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Future Print tells us about their environmentally friendly printing solutions

Future Print is proud of the strong roots they have built in the Regina community. They are locally owned and operated and have been since 1981.

They love what they do and if you spend 5 minutes with Karmen you will know that this is very true!  The passion he and his team have for their work enables them to take ownership of their clients' projects. They constantly strive to deliver the highest-quality products possible.

Future Print offers a wide range of services and products:

Future Print are your Trusted Regina Printers. 

Future Print Regina answers Are you a “green” company?

You want to send out print marketing, but you’re concerned about the impact and want to find environmentally friendly printing solutions. Future Print will put your mind at ease and help you show your customers that you care about sustainability through our commitment to eco friendly printing.

The print industry as a whole, is not only environmentally friendly, but we are one of the most sustainable industries today. The industry makes tremendous investments in applying renewable energy sources and creating environmentally friendly supplies. 

Why should you use recycled papers?

When it comes to paper communications, recycled paper is the greenest option, it uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions than the manufacturing of non-recycled paper and at the same time reduces the amount of waste to landfill – as paper can be recycled up to 5 times. On average, the production of virgin fibre paper, followed by incineration uses twice as much energy than it takes to produce recycled paper. With advances in technology and processes, recycled paper is now as white and has the same print performance as non recycled paper.

Future Print takes very seriously their role in preserving the environment and integrate numerous green practices into their daily operations. In addition to energy-efficient equipment and chemical-free technologies, they can perform many print jobs using recycled paper stock. If you would like to use recycled paper for your next print job, let them know. You’ll be pleased with the results and feel good about helping the environment, too.

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Trusted Regina is bragging about our newest partner Future Print Regina!

When Karmen Bernt was 12 years old his dad purchased him a little Kelsey Excelsior printing press with 2 sets of letters and he was hooked.  From these early years in the basement of his parent's home to attending Balfour Collegiate printing books for the school during spares and lunches until today.  Karmen has been in the printing industry for over 36 years and he and his staff at Future Print Regina provide a quality of service and product rarely found.  They are the newest addition to the Trusted Regina Legal and Professional Services Category.

Future Print has proud strong roots in Regina.  Karmen and his sister started Quick-Way Printers in the lower level at 1118 Broad Street.  After 12 years they purchased the Jewish Synagogue at 1640 Victoria Avenue from the Beth Jacob Community and enjoyed this high visibility location for about the next 15 years.  It was at this time the company name was changed to Future Print to reflect a more modern print world.  A move was once again in the cards and they took over the former EMS building at 1650 Saskatchewan Drive. The ambulances have left and printing presses are in their place.