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The Trusted Regina team believes giving back is always in style. We are proud members of the Regina business community. We love our city and do what we can to support local events, non profits and to help individuals in need.

"If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody." ~ Malcom Bane

Janice's Build

Janice, a single Mum in Saskatchewan was unlucky enough to deal with an "UN Trustworthy" contractor. In fact she has dealt with the kind of company that we set Trusted up to protect people from. She was left penniless and her home was a disaster zone!

September 2014 trusted stepped in and as a community with partners all across Saskatchewan and after a YEAR of hard work we put Janices home back together...

Janice Braden was kind enough to allow us to video her giving testimonials to all the Trusted partners, and others that stepped up to help her in her moment of need!

Non Profits And Organizations Trusted Has Supported 

Community Involvement


"First of all, this is a great website!! I heard about this website on radio ads and I think it's a great tool!!! Thank you doing what you guys do."

Gina Manulak, Regina

"Can I put trusted Regina on my Facebook...or download it as an app? sure comes in handy!!"

Jana B, Regina

"Trusted has brought an entirely NEW dimension to the Business World! It's not the best thing since Slice Bread...but ummm...certainly since hot-dogs that fill the bun! Haha!"

Jason Dornstauder, Focus Mortgage Solutions, Regina


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