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Trusted Regina partner shares tip on avoiding troublesome carbs

Simple Carbs Wreak Havoc 

Avoiding troublesome carbs isn’t as simple as saying no to donuts and cake. A piece of white toast and jam at breakfast can be as bad as a glazed donut. If it’s made of white flour it may as well be sugar, given the way it acts in your body. Even orange juice is mostly sugar. 

Start your day with any of these or similar carbs and you set your body up for sugar plunges throughout the day. Your energy and hunger will spike and dip that will keep food foremost in your mind as you go about your business. Your cravings will dictate what you eat for the rest of the day.

Why are simple carbohydrates such a concern? Your body quickly converts them into glucose, a sugar your body relies on for energy. The faster and higher a serving of food raises glucose levels in the blood, the higher it’s glycemic load. There’s nothing wrong with glucose-unless a huge amount hits your bloodstream at once.

Desperate Hunger

A sudden spike in glucose causes the body to turn out a flood of insulin to move all the sugary stuff out of the bloodstream and into cells. The insulin works, and works fast, sending blood glucose levels crashing. The spike-and-plunge cycle can suppress hormones that help control hunger, tricking your body into thinking that it needs more calories. That’s the reason you feel hungry again within a couple of hours of eating a high-carb meal.

The energy rush you get from a big bowl of sugary cereal or a sandwich on a white bun can feel like energy crash after your glucose levels have simply returned to normal. The sense that all your energy has been pulled out from under you often makes people grab a soda or an energy drink. That’s right most likely your brain will steer you towards more sweet, simple carbohydrate. Then the whole process begins again.

A Bulging Belly 

The body is like it’s a 24 hour supply of glucose on hand in the bloodstream to meet immediate demands for energy. But a morning bagel supplies far more quick energy then you’ll need to get from your car,  to work and sit at your desk until lunchtime.  The rest of the glucose is set off for long-term storage as fat and a lot of it ends up in your abdomen as a heart threatening visceral fat.

Inflamed Arteries

Remember that healthy arteries are your body’s best offence against heart disease and heart attacks. A steady diet of bad carbs put those arteries at risk, in part because it raises insulin levels. An Unfortunate characteristic of insulin is that, like sugar, it is mildly corrosive to artery walls.  In the amounts that most people need to process a normal amount of glucose, the corrosiveness isn’t much of a problem. But repeated spikes in insulin levels cause a lot of wear and tear on arteries that can lead to inflammation and narrowed blood vessels.  

When you consume too many bad carbs for days and weeks and months and years the problem gets bigger. That’s because in some people, insulin stops doing its job as well as it once did, and the pain Christmas generate more and more of the hormone to handle even small amounts of blood sugar. This is known as insulin resistance and early stage of type 2 diabetes.  More insulin equals even more artery damage.  

Bad Marks on your Cholesterol Tests

One hallmark of a high carb diet is that it elevates triglycerides, blood fats that have been linked to high your risks of heart problems and diabetes. High triglycerides are also one of the five indications of metabolic syndrome, along with insulin resistance, belly fat, high blood pressure and low levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.  

When you begin eliminating the bad carbs and start eating the right ones, almost overnight,  the dangerous dynamics in your arteries shift. 
Hope that you found this helpful.  

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