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Benefits Of Being A Trusted Regina Partner

The Trusted Regina directory is a unique branding and sales tool for locally-owned companies run with integrity. Trusted offers quality-focused local businesses a unique and positive way to differentiate themselves from their competition, attract new local customers, build loyalty with existing customers and increase their visibility in Regina and the surrounding area both online and offline. Trusted Regina is seen as a community of businesses by the Regina public; they TRUST the companies we endorse and promote. This is why our partner's businesses grow, and many go from surviving to thriving!   

" The Trusted team are invested in my companies success. I value being part of a local business community and network that is based upon providing quality services, product and placing the customers needs first!  We were impressed by the qualification process and  like that all the businesses are held accountable to the 5 Guarantees of service by the Trusted team. Our clients tell us being a Trusted Regina business means something to them and we will always strive to exceed their expectations " Chuck, Wheatland Fireplace & Outdoor Living - Trusted Regina Fireplace and Outdoor Living store 

" If you ladies give me any more business, I'll have to sue you! " Robert Mackay - Mackay & Mclean - Trusted Regina Lawyers

In addition to the stylish feature listing on the Regina Directory, the partners can also provide their own tips, articles, and video content to the Trusted Regina Tips library, which has 100's of articles of locally provided and locally focused content, which is a wonderful free resource for the public! The Trusted partners also benefit immensely as we promote them and their news on our social media platforms - Trusted Regina's Facebook PageYouTube channelLinkedin page, InstagramTwitter and other social platforms number nearly 24'000 local fans and followers, all eager to get to hear about all of the Trusted Regina partner's news!  


Find It Impossible To Measure Your Existing Advertising?

Trusted is unique because we guarantee that each business's results are 100% measurable! Our website's Google Analytics and our social insights provide absolute proof. Also, we share the information with Trusted Partners regularly.  When we do this, we pull up the live data right in front of our partners and explain what it all means. In real speak, this is not something other marketing companies and online directory companies do. Trusted is different; we are 100% transparent, and we are very proud of our impressive results. 

Trusted Regina has had over 320,000 visitors to our virtual Trusted Regina mall. The vast majority are prospects from Regina and area - local buyers with local needs!  

Trusted's Ongoing Marketing Commitment

One of the primary reasons businesses and websites fail is due to the lack of awareness among local consumers and potential customers. Many ideal prospects are unaware of their existence, what they offer, and why they are a great choice. However, Trusted directories have implemented a marketing strategy that goes beyond being adequate or average—it is outstanding and highly effective. Our marketing expertise has been acknowledged, leading to numerous awards for marketing excellence at local, provincial, and international levels. Trusted dedicates significant resources to inform the public about our existence, emphasize why they should begin searching for local products and services at, and highlight the trustworthy and reputable businesses we partner with in Regina and the surrounding areas.

By leveraging our marketing efforts, your business will benefit and experience a higher return on investment as we guide customers to your doorstep in a remarkably cost-effective manner. The Trusted team consists of marketing experts who provide comprehensive support, education, and guidance to our partners in all aspects of marketing. We are fully committed to promoting and empowering our partners, and we firmly believe that Trusted offers unparalleled value for your marketing investment compared to any other advertising medium available today.

How We Select Trusted Regina Partners

  • We seek out locally owned and accountable businesses with a reputation for quality-driven excellence in the Regina and area market.
  • We contact business references
  • We check the business's online reputation.
  • All past customers we speak to are surveyed - it is pass or fail! 
  • We ensure any required licenses, qualifications, WCB, and insurances are valid and up to date.

MORE Of What Trusted Regina Partners Are Saying

" is the only advertising we do, and we get so many calls from the Internet, even though up till now we haven't had a website, so I knew where the business was coming from! Now Trusted Marketing Services has built me a new website, I trust their advice and appreciate their value and support!"
Brad, Active Electric - Trusted Regina Electrician 

"Great presentations on Social Media Marketing by Sara and Trusted Team. A great perk for Trusted members!"
Virgil Reed, Reed Security - Trusted Regina Alarm & Security expertsTo see more testimonials click here

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"Trusted Regina is a great business directory for businesses which have passed the "trusted" test!"

Titan Automotive Group, Regina

"Proud to be involved with!"

Lorena Sawchyn, Emerald Park Homes, Regina

"My dog recently got sick. This is the first time she needed a vet in over seven years. I chose the vet because they are on trusted Regina. Thank you! They were wonderful :-)"

Wendy Funk


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