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Older A/C units are getting more costly to repair and maintain with the Freon R22 phase out

Whether you need a new system or your old system hasn’t been serviced in a while. We can help. We install new, service and maintain all makes of cooling systems. 

If your system is 8 years or older you are probably using a system that is less efficient than the new models. Older units using R22 refrigerant are being phased out and being replaced with R410 refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly. 

January 1, 2020 - the annual allowable amount of HCFCs reduced by 99.5% .. No new HCFC equipment to be manufactured or imported. Almost 100% of residential and commercial air conditioning equipment (excluding large air conditioning systems called chillers) have traditionally operated on HCFC-22 (R-22).

The majority of the HCFC phase-out impact from a standpoint of refrigerant availability (e.g. R-22) will be felt.  75% of the current annual Canadian supply of HCFC refrigerants have been eliminated from the marketplace and R-22 equipment will not be manufactured or imported.

The higher repair cost will be incurred with the older systems using R22 and some models parts are no longer available. 

From manufacturers to distributors to HVACR contractors, nobody will be unaffected by the R-22 phaseout and the other numerous refrigerant changes and innovations that occur in 2016.

All new systems we sell are R410A and we have had overstock of A/C units purchased when the price was lower! With a hot and dry summer predicted call us for a free quote!

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