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Trusted Regina Directory Auto Talk to the Experts show on Newstalk 980 CJME - All your questions answered and a huge prize won! is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Every Month on Newstalk 980 ..the first Trusted show aired Sept 1st click here to listen to that show here

Octobers show features John Bergen from Bergens Auto Body your Regina Auto Body experts , Maurice from Titan Auto  your Trusted Regina Used Auto Dealer and Whitmore park your Trusted Regina Auto Repair & Service and Regina Tire Expert joined Dave Arnold to chat about Trusted and to answer our Regina Facebook Fans 

Listen to the  Show below ..send the link to your friends who missed the show or access all the Trusted shows on DEMAND on the Trusted Channel.  We are the only Regina directory that works for you! Listen to hear who WON the HUGE prize package including a Trip for 2 to Vegas, A $600 TLC for your Vehicle care package and $100 Gift Cert to Original Joes

Part 1 - Sara the Trusted Founder tees up the show and John from Bergens and Maurice from Titan answer the Facebook Fans Questions   



Part 2 - Maurice from Titan and answer GREAT questions fromour fans - and this months  winner of the Amazing Prize is announced!



Jana Bendelin  a Trusted Regina Facebook fan Congrats..Dave picked your GREAT question and you win the HUGE  Prize package from the Trusted Regina Directory Experts!! It always pays to be a fan or a follower ( on twitter @Trustedcanada  ) of Trusted! Contests and things to be won all the time!



Regina Dental Expert provides a Trusted Tip on Dental Procedures abroad


 Affordable Dental Care outside of Regina?


A Beautiful Smile Goes A Long Way!

Treat yourself to a vacation and return home with a beautiful smile! By travelling to get the dental care you need, savings can be BIG! That is, if you think saving 50-70% on dental is big... Our clients have combined dental treatments with their vacations, and the savings alone have paid for the trip!

Some people can save over $10,000 person did just that when he started treatment for 4 dental implants. Here, in Canada, his quote for the 4 implants was estimated at $20K. Extractions and bone grafts extra. When he combined his dental appointments with travel, the savings were significant, more than 50%! While the first treatment was scheduled at the end of a business trip, the follow up appointment will be leisure. For under $10K the pricing included panoramic x-rays, 1 bone graft, 4 extractions, 4 titanium implants with porcelain crowns, and he enjoyed 10 days with palms trees and room service!

Dental tourism is gaining popularity as more individuals discover exceptional care is available at the fraction of the cost. Find top quality dental veneers, snap on smiles, laser whitening, crowns, bridges, implants, and restorative work for a fraction of what you would pay in Canada or the US. If you require dental treatment join the increasing numbers of people just like you that are saving money when they combine dental care with a business trip or vacation abroad! 

Regina Health & Wellness Category on THE Regina directory of excellence.

Contact Trusted Here for more information

Trusted Regina Salon passes a Mystery shop with Flying colors

Being a Trusted Business on the Regina directory comes with alot of other directory, advertising medium or ' watchdog organization' puts businesses through the process we do before we promote and endorse fact,the most other organizations offer is checking that the business has a valid business license, and maybe that they have insurance and don't have an F rating..most don't even bother with that ..they rely on the consumers to provide ratings..which are all unverified and un qualified. 

The Trusted Regina businesses become Partners...and we promote the mantra that 'only together are we Trusted" ..we all have our parts to play to ensure the directory maintains the standards and high level of integrity that it does.

Trusted then enters into a contract, where the partners sign to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees ..these are the foundation of our business and they are the Guarantees that our Trusted businesses offer their ensure that our partners are upholding these guarantees on a daily basis we have a MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM, where we mystery shop a minimum of 10% of our Trusted Partners on an annual basis... we get our mystery shoppers to fillout a report to tell us about the experience....

Our latest business to be mystery shopped is  a Trusted Regina Salon - here we share the results!




Trusted Regina Partner-

1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered? 1st time I went in to book appointment I was left standing for a few mins as the receptionist had stepped out briefly - but I just got the atention of the other staff and after that everything was very good and very friendly

2. If retail: Appearance of the store / staff and showroom? Very organized and well displayed at the front . It was a busy day in the salon and lots of people there, so a little hectic.    

3. Product/industry knowledge of staff? VERY good

4. If a quote is required is the quote well laid out/ clear? N/A

5. Did they ask where you found them? No

6. Overall experience 1-10. 8+

7. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends? Yes- loved the fact that I was able to get an appointment at fairly short notice – great hours.

8. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why? Combined effort of staff and other salon customers!! Such a great friendly atmosphere.

9. If you made a purchase/booked a job how was the process? If so refer to the Trusted Guarantees and give an overall mark on each if applicable.


1. Provide the service and quality promised. 9

2. Complete the job on time. 10- I was late and a little stressed and had my 1 year old- they were very accommodating.

3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises. 10

4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs. 10

5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind N/A

Please share any other comments relating to your experience with the company.

I wasn’t aware of this salon before finding them on Trusted Regina-I was impressed with their website and their write up. The appointment wasn’t for me it was for my 1 year old son who has longer Afro hair- the cut itself was fairly simple and straight forward- the client was difficult. So I was very impressed at how accommodating they were and how great they were with my son. Their knowledge of his hair type was great and they used a de-tangler product that totally impressed me. Overall I was very happy and will definitely go back and recommend them to friends.



Trusted Regina Heating & Cooling experts share a Trusted Tip on your heating and cooling costs

 TRUSTED REGINA AIR CONDITIONING AND REGINA FURNACE EXPERTS and here they answer your FAQ's on Heating and cooling in your home.  

Q- At what temperature should I set my thermostat?

Normal cooling settings are 75 degrees - 80 degrees. Normal heating settings are 68 degrees- 72 degrees. You should always set your thermostat to the highest possible setting that is comfortable for you in the summer, and the lowest comfortable setting in the winter. Setting your thermostat in this way will maximize your energy savings. On average, every 1 degree of temperature change is equal to about 10% energy savings. For example, changing your thermostat setting from 75 degrees to 76 degrees in the summer could result in about a 10% savings on your cooling costs.



 Regina Air Conditioning & Furnace or the Regina Plumbing category- they are YOUR Trusted Regina Heating and Cooling experts! 


A Trusted Regina website expert share a tip on Web design

When a New Web Design Isn't Enough...

Redesigning and relaunching your company's website can help you do a lot of things, especially boost sales and create more interest amongst your potential customers. For all the wonderful benefits that come with a strong web presence, however, it isn't always a magic bullet. The biggest reason is usually that your other marketing materials are lacking. Here are three quick things you might consider changing your tuning up at the same time as your small business website: Your company's logo. There are few things that look worse than an old, tired logo stuck on a brand-new website. It's like finding a five-star hotel in the middle of a Third World slum – it's just never going to look right. If your logo isn’t giving people a positive impression of your company, pay a little extra and have it upgraded at the same time as your website. Staff and product photos. Likewise, visitors to your site should feel like you are friendly, competent, and professional. That's hard to accomplish if you are using grainy or outdated photographs. This is another area where a few dollars and a couple of hours can make an enormous long-term impact on your online profits. Your sales copy. In the end, even the best-looking website in a world isn't going to help you much if your marketing message isn't compelling. If you don't have someone who's good with words at your disposal, spend a little on a high-powered copywriter – it won't take you long to earn your investment back.




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