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Older A/C units are getting more costly to repair and maintain with the Freon R22 phase out. Our Trusted partner explains why and what you can do.

Colin and Jason, the owners of Universal Plumbing and Heating Inc are proud to call Regina, Saskatchewan home, and they really pride themselves on offering the best possible customer service experience! The Canadian HVAC industry is notorious for bad service, and the guys at Universal started their company with the intention to do everything possible to create a good, solid reputation! They are in demand from both home owners and home builders alike.

Universal Pluming & Heating Inc are Trusted Regina Air Conditioning & Furnace professionals.

Whether you need a new system or your old system hasn’t been serviced in a while. We can help. We install new, service and maintain all makes of cooling systems. 

If you system is 8 years or older you are probably using a system that is less efficient than the new models. Older units using R22 refrigerant is being phased out and being replaced with R410 refrigerant  which is more environmentally friendly. 

January 1, 2020 - annual allowable amount of HCFCs reduced by 99.5% .. No new HCFC equipment to be manufactured or imported. Almost 100% of residential and commercial air conditioning equipment (excluding large air conditioning systems called chillers) have traditionally operated on HCFC-22 (R-22).

The majority of the HCFC phase-out impact from a standpoint of refrigerant availability (e.g. R-22) will be felt.  75% of the current annual Canadian supply of HCFC refrigerants have been eliminated from the marketplace and R-22 equipment will not be manufactured or imported.

Higher repair cost will be incurred with older system using R22 and some models parts are no longer available. 

From manufacturers to distributors to HVACR contractors, nobody will be unaffected by the R-22 phaseout and the other numerous refrigerant changes and innovations that occur in 2016.

All new systems we sell are R410A and we have have overstock of A/C units purchased when the price was lower! With a hot and dry summer predicted call us for a free quote!

If you are looking for Air conditioning and Furnace contractors you can trust in Regina, look no further than Universal Plumbing & Heating Inc. Call them today to book your service call or install! 

Trusted Regina Home Builder Emerald Park Homes featured on CTV News Morning Live

Emerald Park Homes takes great pride in their workmanship, and have some of the finest tradesmen in the industry working together with them to create quality homes. Their focus is: "Our Quality Shows” and if you drive around the communities of White City / Emerald Park located just 8 minutes east of Regina on the #1 Highway, you will see signs on the lots available for your custom designed Emerald Park Home.

Put 20 years of experience in home building to work for you! Emerald Park Homes are TRUSTED REGINA & REGION HOME BUILDERS and they are experts in their industry.

Trusted Regina Home Builders Emerald Park Homes- Regina's first Holmes approved home builder

Emerald Park Homes Ltd.  invites you to watch the April 22nd segment of #‎CTVNews Morning Live with Lorena Sawchyn & Matt Dominguez of #‎BetterHomesandGardenRealty speaking about the #‎HolmesApprovedHomes Program at the showhome at 38 Bower Drive, White City.

After 25 years of building custom homes, and 35 years in the construction industry, we are very proud to be a Trusted Regina, Holmes Approved Builder, not only building houses, but building homes to a higher standard, designed to last for generations. If you live in Regina, White City, Pilot Butte or anywhere within a 100 mile radius, choosing the right builder was never easier
Building a new home should be a fun and exciting experience, and Emerald Park Homes, together with the Holmes Approved Homes Program, works very hard to make that happen. When you build or buy an Emerald Park Home, you can trust that everything behind the walls is built right, so you can focus on designing a space to suit your lifestyle, and choosing the right products for your new home.
We are also a proud member of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program, which not only gives you peace of mind, that, if something does go wrong, somebody will be there to fix the problem, but that your builder is financially viable, and has the resources to properly address any problems with your new home.
Building a new home is a team effort, and we are very proud to work with the very best craftsmen and industry leaders. Being a member of the Holmes Approved Homes program not only ensures that our houses are built to the highest of standards, but allows us to keep up with the latest advances in building technologies, research and development, building safer, stronger and more durable homes.
Contact us at or call (306)781-3383 to speak with the builder about available lots, or to book an appointment.


Find Emerald Park Homes online or check out their listing here in Regina & Region Home Builders to read the wonderful things their clients have to say about them ... they are your Trusted Regina Home Builders!


See the Holmes Approved Homes website for more information on the program.

Trusted Regina window, doors tip on Patio Door Ideas and Options

 Patio Door Ideas and Options:


Patio Doors

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, and that why you’ll want to consider a variety of options and patio door ideas before finalizing your project.

One of the most common patio door options is the French patio door. This style incorporates glass window panes in the door, allowing an unobstructed view from the home’s interior to the outside space and vice versa. It can create a natural transition from the inside to the patio. French patio doors are usually available in wood, fibreglass and PVC, and they can be configured as either swinging or sliding doors.

                                                                                                        Sliding Patio Doors

Whereas French patio doors are a more traditional approach, contemporary sliding doors have a more modern look. These doors offer greater simplicity in that they create no obstacles at all to furniture placement, inside or out. Patios are generally gathering places for family and friends, and when lots of people are involved, a traditional open and close door can be a hindrance to entering and exiting. Just ask anyone who’s tried to carry a tray of appetizers through a traditional door while a gaggle of toddlers is racing in or out. For this reason, and because they can add a modern, elegant design element to connect your outdoor and indoor space, sliding patio doors are a popular option.

In the past, sliding patio doors were heavier and had a reputation for getting stuck in their tracks or misaligned. Modern sliding patio doors generally offer a much slimmer, more contemporary look, and the problems of sticking and misalignment have been lessened. Because of the lighter materials, these new designs generally offer a larger, less obstructed viewing area as well. We LOVE these big sliding glass door panels….talk about a modern clean look!!

                                                                                                         Sliding Glass Doors

A third patio door idea is the folding patio door.

Designed with three or more panels, these doors fold upon opening and slide on a track, similar to sliding doors. Folding patio doors can create a unique visual aesthetic and are often a good fit for more modern patio designs.

                                                                                                     Folding patio doors



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