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Trusted Regina welcomes Creek Construction a Trusted Regina Contractor

The Trusted Regina Directory team are pleased to welcome Creek Construction to the Regina directory of excellence!  You will find Creek Construction in our Regina Contractors, Exteriors & Roofing Category. 

Creek Construction might be new to Trusted Regina but they have been serving Saskatchewan for over 15 years and treat your home as the most important investment of your life!  Their services include custom kitchens and bathrooms, home renovations, home remodeling, a variety of siding services, window installation and more.

We had amazing reviews from their clients!  Here is what some of them had to say:

"We were so happy with Creek Construction.  Reza and his team are amazing.  They were there on schedule and worked with us to get everything we wanted accomplished. We had a difficult neighbor and Reza even went over to speak with her several times to ensure she was also happy.  So not only do I have a great renovation but my once difficult neighbor isn't difficult anymore" Courtney. Regina ,SK.

"Creek Construction went through great lengths to work with us and our budget I got what I wanted and the attention to detail was amazing"  Holly,  Regina,SK.

" We had a major kitchen renovation done and they gave us some great design ideas and the work was top notch.  We have used other contractors who I would rate as a 6 but Creek is a definite 10 out of 10."  John Anderson. Yorkton Sask

Creek Construction are dedicated members of our community and for every contract completed $100.00 is donated to the Regina Foodbank.

Creek Construction understands the value of your time. They come right to your home or farm to show you designs and samples, custom measure and provide an estimate.  Whatever your needs may be, Their professional contractors will keep you involved throughout the process, ensuring that project meets your specifications, down to the smallest detail. 

So the next time your in need of a  Regina Contractor you can trust contact Creek Construction.

See their feature listing by clicking here

Bathfitter Regina a Regina Bathroom expert's tip on Tub to Shower Conversion

A Bathroom Re-modeling Solution That Lasts a Lifetime...Done in Just One Day...Why spend tons of money - not to mention gruelling hours - on bathroom remodelling? Bath Fitter Regina offers all this, and absolutely outstanding will not be disappointed at any stage of the process ..from the friendly and welcoming receptionist, the knowledgeable and helpful sales staff, the efficient and talented the boss himself...they are all proud to do what they do, and strive to give you the best possible experience when choosing BATH FITTER.

Here they provide a Trusted Tip on the Regina Directory, they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS

Here they share a tip on Tub to Shower Conversion:

Converting a bathtub to shower allows more floor space and accessibility for people with mobility issues. We can even customize your shower with grab bars, shower seats, and accessible shower heads for maximum comfort and safety. For information on our tub-to-shower conversion process, visit

BATH FITTER offers custom-made acrylic bathtubs, bathtub enclosures, shower surrounds, and tub-to-shower conversions made of durable, long-lasting acrylic. We install our bathtub enclosures and shower surrounds in just a day!




Find BATHFITTER REGINA at 1743D Mc Ara Street , online Here or in the REGINA BATHROOMS Category on the Regina Directory...they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS!


Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen and bath Regina Bathroom store tip on choosing a Tub or Shower

 Choosing a Tub or Shower:

When choosing a tub or shower , you want a good quality product that will last.

Mirolin has many acrylic options in designs that will meet everyone’s needs. If you are looking for a free-standing tub, Mirolin has several models that are innovative and stylish. The Skye offers a fresh rectangular shape with a bit of flair making it a feature piece. The Merro is a more compact oval design and allows for a deck mount faucet.


Our Expert staff can assist you in finding the right size and shape to fit your space.

If a drop-in tub is what you are looking for we have several Mirolin tubs. The Chaise is a minimalist design with a slim line profile and is available with Whirlpool, air systems or combination systems. Our team can assist in choosing the system that is right for you.


Mirolin also offers several tub-and-shower combinations with walls in one piece units for new home construction or in sections for renovations. There are accessible options such as grab bars, like on the Parker models, that allow for a stylish yet safe tub-and-shower combination.


The Mirolin shower units offer simple streamlined shapes or you can choose models with lots of shelving and optional grab bars.

The Mirolin Free Living Series offers additional grab bars and seats to meet all of your current or future needs to create a safe and accessible bath or shower. You can be stylish and functional at the same time.



Bath Fitter a Trusted Regina Bathroom expert Celebrates 30 Years of Reinventing Bathroom Remodeling

A Bathroom Re-modeling Solution That Lasts a Lifetime...Done in Just One Day...Why spend tons of money - not to mention gruelling hours - on bathroom remodelling? Bath Fitter Regina offers all this, and absolutely outstanding will not be disappointed at any stage of the process ..from the friendly and welcoming receptionist, the knowledgeable and helpful sales staff, the efficient and talented the boss himself...they are all proud to do what they do, and strive to give you the best possible experience when choosing BATH FITTER.

Here they provide a Trusted Tip on the Regina Directory, they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS 

Bath Fitter Celebrates 30 Years of Reinventing Bathroom Remodeling:

Bath Fitter is proud to consolidate its position in the bathroom remodeling industry by celebrating this year its 30th anniversary. Bath Fitter is the premier one-day bath remodeling solution and a practical choice for anyone planning an affordable, premium quality bath renovation project.

Bath Fitter is committed to making bathroom renovation easy, simple, and enjoyable without compromising on quality or appearance. Featuring innovative acrylic bathtub liners, shower enclosures, and tub-to-shower conversions, the Bath Fitter bathroom remodeling products eliminate the need to rip out existing fixtures and are built to last a lifetime which means no need to replace them and less waste in landfills.


The Bath Fitter team takes care of every aspect of the project from initial consultation, design and coordination with the professionals to be involved, such as plumbers, to the installation. And its biggest advantage is quick delivery: the vast majority of Bath Fitter's installations are done in one day.

"We're very proud of our accomplishments during these past 30 years and for the recognition we have received for our quality, safety, service, and environmental conscientiousness," said Regis Rehel, Bath Fitter's President and CEO. "Our success is based on a combination of innovative products and solutions, a network of loyal franchise partners, and a dedicated team. We plan to expand our retail network to better cater residential remodeling projects as well as commercial ones, offering our unique solutions to those customers as well."


"Our goal is to improve the look and feel of a bathroom and earn the trust of our customers by being professional, consistent, and engaged with them throughout the remodeling project and after with our lifetime warranty," he added. "We differentiate ourselves with our value-based approach to bathroom remodeling needs and a consistent professional service to our customers."

Bath Fitter's unique, award-winning product line includes acrylic bathtubs, tub surrounds, shower bases and walls, domed ceilings, shower lines, tub and shower doors, a variety of color-matched accessories and wainscoting. New acrylic bathtubs are installed by Bath Fitter certified technicians and shower bases are custom molded and installed without disturbing existing plumbing, tiling, and flooring.


About Bath Fitter
Since 1984, Bath Fitter has been North America's leading manufacturer of acrylic bathtub liners, shower liners, and bathroom accessories. Bath Fitter products are manufactured in two ultra-modern facilities in Springfield, Tennessee, U.S and St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada. The growing company network includes corporate-owned and franchised retail locations. Expansion in Canada and the U.S. is anticipated due to a growing demand for affordable bathroom renovation solutions. Bath Fitter has remodeled more than one million bath tubs and showers in residential and commercial projects across North America.


Find BATHFITTER REGINA at 1743D Mc Ara Street , online Here or in the REGINA BATHROOMS Category on the Regina Directory...they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS! 



Trusted Regina experts share a tip on easy bathroom makeover ideas


This month at Decoist, we’ve featured a range of ideas for giving your home a fresh look in the new year. Last week we showcased an array of easy bedroom makeover ideas. Today we turn our attention to the powder room…

Are you planning a more detailed bathroom renovation? Next week we’ll present a checklist to guide you through a project of that magnitude. Today it’s all about the little things you can do to make a big difference. We’re talking about easy bathroom makeover ideas. From purchasing an exciting new product to engaging in a weekend DIY project, the possibilities are endless! Read on for details about how you can refresh your bathroom on any budget.

Create a New Look for the Walls


Let’s start with the walls. Since bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, a repainting project in this room doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. If you want to keep it simple, try painting an accent wall. Or get fancy with some decorative painting, as shown in the pink and red powder room below. [from Lonny]

                        Striped walls in a colorful bathroom

No time for painting? Instead of embellishing the wall, embellish your shower with a bold curtain. The result is similar to the effect of a patterned accent wall–instant style! [from A Beautiful Mess]

                                 Floral shower curtain

Another easy way to make a big impact on your wall is to add a bold piece of artwork. Try selecting a piece that serves as a strong contrast to the room, or choose a selection that reinforces the look of your space, as shown with the marble-style artwork below. [from LaRue Architects]

Add a New Piece of Furniture 


A new piece of furniture can change the look of your powder room and provide extra storage. Are you dealing with a small space? Try a small table that can hold items such as towels and flowers… [from Lonny] 

                       Wire table in an iris-themed bathroom

Wire furniture and accent pieces are all the rage this season. Not only can they add a dose of color and geometry, they are see-through, which makes them appear to take up less space than they actually do! One hot item to consider? The Wire Basket from ferm LIVING, which can be displayed as-is or capped with a smoked oak top and turned into a handy table.

                        Wire basket for storage and style

No room for furniture on the floor? Try mounting a piece on the wall. A towel rack is a great way to add function and style to your space. Select a piece that reinforces the look of your powder room. Got a modern bathroom? Go contemporary with your towel rack. [from A Sense of Style]

                Modern towel rack in a contemporary bathroom

Refresh Your Space with Greenery


An easy way to refresh your space? Add a plant! Sometimes one touch of greenery can make all the difference. If you have a windowsill, place a plant in this light-filled area. [from Lonny]

                               Topiary in the window

If you love the crisp, fresh look of your all-white bathroom but you want to add an accent without detracting from the spa-like vibe, try greenery! Plants can add color and texture without interrupting your color scheme of choice. In the posh powder room below, there’s a glass shower, a chic tub and a chaise lounge. But it’s the plants that serve as true focal points. [from EuroCraft Interiors]

                Greenery in a contemporary bathroom

No counter space for a pot of succulents? Try a plant stand that takes up little space on the floor! This plant stand from ferm Living is constructed of iron with powder coating and features a tripod base…

                                  Modern plant stand

Change up Your Accessories


Another easy way to give your bathroom a new look is to refresh your accessories. Buy some new bath towels, and color-coordinate them with other items, such as a decanter and a decorative storage box… [from Lonny]

                    Refreshing blue bathroom accessories

If you were previously holding back on bold colors, try making a big statement with a vivid hue such as red. Pay attention to the background colors of your space as you select accent shades to complement the room. For example, colors such as red and yellow are ideal for black and white spaces. [photo by Gordon King Photography for Georgina Godin, via Houzz]

                   Red accents in a black and white bathroom

These Rubber Coated Orange Bath Accessories from CB2 are an affordable way to add vibrancy to your powder room. Bathroom accessories are practical, and we all need them. Why not have a little fun with these pieces? Coordinate your soap pump, canister and toothbrush in a vivid shade of red-orange…

                            Red-orange bath accessories

Give Your Medicine Cabinet a Makeover


Time to get practical. Really practical! If you go to the trouble of giving your powder room a makeover as you strategically arrange items such as bath products and wall art, shouldn’t you make sure your space is well-organized?… All of your hard work in the decorative realm shouldn’t be overshadowed by stray grooming products falling from medicine cabinet shelves every time you slide open that mirrored door. [from Lonny]

                          Bathroom with a medicine cabinet

Now is a great time to remove products you don’t need and organize the ones that remain. Toss old grooming items and transfer products from unsightly bottles to sleek containers, such as glass jars. A little effort can make a big difference, putting a smile on your face as you get ready for the day each morning and wash your face before bed each night. [from Grand Woodworking]

                            Organized medicine cabinets

The same strategy applies to bathroom closets and drawers. In addition to organizing your items, try jazzing up the inside of cabinets and compartments with a coat of paint or some colorful contact paper. It’s like unleashing a little ray of sunshine every time you open the drawer… [from De Meza + Architecture]

Colorful bathroom drawers



A new shower curtain. A potted plant. A handy towel rack. A fresh soap pump. An organized drawer. It’s the little things that make a big difference in your powder room. Give your bathroom a makeover for the new year and enjoy creating a rejuvenating space that’s as stylish as it is functional!






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