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Trusted Regina team brag about Derkson Contracting Trusted Regina fence and deck contractors

Trusted Regina Directory team are thrilled to announce their latest partner in the Regina Landscape and Yard category Derkson Contracting and Fencing are Trusted Regina fencing and deck contractors.

Chad Derkson has owned and operated Derkson Contracting and Fencing for over 10 years and he knows fencing! Chad runs a reputable company with an A+ BBB rating who stand behind their work, show up on time AND come back to finish the job.

It is well known that the fencing industry in Regina and across Saskatchewan has been giving homeowners nightmare stories to tell their friends and neighbours for years. We guarantee that you won’t hear that story about Derkson! The Derkson Contracting and Fencing team are friendly, knowledgeable and they WILL get the job done.

Chad has worked hard to make his company stand out in an industry of fly by night contractors. Derkson Contraction and Fencing are members of the following fencing associations, as they believe it is important to be involved in the industry at ALL LEVELS if you want to the the best at what you do! 


When we surveyed Chad's clients as part of the unique Trusted verification process they were so impressed, here we share just a few of the positive comments we received!

 “Fencing is a nightmare business with so many bad contractors. Derkson Contacting and Fencing is NOT a nightmare company! They are a dream to deal with. Chad and his staff did everything to get the job done and done right! My phone calls were always answered, and they showed up when promised, and worked through a long weekend to get the job done! They did the job with care and quality. I will always recommend them for any fencing job!” Jared, Regina

“My neighbour hired another fencing company to come in and do several fences on our block. We never did get our fences! Chad Derkson, and Derkson Contracting and Fencing came to our rescue. They came in and did the job, and did it well. My daughter now has a backyard she can play in and we are very happy with the service that we received from Chad and his staff. “ Jeff Krauss, Regina


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