurance clinets for generations.

What Their Clients Say...

"I have gone to Dusyk and Barlow for 10 years, for all my home, auto, and rental property insurance needs. Amazing brokers who always works to find the best options for me, and all the staff are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable." A.J- Google

" All staff are very pleasant and easy to understand. When ever I need something, Jenna or another coworker goes over and above my expectations. Super convenient location! Have been with for about nine years and will stay as long as I'm in SK. Nice to see some businesses still have that personal touch." - Kevin Gwillim, Google

A word from Stephen Barlow

"We’re there to answer questions and make sure the client knows what to expect and what to do. We make sure the client is fully aware of how the process works and that they are doing everything right. We’d rather you ask a question now than after something happens and find out that something could have been done. We want to educate our customers, so they know exactly what they are getting. It may not always be the answer the client is looking for, but they can be assured when they leave here, they’ve got the proper information,” says Stephen. “It has served us well and still does going forward.”

    A word from Sara, the Trusted Regina founder, about her personal experience with Dusyk & Barlow Insurance.

"Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers have been the Insurance brokers for Trusted for over ten years, and I have found the staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and super helpful. Stephen, Rob, Kendrick and the management team lead by example; they are a pleasure to deal with as clients and as a customer. This local family owned company has a huge heart and I am impressed with their ongoing commitment to supporting the Regina community. Dusyk & Barlow Insurance sponsor many local community initiatives, and in addition, they hold an annual pancake breakfast every summer, which started in 2011 and their Four Weeks of Christmas Cheer, where they choose four different local non profits /causes to contribute time and funds to over the Christmas season." - Sara Wheelwright 

Thank you for TRUSTING us, Stephen, Rob, Kendrick and the team at Dusyk & Barlow. The company has provided ten years of AMAZING insurance service to the people of Regina & area as a Trusted Regina Insurance Partner. We are proud to support you and to share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service. 

TrustedRegina Partners are committed to supporting the local community -The Penny Project is committed to giving back to the community and Trusted directories parent company S & E Trusted Online Directory has donated over $18,000 so far to local non-profits since launched May 31st, 2012 ..this is a large amount for a small home-based business just into its 2nd year of business...but the Trusted team believes it is the right thing to do and we are committed to continue to give generously always..and to help the people of the cities we service- that why we are the only directories that work for you ..all of you!  

Our Trusted Regina Partners as a group seem to have the same idea and many have made many small, large and ongoing commitments to hundreds of small local non-profits in Regina and Saskatoon as well as some of the larger fundraising initiatives going on that get a lot of media attention...the big one in Regina right now is for Habitat for Humanity Regina - which is close to our Trusted founder Sara Wheelwright's heart, as the $1000 Trusted committed to the Womans Build was the first Trusted Regina donation ever ( read the blog here )!   

This time Habitat has partnered with  Newstalk 980 CJME for a Habitat build.

The Penny Project



CJME has teamed up with Habitiat For Humanity to make the soon-to-be expired pennies REALLY COUNT! We have a goal of collecting 10 MILLION pennies from Regina and surrounding communities!

10,000,000 Pennies = $100,000 = A HOME for a Regina Family in need… We Need YOUR HELP! Make your pennies count!

You can drop them off in the barrels located any Trusted Regina Partner location below!

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THE PENNY PROJECT! It Just Makes Cents !

Thats ANOTHER reason to choose a business- they CARE about THEIR community


....and that another reason they have been .....


Trusted Regina Brags about DUSYK & BARLOW a Trusted REGINA INSURANCE Broker works for YOU the public. We work extremely hard to find the Trusted businesses we feature on the Regina Directory and we do all the running around and checking on those businesses so YOU don't have to other directory OR service out there offers the public the unique service that we do at Trusted and we take our job very seriously.

Our latest Trusted Regina Insurance partner stands together with us and certainly deserves their place in the ranks of Trusted Regina we tell you about Dusyk & Barlow and why they belong on the REGINA DIRECTORY of Trusted Businesses.  

Dusyk & Barlow

Dusyk & Barlow is a locally owned and operated Regina insurance business where you know you will be taken care of by some who knows their stuff and who genuinely cares about you.In fact not only do they know insurance but both Rob Barlow (Albert Street office) and Stephen Barlow (University Park office) are actually part of the 4th generation of Barlows in the Regina Insurance industry!

Starting with Garnet Barlow back in 1936 the agency evolved along the way to include Brian Dusyk in 1993 leading to the current Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers of today. What does this mean for you? Well, it means if you need any kind of insurance for pretty much any kind of job, industry, or personal need, Dusyk & Barlow can help you find the right product and that they certainly have PLENTY of experience and will have pretty much handled any and all situations you could think of! They KNOW insurance and they also are dedicated and committed to providing the best possible service in a very personalized and professional manner.

The staff at both convenient locations are always ready with a smile and are willing to help you with whatever you need.


Dusyk & Barlow are Professional Regina Insurance Brokers You Can Trust ...It’s a reputation they've built in the Saskatchewan community, based on honest, reliable, personalized service to their clients. They have a commitment to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all that they do and their goal is to establish a relationship of mutual trust with each of their clients.

Their Aims are laid out on their website for all to see :

  1. To provide you with the very best service.
  2. To reduce gaps in coverage.
  3. To reduce your insurance cost.

Their objectives are :

  1. to be honest and fair in all our dealings,
  2. to be interested in people and their problems,
  3. to treat our clients’ needs as though they were our own.


Let this family Regina insurance business look after your family's insurance needs!

Check out their listing HERE  in the REGINA INSURANCE Category and read what their clients said about them!

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South Location


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