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Trusted Regina team brag about Canadian Indoor Air Quality Investigators your Trusted Regina Air quality experts

posted by Trusted Regina    |   July 21, 2013 11:47

Our latest Trusted Regina Directory partner in the Regina Health & Wellness category making sure that your home should be safe and comforting, not a place that makes you sick. The Trusted team would like to introduce you to Frank Browne and his team from Canadian Indoor Air Quality Investigators ..or CIAQI for short!


People can have air quality problems in any kind of home, new or old. The good news is that you can do something right now to improve your home's air quality.

CIAQI has served Saskatchewan and Alberta since 2009 and has worked with businesses home owners, insurance companies, law firms and government agencies throughout Saskatchewan, and when we surveyed their clients across the province the repeated phrases were  "reliable",  "professional"  and that they " care about doing the best job possible"  

As one happy client said "I have been working with Canadian Indoor Air Quality Investigators for over three years now, and have never had any problems or issues with the service that they provide. When I find mould or asbestos, I refer him right fact, I have even referred him to my best friend. As a professional in a related field, I know when the expertise is there and when it is not, and they know what they are doing at CIAQI."


The air that you breathe is vital to your existence, and clean air is something everyone should expect, especially in their home or place of work, where you spend most of your time. Usually air pollution is thought of as being outdoors, but that air you are breathing daily in your home or office could also be polluted.


Sources of indoor pollution include: Biological contaminants like mold and pollen,  tobacco smoke, household products and pesticides, gases such as radon and carbon monoxide, materials used in the building such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead.

Sick building syndrome occurs when several individuals are affected, but no specific source of the illness is found. Indoor air quality issues will usually cause discomfort only, and most people feel better as soon as they eliminate the source of the pollution, or exit the area that is polluted. However, some pollutants can cause diseases that show up much later, such as respiratory diseases or cancer.


Frank and the CIAQI team are there to put your mind at ease and help you and your family live a better, longer, healthier life, Clean air IS CIAQI's business – let them help you provide your family with healthier indoor environment- call then today to set up your environmental assessment is worth the peace of mind!  

CIAQI are your Trusted Regina Air Quality experts


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