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Trusted Regina Windows expert share 10 Tips to Perfect Vinyl Siding



Here they share 10 Tips to Perfect Vinyl Siding: 

Installing your own vinyl siding is a great way to save big, but it's not a job for the faint of heart. It requires careful planning, dangerous ladders, and basic DIY skills. If you plan on installing your own vinyl, it can be done but you'll need to understand a few basics fist. Use these 10 vinyl contractor tips and you'll be sure to get the perfect vinyl siding for your home or business.

  • When you're removing old siding, always be sure you inspect the subwall for damages. Repair any problems or damages. Make certain that a waterproof membrane is intact around the entire structure. Ensure a Good Subwall is in Place-
  • When you are measuring for siding, keep your measurements simple. Always round up odd shaped spaces and exclude doors and windows to account for waste. If you have to go back to buy more, chances are the colors will vary between factory batches. Buying Materials-
  • Get Help- Never do any vinyl siding without at least one helper. In ideal installation scenarios, three people work one wall. This allows two people to be on ladders or scaffolding and one person to cut and handle materials.
  • Layouts- When you are laying out starter strips around the exterior of your home, you want it as level to the soffit as possible. Always measure down from the soffit; never use a level to layout the starter strip.
  • Lapping Measurements- Because vinyl expands and contracts with the rise and setting of the sun, it's recommended that you leave a ¼" gap on each end of the overall measurement to allow for expansion and prevent crinkling.
  • Nailing- When you're nailing vinyl, always make sure you're setting the nail in the center of the groove to allow for expansion. Never set a nail head tight to allow for play in vinyl.


  • Expansion Joints- When you're installing vinyl siding over a second story, it's best to add a wooden expansion joint at the seam. This will prevent any stress to the vinyl caused by expansion of the house.
  • Hide the Seams- When vinyl siding overlaps, it creates a visible seam. Hide your seams by keeping them staggered. Also, start your siding from the opposite direction of the most viewed side to disguise lapped ends.
  • Direct Sunlight- Too much direct sunlight can damage siding and make it brittle over time. You may want to use another material where heavy sunlight can damage vinyl.
  • Vinyl is Final- Opt out for all vinyl soffit and fascia. It better matches your vinyl siding and it prevents oxidation that can occur between aluminum and vinyl. 



Trusted Regina Landscape Expert answers the Facebook Fans






Questions for Landscape Solutions

Jeanine Rennebohm:

Q: When can we put grass seed or sod down? Keep in mind we have 5ft of snow still in our front yard.
A: Grass seed & Sod can be put down or installed in early spring & Throughout the summer. Remember to keep the new sod or SEED watered for best results. SOD SHOULD BE INSTALLED THE DAY IT IS PURCHASED FOR BEST RESULTS.

Sharon Hoff
Q:What is the best way to encourage an old lawn to look new again? We fertilize and have aerated it as well and it doesn't seem to help!!
A: A lawn can take a lot of pounding, but we still want it to look good. So how should we care for it? See our seasonal hints and tips for lawn care throughout the year.

A: If your yard is busy with children, try to keep the area free of obsticles. A: If your planning on doing some planting or gardening, consider building raised planter boxes out of brick or word. Perfect Turf Synthetic grass is the PERFECT SOLUTION FOR small areas. It will provide you with a well manicured looking yard, without all the work of maintaining natural grass.

Tanya Bill Slowski
Q: When laying landscape rocks/wood what is the best tip to keep the weeds from coming through? Does one do to lessen the work or just for the look. I would rather not use chemicals
A: If your planning on landscaping with Rock or Mulch, make sure to remove any existing grass, Weeds or plants, INCLUDING THE ROOTS. Invest in a commercial grade landscape weed barrier fabric. The fabric is installed between the soil & the rock or mulch.

Terri Silzer
Q: I have a weed filled backyard (which I cut to make look like grass lol) and an uneven ground. Where do I start and what do I do? I have put this off for 5 years now. I need help :o)
A: We Can help you with that Terry! With a weed infested, un-even yard, its best to remove the existing grass and soil, replace and grade your yard with healthy, new black top soil. Once the yard is levelled with the new soil you can either plant seed or install fresh new sod.

Suzanne McKinnon
Q: What is best used for a backyard (rocks or grass) for a home with children and pets? Rocks aren’t the most appealing looking but I'm afraid the grass/sod would die before taking root...
A: For busy backyards such as yours, I would recommend installing PERFECT TURF SYNTHETIC GRASS. It is children safe, pet friendly, & MAINTENANCE FREE!

Stephanie Waffle
Q: What is the weed killer that kills weeds and makes holes in the ground afterward? I think it's a spray. do you know what I mean?
A: There are many different types of weed killer available today. Make sure you know what type of weeds are growing in your yard and treat them accordingly. The small holes and plugs that you see in yards in early spring is from Core Aeration. Core aeration opens up the soil so water, Fertilizer & air can penetrate deep into the soil, which will help grass roots grow deep, resulting in a greener lawn.

Terena Kaeding Palmer
Q: I have a couple of questions! In the last couple of years, our front lawn has become really ugly and weed infested. We want to redo it totally this year. The lawn faces south and has all day sun. Would you recommend sod or seeding grass? What kind of grass/sod should we get?
A: If your budget permits, I suggest laying new sod for best results. Regardless if your putting seed or sod down, remember to keep the area heavily watered for 6-10 days, however don’t saturate the lawn to the point where damage may occur if the lawn is walked on. The best type of sod or Seed to install in our climate is a mixture of Kentucky Bluegrasses & Creeping Red Fescue.

Q: My second question...the neighborhood cats have been using my front flowerbed as a litterbox. What can I do to keep them out?
A: Try Placing Orange peels, scattered throughout the flower bed, on top of the soil. This should help deter them from using your flower bed as a litter box. 

Contact or call (306 2915303) for a quote

Trusted Regina team welcomes W2 Realty Trusted Regina Real estate experts to the Regina directory of excellence.

Trusted Regina directory welcomes yet another amazing new Partner to their Regina Directory of excellence!

Trusted Regina is thrilled to announce the W2 Realty Team,  Jen Welykholowa and Karin Wees of Realty One Real Estate Services Inc. have become the newest members of our Trusted Regina Real Estate Category and we couldn't be happier to have them officially on board!

Jen and Karin bring more than just a 'Trusted presence' , they bring a reputation that exceeds all expectations. We have talked to their clients and the feedback has been positively explosive and it makes our ears tingle and our smiles grow even larger from hearing what great customer satisfaction and professionalism they provide!



One client in particular summed them up in one sentence, " Very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and always positive!"

Jen and Karin are definitely two people that you want to keep your eyes and ears open for because they are movers and shakers in the Regina real estate world, and they are continuously working to do even bigger things in the future, we found them to be very impressive on their own, and together they really offer a unique edge for their clients ! When we sat with Karin and Jen and asked them what they felt they really represent, they were quick to respond 

"We see ourselves not so much as sales people but rather as facilitators of the process. Our task is to match people up with the right home based on their needs and desires and to help find the right buyer for our sellers’ homes, achieving the best result we can for them. And hopefully to make that process as simple and seamless as possible! Our tagline is “the team dedicated to helping you make the right move” ….and we’re committed to that goal. We feel very lucky and appreciate the opportunity that we have to work with amazing clients every day!”

The We2 Realty team are not only amazing at what they do but like most of the Trusted partners they care deeply about the community they serve and they  go that extra mile when it comes to representing networks, foundations and charities throughout Saskatchewan.

They are current members of the Regina Women’s Network(RWN) and have made great contacts and friends through their affiliation with this group. In partnership with Realty One as title sponsors. The ladies are also on the organizing committee for the 2013 Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Golf Classic being held on July 8th at the Wascana Golf & Country Club, as well as additional fundraising events to benefit the Regina Humane Society.



So make the smart and simple choice today, you see a Trusted Regina realtor is never a risk and W2 Realty are Trusted Regina Real Estate experts!


Trusted Regina Windows expert shares a tip on Window maintenance to keep your windows like new



Here they share a tip on Window maintanace to keep your windows like new:  











Basic window maintenance can save you from the high costs of window replacement. While modern windows are certifiably energy efficient and impervious to air and water infiltration, older windows when properly cared for can still be made air- and water-tight.

For little investment, some routine maintenance will extend the life of your windows—while updating the look of your home and protecting it from the ravages of the elements.

Restoring and Painting Wood Framing 

Window frames with rotting wood can be saved if caught in time, with some cleaning, treatment and painting. Use a screwdriver to dig out any moisture-damaged wood, which hopefully has not been invaded by termites. Then prep the wood using water mixed with bleach, preferably nontoxic oxygen bleach, to clean away any mold and mildew. Then restore the framing by filling holes and cracks with a suitable wood epoxy, followed by a layer of wood protectant. The result is a permanent surface, which can be easily sanded and primed for painting.

Keeping window frames painted every couple of years is one of the top ways to protect and preserve your windows for decades. When finishes wear away, windows are not only permeable, but they become increasingly difficult to open and close.

Painting with a water-based acrylic reduces peeling. There are also acrylic-urethane paint blends, which are especially durable. Keeping windows well painted prolongs their life.

Maintaining Vinyl, Aluminum or Fiberglass

Vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass are not vulnerable to rotting like wood, but they should still be buffed and cleaned with a nontoxic or mild detergent solution to keep your home looking new.

Seal Windows to Stop Water Infiltration

Sealing windows with caulking should be a prime priority of your window maintenance. Water seeping through window frames and wall openings rots wood and causes damage to a home’s infrastructure over time. Seal the smallest openings in between the window and window framing—especially on the exterior of the window. The area in between the window and house structure should also be caulked tightly. 

Keep Weatherstripping Up-to-Date

Weatherstripping between the movable parts of window openings and framing, shields from wind and moisture. Cleaning it periodically keeps weatherstripping intact, but if too much is damaged, it’s best to replace all it. Types range from moisture-resistant vinyl to attractive, long-lasting metals. You can combine different types of weatherstripping to accommodate spaces.

Keeping Up Window Maintenance Keeps Your Home Up to Date

Keeping window framing clean, painted and caulked keeps windows functional—protecting your home’s infrastructure and enhancing energy efficiency. Taking care of your existing windows can save you from costly window replacements while keeping your home looking good.

Quick Tips:


• Basic window maintenance saves on energy costs and can keep you from needing expensive window replacements.

• Clean and restore wood window framing using epoxy, wood protectant and paint.

• Keeping window frames painted every couple of years is one of the top ways to protect and preserve your windows. (Water based acrylic paints won’t peel.)

• Vinyl, Aluminum or Fiberglass won’t rot like wood, but need cleaning for upkeep.

• Sealing the smallest openings around windows with caulk is essential for stopping water infiltration.

• Weatherstripping installed around window openings comes in materials from vinyl and metal to felt and open cell. Replace weatherstripping when it is dirty and worn.

• Window maintenance is an inexpensive home improvement, protecting your home while making it look more attractive.




Trusted team share latest stats on Canadian Connectivity - proving the time to get mobile in business is NOW


Trusted Marketing Services Regina are a full service marketing agency that serve local SME’s in Regina & Area SK and they are dedicated to supporting local Saskatchewan businesses. Trusted collaborates to create strategies to reach your company goals and marketing objectives.

They are social media mavericks, and they love the challenges and thrills that go hand in hand with marketing. The Trusted team have skill sets & real life experiences that other marketing agencies and social media management companies simply do not share. They are not nerds….they are entrepreneurs, networkers and marketers, so If you need affordable website solutions, Social media management or anything to do with advertising and marketing contact them today.

Trusted Marketing Services are your Trusted Regina Marketing Agency 



The Trusted Marketing Services team strives to keep up with the innovations in marketing and advertising as they happen.. we 'WALK the WALK and TALK the TALK' . Trusted is  super active ( and effective) on our many  (SM's) social media platforms, we blog consistently and we have a fantastic new Trusted App.

' New media ' is constantly changing and it is important as a business owner and / or marketing person to take the time to keep yourself informed (and on track) with new developments, so you can see how they may influence and affect your businesses bottom line now and in the future.

When we find great information we share it with our partners and friends here on the Trusted Canada blog and in person, after all, that's what being social is all about.



The Trusted Directories mandate is to make consumers life easier by promoting and supporting GREAT local SMB's ( Small Medium Businesses) because we realize without them in a marketplace offering great service and local accountability we would all suffer...they are the true life blood of the economy, the worms in the dirt, and it's important that they are supported and that they are encouraged to make time to keep up with consumer trends and habits.       


Canadian connectivity and mobile trends...why it's important to have an online AND mobile presence in business today

( and if not plan for it soon!)



  • Canadian consumers are WAY ahead of the rest of the World when it comes to Online and mobile usage- spending on average 17.5hous a week online!   
  • Over 80% of the population has internet access, and more and more Canucks are signing up daily and embracing social media via smartphones. 
  • Canadian watch more videos online each month than any other nation on Earth.
  • The average Canadian consumer is plugged-in everywhere!

In the average Canadian home it is not uncommon to have 10 + points of internet access ( multiple smart phones, desktops, tablets, laptops, ipods, smart TVs, online gaming system's like Play Stations, Digital Media receivers like Boxee's or Apple TV's) . Canadians access the internet on the go, at work, while watching TV, and while shopping ( who hasn't check a bottle of win on an App or done a quick internet scan to price check on an item you are considering buying? ). So it really doesn't make ANY sense that Canadian businesses are still lagging when it comes to integrating ecommerce and mobile marketing into their marketing strategy. If they want to engage with the constantly increasing online Canadian consumers, businesses must take action to increase their online activity to have a chance of ' getting the sale' .

Marketing experts have been telling us for 2+ years now that “mobile is the next big thing.” ..and guess what it is HERE! 


Local SMB's need to Adapt and Grow ..or they will SUCK, because if they aren't where their customers are looking for them,  they will lose the sale to someone that is! Chances are that someone is a BIG BOX that has been waiting for the opportunity to take the business, with a department of marketers who are in step with what's been happening and who have everything already in place to make the experience as smooth as possible for customers to switch their business over or new customers to choose them.

Here is a great Infographic from 6SMarketing that does a great job of laying out EXACTLY where Canadian connectivity was at in 2012..and it isn't decreasing that's for sure! Some truly startling stats ( from GOOGLE ) that really do prove our point!


So what do we know for sure?  

This ' interweb thingy'  isn't going away,  social is vital for business success NOW (and in the future) and mobile IS an important factor and SHOULD be an important consideration in any SMB's marketing strategy (especially in their website design).

Even if you personally don't feel like you and your social group of peers are as connected as the stats we have shared, even if you don't personally like to be online so much, even if it 's not how YOU do business....take heed of this great saying that we use all the time to prospective clients who struggle with our concept and way of doing things..

"The Fisherman doesn't have to eat the worm's not MEANT for him!"




If you want to know more about Trusted and what we do-  connect with us'll find us on Facebook in Saskatoon, Facebook in Regina , on Twitter @Trustedcanada on You Tube , on Blogger on Pintrest , on LinkedIn or just Contact us through the website






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