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Dust N Shine Trusted Regina Cleaning Service Recommend 6 Things You Should Clean More Frequently

Dust N Shine  Cleaning Services is proud to be a family-owned business serving Regina and the surrounding area. Their team will provide professional service and treat your home or business as if it were their own. In their first Trusted Regina cleaning tip they share 6 things you should clean more frequently! 



 6 Things You Should Clean More Frequently


Staying Covid, cold and flu-free this season comes down to a few simple tactics: 

  1. First, get a flu shot. 
  2. Second, steer clear of co-workers who hit the office sniffling and coughing. 
  3. And third, know the places where viruses and bacteria tend to hang out and how to properly clean these things—so you can drastically reduce your odds of accidentally buying yourself a week in bed with body aches and a fever. 

Germ Expert Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, scouted out the top places germs lurk and how to zap their numbers.

1. A Shared Computer

Anything that gets a lot of direct contact with hands and fingers tends to have a scarily high concentration of germs, and all it takes for you to contract something is touching the mouse or keyboard and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Even if it’s only used occasionally by one or two people in your household, wipe it down before each use with an alcohol-based towelette designed for cleaning electronics, says Gerba.

2. The Refrigerator Door

Whether it’s in your home or the one in the office break room, this handle gets a lot of play all day, says Gerba. And if there are even microscopic bits of food on it, bacteria and viruses can feed and multiply. Once a week (or daily if someone in your household is sick), rub a disinfectant wipe up and down the entire length of it, especially in any tiny grooves. “A disinfectant spray works too, but studies show that the disinfectant from the wipe stays on the surface longer, so it’s more effective,” says Gerba. “With a spray, we tend to wipe it away quickly with a paper towel rather than let it sit and kill bugs.”

3. The Inside of Your Car

Run a disinfectant wipe over your vehicle dashboard weekly, which accumulates germs thanks to the heater or AC blowing them there, says Gerba. Cup holders are also germ hangouts, thanks in part to the food residue you can’t even see. “If you have a child car seat, wipe that down, too, because kids are always sick and touching various parts of it,” says Gerba.

4. Your Remote Control

You’ve heard reports that these are crawling with germs in hotels. But even in your own house, it’s one of the germiest surfaces, says Gerba. Everyone touches it all the time, especially when they’re eating, and that leads to bacteria and virus growth. Give it a wipedown weekly with an alcohol-based electronics cleanser.

5. Your Purse

Not only are you constantly touching the handle or strap, but you end up leaving it on a dirty restroom floor or store counter more than you think, and these areas have huge germ traffic. When you bring your bag into your house, you risk spreading anything you’ve picked up to yourself or family members. Spray or wipe it daily (or whenever you use it) with a fabric-safe sanitizing spray and paper towel, and hang it on a hook when you’re home so microbes can’t be tracked through the rest of the house.

6. Your Cell Phone

Considering all the handling it gets via germy, food-laden hands and fingers, and the fact that food helps bugs thrive, it’s a miracle this device doesn’t actually grow mould. It’s begging for a weekly cleansing with an alcohol-based cleaner meant for digital devices, suggests Gerba

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Trusted Regina Maid Service and Home Cleaning experts share a tip on how to clean a microfiber couch

 TRUSTED REGINA home cleaning experts! 

Here they share a tip on how to clean a microfiber couch:















Lets face it, a dirty and stained mircrofiber couch is not attractive!

What you'll need:



Make sure you get a WHITE sponge and WHITE bristle brush so that there is no accidental color transfer onto the couch when you are scrubbing.  

Pour the rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle and SATURATE the stained area.
I know this seems counterintuitive, but rubbing alcohol evaporates much faster than water so it won't leave a water mark.  
Take your sponge and start scrubbing the area.  Don't be afraid to use all your muscles and scrub hard. You'll start to see the dirt coming off onto your sponge.
If your sponge get's really dirty before you are finished, switch it out for a new one to avoid rubbing old dirt onto clean areas.
Let the areas your sprayed dry. They will look darker than the rest of your couch and will feel kind of hard to the touch, but don't worry about it. That's what the bristle brush is for.  Once the couch is COMPLETELY dry, take your bristle brush and with swirling motions, refluff the areas you cleaned.


Does the alcohol smell make my couch smell like alcohol?

No. The room your couch is in will smell like alcohol or about 15 or 20 minutes but just ventilate the room as much as possible while you are cleaning and after.

How often can I do this to my couch?

Once per month.

It didn't get all the stains out. Why?

If you don't get it all out the first time, wait a day or 2 and clean it again. And don't forget to really scrub and REPLACE your sponge when it gets dirty. Otherwise you will just be rubbing old dirt onto new places.

Does this work on other colors (still microfiber)?


There is a ring were I sprayed the alcohol. Why?

More than likely you didn't scrub/dry that spot adequately. Remember even though the alcohol evaporates very quickly it is still a liquid. You want to saturate your area but not drench it.

If you are left with a ring, spray the area like you would a stain and scrub it out.

How soon can I sit on the couch after I clean it?

Once it dries and you use your brush to fluff it you can it on it.


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