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Trusted History

Sara, the Trusted Founder, arrived in Saskatchewan from the UK in 2006. With no one to recommend businesses or services to her, she struggled to find good providers for her many immediate needs. Although she spent hours Googling for the products and services her family required, she still encountered bad service and had no idea who to choose.

This was very stressful experience and she searched for something online to find local, verified businesses; something for people like her and the thousands of other newcomers that were arriving every month. People with no local knowledge or contacts, people from other parts of Canada and from all around the World…there the first seeds of Trusted were sown!

"In 2008 I was working full time single mom of 3 small children. I ran a busy and hectic household and I didn't have any spare cash or much free time available. One day I made what I thought was an educated choice selecting a service provider - it was an emergency situation and afterwards I was left feeling taken advantage of both emotionally and financially. The company turned up late and what was charged on the final invoice was triple the original quote. My father wished he'd been there to help out, and he was annoyed that I was treated so unfairly...when he suggested that there should be somewhere to find trusted contractors I decided to go online and see if there was. Upon searching, I couldn't find anywhere that offered what I was looking for so I started to write a business plan."

When speaking to others around her, Sara realized how frequently it happens to so many people across all walks of life. From newcomers to students, immigrants, single women, young people, old people. So many stories from those that had been ripped off and badly treated. The feedback from friends and family indicated to her that there was something lacking. She felt we needed something local, something with actual standards that worked for the people, not for the businesses. She wanted to create something that demanded EXCELLENCE in service as standard, something that could absolutely TRUSTED!

Mission and Vision of Trusted

Mission & Vision of Trusted Regina


Our mission is to save you time, money and stress when choosing a Regina business for your needs. We do not believe in small print and we ensure the needs of the consumer are top priority!


The Trusted Guarantees eliminate the unanswered questions or 'grey areas' when dealing with a Trusted Regina Partner. The ongoing process we put all of the Trusted Partners through means that we are eliminating risk from your transaction. In time, with education and the success of businesses who are "Given the Thumbs up" by Trusted, we are confident the philosophy will spread beyond our directories. We hope that other local businesses will see the success out standing service providers at Trusted Regina achieve, then standards across the board will rise! 
At Trusted we only promote locally owned and accountable businesses run with integrity, who have the Trusted Guarantees as the cornerstone of their business. Trusted pledges to give back to the community too, and we support many local non-profits, organizations and events as part of our mandate. Trusted Regina partners are encouraged to share their expertise with us, and you will find their wisdom in the Trusted Tips library

Trusted promotes the BEST, other directories simply list the rest.

Trusted was founded on the principal that good local businesses deserve promotion. We know they are out there, we have found many already and we work hard to find more, please help us by nominating your favourite Regina business here.
Start your research and choose a Trusted Regina businesses and you will be making the SMART & SIMPLE CHOICE. 
When Trusted gives a business the 'Thumbs up' it means something!!


"Trusted Regina is a great business directory for businesses which have passed the "trusted" test!"

Titan Automotive Group, Regina

"Proud to be involved with Trustedregina.com!"

Lorena Sawchyn, Emerald Park Homes, Regina

"My dog recently got sick. This is the first time she needed a vet in over seven years. I chose the vet because they are on trusted Regina. Thank you! They were wonderful :-)"

Wendy Funk


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