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Trusted Regina Maid Service share 6 things you should clean way more often

 TRUSTED REGINA home cleaning experts!

 6 things you should clean way more often:



Staying cold- and flu-free this season comes down to a few simple tactics: First, get a flu shot. Second, steer clear of co-workers who hit the office sniffling and coughing. And third, know the places where viruses and bacteria tend to hang out and how to properly clean these things—so you can drastically reduce your odds of accidentally buying yourself a week in bed with body aches and a fever. We asked germ expert Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, to scout out the top places germs lurk and how to zap their numbers.

1. A Shared Computer
Anything that gets a lot of direct contact with hands and fingers tends to have a scarily high concentration of germs, and all it takes for you to contract something is touching the mouse or keyboard and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Even if it’s only used occasionally by one or two people in your household, wipe it down before each use with an alcohol-based towelette designed for cleaning electronics, says Gerba.

2. The Refrigerator Door
Whether it’s in your home or the one in the office break room, this handle gets a lot of play all day, says Gerba. And if there are even microscopic bits of food on it, bacteria and viruses can feed and multiply. Once a week (or daily if someone in your household is sick), rub a disinfectant wipe up and down the entire length of it, especially in any tiny grooves. “A disinfectant spray works too, but studies show that the disinfectant from the wipe stays on the surface longer, so it’s more effective,” says Gerba. “With a spray, we tend to wipe it away quickly with a paper towel rather than let it sit and kill bugs.”

3. The Inside of Your Car
Run a disinfectant wipe along your dashboard weekly, which accumulates germs thanks to the heater or AC blowing them there, says Gerba. Cup holders are also germ hangouts, thanks in part to the food residue you can’t even see. “If you have a child car seat, wipe that down, too, because kids are always sick and touching various parts of it,” says Gerba.

4. Your Remote Control
You’ve heard reports that these are crawling with germs in hotels. But even in your own house, it’s one of the germiest surfaces, says Gerba. Everyone touches it all the time, especially when they’re eating, and that leads to bacteria and virus growth. Give it a wipedown weekly with an alcohol-based electronics cleanser.

5. Your Purse
Not only are you constantly touching the handle or strap, but you end up leaving it on a dirty restroom floor or store counter more than you think, and these areas have huge germ traffic. When you bring your bag into your house, you risk spreading anything you’ve picked up to yourself or family members. Spray or wipe it daily (or whenever you use it) with a fabric-safe sanitizing spray and paper towel, and hang it on a hook when you’re home so microbes can’t be tracked through the rest of the house.

6. Your Cell Phone
Considering all the handling it gets via germy, food-laden hands and fingers, and the fact that food helps bugs thrive, it’s a miracle this device doesn’t actually grow mold. It’s begging for a weekly cleansing with an alcohol-based cleaner meant for digital devices, suggests Gerb 

Robert MacKay Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer shares three words used to describe MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors

It’s an exciting time – the old house is sold, the new one is ready, and all that’s left is the move…..oh wait – not quite yet! There’s all that legal “stuff” to deal with now….signatures….titles to be given…and pages and pages of documents that need to be signed before the key is in your hand!!! And to top it all off – who really knows a good real estate lawyer?

The Trusted Regina team is proud to bring you a partner that can help! Welcome Robert MacKay, Regina’s #1 Home Lawyer to Regina’s directory of excellence!

Trusted Regina's Real Estate Lawyer expert Robert MacKay from MacKay and McLean shares three words

used to describe MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors from their Regina Blog.


The three words most commonly used to describe MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors

Service. Solutions. Integrity. 

Being a small firm, the lawyers of MacKay & McLean give personal, professional attention to each of our clients, thus maximizing results while minimizing cost. Our lawyers and front office staff take the time to talk to you so that you are comfortable with the process of our services. More importantly, we take the time to listen to you.
We provide a full range of legal services including:
• Real Estate & Mortgages
• Wills & Estates
• Family Law & Divorce
• Commercial & Corporate Law
• Litigation & Personal Injury


Your first consultation is free so that we may assess your need for a lawyer, cost of services and how we may help you.

MacKay & McLean provides the professional services of a large firm, with the intimate attention of a small firm. The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. MacKay & McLean is with you every step of the way.


Robert MacKay is your Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer


Ideal Journey Regina weightloss experts shares that cold hands or feet may be a sign of health issues

Ideal Journey Weightloss Regina is a clinic specializing in the Pro Energy Diet focused on healthy nutrition, high protein, diet re-education, supplements, and exercise.

We will start this "Ideal Journey" we will end this journey together.......

They strive to help you change unhealthy eating habits, identify triggers for over-eating, educate you regarding the best way to eat right and support your new lifestyle changes. They ensure that YOUR journey to weight loss is a happy and healthy one by celebrating every step of the way.

Ideal Journey are your Trusted Regina Weight loss professionals


Trusted Regina's Weight Loss expert Rachelle Randall from Ideal Journey shares a tip on cold hands and feet

from their Regina Weight loss Blog. 


Ideal Journey Weightloss Regina is clinic specializing in the Pro Energy Diet focused on healthy nutrition, high protein, diet re-education, supplements, and exercise. We strive to help you change unhealthy eating habits, identify triggers for over-eating, educate you regarding the best way to eat right and support your new lifestyle changes. If you have any of these symptoms why not and go and speak with your doctor. If you have any questions about weight loss, diets, carb counting, protein or your overall health and are in Regina area stop in at our location at 3125 A Woodhams Drive. Regina Ideal Journey are your Trusted Regina Weightloss professionals


Cold Hands or Feet Are Signs of These Health Problems:

If your hands and feet are often cold, and you have already gotten used to it, maybe it is time to ask yourselves if there is something more behind it. Namely, cold fingers and toes are quite common, especially in women and it does not have to mean anything significant. However, it can also be a sign of more serious health problems. Here are the four most common health problems:

1. Anemia

Besides the cold fingers and toes you often feel exhausted, headaches and fatigue – in case this happens, it is time to check your blood count because you may have lack of iron. It is the main component of hemoglobin, the molecule that transports oxygen in the blood and gives the red color to it. Therefore, the cold hands and feet may be a sign of anemia.


2. Diabetes

Except that your hands are often cold, sometimes you feel tingling in your hands and feet – it may be the first signs of diabetes. The consequences may affect the blood count, but the nervous system as well. Apart from the aforementioned symptoms, frequent symptoms might be thirst, hunger and a good appetite as a result of which you do not get fat and do not lose weight. If this is the case, you should check your blood sugar level.

3. Thyroid

The slow work of the thyroid gland leads to a slower metabolism, and it is often accompanied by cold hands and feet. Fatigue, reluctance, frequent sleepiness, slow body movements and poor tolerance of high temperatures are unmistakable signs of this disorder.

4. Stress

The stress can also cause cold hands and feet. It stimulates the adrenalin which in turn narrows the blood vessels and slows down the circulation and therefore, your hands and feet are cold.


Hope that you have any of questions of your health you will go and see your doctor. If you have any questions or want to hear about our Regina weight loss program contact Ideal Journey Regina .


Hope that you found this helpful. If you have any questions or want to hear about our Regina weight loss program contact Ideal Journey Regina .


Find them on Facebook Here!




TSL Construction a Trusted Regina renovations professional share a tip on HRV and window installation

TSL Construction has built their construction company on honesty and integrity and that will never be compromised. This is why most of their business has come from repeat customers and referrals.

TSL Construction are TRUSTED REGINA Renovation professionals for inside and outside your home!!

Hard to Control the Temperature and humidity in your home? Common problem for home owners in Saskatchewan climates.

Bet You Didn't Know...

Installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) means that you are bringing healthy air into your home and protecting your family from a host of respiratory illnesses. An HRV also controls excess humidity levels so that you can enjoy an extra measure of comfort along with added protection against moisture build-up and structural damage. Making sure your home is ventilated properly with an HRV is an effective way for you to create a safe and healthy home.

HRVs are recommended for most regions of North America, where the heating season is longer than the cooling season.  In winter, HRVs retain heat from outgoing air and transfer to incoming air.  In summer HRV’s work in reverse, retaining cooler air conditioned air and transferring to incoming fresh air.

AS WELL, when you install new windows, your home can become sealed so tightly that moisture can build up on the inside. Windows can be dripping with humidity causing damage to your home.

TSL Construction can provide and professionally install all your windows and doors, provide hundreds of brand name window covering options, AND supply and install your home with the HRV Unit you need to help make your home not only energy efficient but healthy.

Read more about the Scientific Study on Ventilation and Breathing Disorders here...


TSL Construction are Trusted Regina renovation them to book your job today!



Trusted Regina team brag about Oxford Learning Regina your Trusted Regina tutors and educators

The Trusted Regina directory team are proud to announce Oxford Learning of Regina as our newest Trusted Regina partner in the legal and professional category. We extend a warm welcome to Oxford Learning are your Trusted Regina Tutors and educators


Is your child struggling in school?

Maybe not making the grades he or she is capable of?

Doesn’t want to do homework or is frustrated with their teachers?

Then you should call Oxford Learning now!

Janet Klassen, the Oxford Learning Regina Director, has a Bachelor of Arts (English & Psychology), along with her Certificate in Education. Prior to opening Oxford Learning in Regina in 2000, she taught to middle and high school students. Janet chose to stay home and raise her 4 children,  and is now the proud grandma of 5 grandchildren. It is clear when you meet Janet that she has a passion for teaching children. Janet is obviously business savvy and it is apparent that she believes wholeheartedly in the philosophy of Oxford Learning, that is what led her to open one of the first Oxford Learning Centres in Western Canada. 

Here Janet appears on Global Regina to talk about SUMMER BRAIN DRAIN!



At Oxford learning Regina the team are privileged to share in the successes of their students as they realize their full potential for learning! The teaching team have fun with learning, they show students that it is OK to make mistakes because they also can then learn from them.

At Oxford there is a difference. Your child will learn, and love learning.

You will see changes within months, sometimes even weeks. At Oxford, they assess your child and their learning needs, then start the process of helping your child learn, again. The classrooms are bright and colorful, the children that are there attending classes are happy to be there, learning, and the room is full of incredible tools to assist that process.

The real difference at Oxford is that they care about your child and their individualized educational needs. Every child gets a personalized learning program! Your child will have quality time spent learning valuable organizational skills that will help now and in years to come. They will be motivated to learn and celebrated with each new level of skill. You can watch as your child develops skills and confidence.

Yesterday was the best time to start , today is the next best time, don’t wait any longer. Help your child flourish and love education.

Oxford Learning are more than just tutors, they are caring educators with the same goals as your child the best education!

Oxford Learning are your Trusted Regina Tutors. 



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