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Trusted Tips & Resources

Want your dream Kitchen for Christmas? Our Trusted Regina Partner Creek Construction can make your wish come true.

With over 15 years of experience, you can rest assured that Creek Construction will provide you with the outstanding customer service that you deserve. Creek Construction are a Trusted Regina Contractor specializing in Kitchen and Bath.

New Kitchen for Christmas?

Christmas is once again just around the corner. The holidays are a magical time where it feels like anything can happen! Are you searching for the perfect gift for your spouse? A custom, quality built kitchen by Creek Construction could be just the thing!

Creek Construction has one spot left for a kitchen remodel ready in time to carve the turkey!

Or an amazing surprise alternative, you can book to be first on the list in the new year and they will create a certificate for you to put under the tree complete with paint chips, cabinet and countertop samples.

When you hire Creek Construction for your kitchen renovation you don't have to worry about anything other than your colors and personal taste preferences.  Whether a wall needs to be removed, the floor leveled, a window moved, a wall re-insulated, plumbing or electrical-- we take care of it all! We even have a designer and engineer on board to help you bring your dream kitchen to reality.

Call us today for a free consult at 306-591-0600 or on our website. 

Creek Construction understands the value of your time. They come right to your home or farm to show you designs and samples, custom measure and provide an estimate.  Whatever your needs may be, Their professional contractors will keep you involved throughout the process, ensuring that project meets your specifications, down to the smallest detail. 

So the next time your in need of a  Regina Contractor you can trust contact Creek Construction.

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Our Trusted Regina Drapery expert gives us a tip on how to hang drapery on all window styles.

Trusted Regina Window Coverings and Blinds Experts  

How to hang drapery on all window styles.

There's no shame in admitting that some interior décor ideas are not as clear as others. Turns out, we could all use some ideas on how to hang drapery, so here is some advice from your window styling expert.

Where we begin: Consider the length and width of the fabric. We want to hang your drapes about 1/4-1/2” off the floor so they don't collect dust and dirt. This draws the eye up, making the room feel larger. For heavier fabrics, like linen, we add another 1/4- to 1/2-inch of spacing, as they will stretch over time.

When it comes to width, you want your drapery to look full - not like a flat sheet - when closed, so we suggest the width of the fabric should be one and a half to two times wider than the window you are covering.

Got all that?

On to drapery hardware! 

A properly installed drapery pair can make or break a room, so take heed: Our installers ensure that the rod is completely straight and level. If your rod is long, we use three brackets to secure it. If we are not screwing into a wall stud, we use a good wall anchor. Then, we hang the top of your drapery fabric against the bottom edge of your rod. Ta-da!

While proper installation is relatively straightforward for square windows, certain special cases can be tricky, that is why we offer professional installation for all your drapery purchases.