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Wheatland Fireplace your Trusted Regina fireplace expert answers the Regina Facebook fans questions

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Regina.

This really is where your REGINA Outdoor living and Fireplace dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland Fireplace REGINA is a TRUSTED Saskatchewan company that sells products that make your life better. Wheatland Fireplace services and installs their high-quality fireplaces, barbecues (bbq), grills and smokers from industry leading manufacturers. They love their customers and as a result,their customers love and TRUST them. Wheatland Fireplace are your Exclusive Trusted REGINA FIREPLACE store and they are Trusted REGINA OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION Experts and Fireplace experts Talk to the Experts – Trusted Renovation & Style show - Questions for Steven- Wheatland Fireplace

Ann Lyte-Maille: Steven, if my older home doesn't have a fireplace and I'd like one, what needs to be done as far as chimeneys and installing one?

Hi Ann, our main business is renovations. So installing a new fireplace in a home that has never had a fireplace or replacing an existing old fireplace is very easy to do. Depending if it is a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace will dictate what we need to do with the chimney. If you are on an exterior wall then the gas fireplace would just go directly out the wall and cap off on the outside. If you are on an interior wall or installing a wood burning fireplace then we would run the chimney up through the roof. When we leave your house the fireplace will be running and ready for you to frame in and finish off around it.

Sabina Walston Edwards: Steven - fireplace - our basement is very cold and its where our bedroom is located (10C) its warm upstairs where the heat control is so I am interested in a gas fireplace but a wall insert. Is it possible to do these? and I was reading about vent less ones and read tons of negative stuff so am somewhat scared of those.

Hi Sabina, in your situation installing a gas fireplace is a perfect fit for your problem. When installing a fireplace anywhere in your house it gives you the ability to heat the room you’re are sitting in and not having to turn your furnace up and heat all four corners of the house just to take the chill off of one room. So you gain efficiency and safe money by running your gas fireplace. Running an average size fireplace for 100 hours will cost you approximately $15. In regards to the vent less gas fireplaces, they are not approved through gas safety to be run in our province. We do not carry a fireplace that can be put inside of an existing wall but we carry some very shallow fireplaces that will not take up much room at all in your basement. If you really don’t have room to lose in the basement than you could always look at a wall mounted electric fireplace

Jamie Dawn Plummer: We have thought of putting in a wood fire place in our home since we miss our old one from our previous home. What would the cost be to have that done? Does it effect the cost depending on where it is in the home?

Hi Jamie, the cost of putting a wood burning fireplace will be affected on the location you put it in your house. The fireplace itself obviously cost the same but the cost of chimney is what will go up. The more offsets in the chimney and the longer we need to run the chimney to clear the distance above the roof is going to increase the cost of putting the wood burning fireplace in. The accessories for the fireplace can also dictate the cost. You can choose different colors of louvers (black/nickel,gold)and also there are some really nice claddings that can be used to finish off your fireplace. The easiest is to book an appointment for us to come out and recommend a few locations for the fireplace. Then we have u come down to our showroom and take a look at our large selection of display models. From there we can give you an exact quote of what it will cost you and you can decide what you want to do.

Cindy Ann Pardy: Steven , we have an average sized Electric fireplace in our living room, our landlords are telling us that this is what is causing our Bracker to blow, they said it`s running 11 amps, is this true? Thanks a bunch and look forward to your response.

Hi Cindy, all electric fireplaces are pulling about the same amount of power when running. When an electric fireplace is running with no heat there should be nothing to worry about in regards to blowing the breaker. When an electric fireplace has it heat running on high then it is usually pulling about 1500 watts. That typically is what an entire circuit in your home is made to have running on it. So if you have a TV, lamps and electric fireplace all running for example on the same circuit then there is a good chance that you will blow your breaker. When we sell an electric fireplace we will caution people to take a look at what they have on the circuit already or suggest to run a dedicated electrical plug in for the fireplace.

Lana Olson Hershmiller: Steven, we moved into a house that has a wood burning fire place in the basement. The inspector says it all looks good but would not say one way or another if we could use it. He said to get it checked. Do you guys have anyone who can check it and what would you be looking for?

Hi Lana, we do have a certified inspector on staff. The inspectors are looking at the integrity of the fireplace to make sure it is safe to use. When they come to look at the fireplace they want to make sure the fireplace itself has no cracks or signs of the box being over fired previously. The second thing they want to look at is the chimney. Now they can only inspect what they see. Based on what they can see they will give you there best suggestion on whether you can use it or not. To have something in writing that is signed by them saying it is safe to burn they will want to inspect every connection of chimney. Now most customers don’t want to have them open their walls up to do this. The reason for this is once they have said you can use it then the liability is on them now and not the insurance company. The risk is quite high for them. Our staff has been doing this for a while and you should make an appointment for us to come out.

Angie Biblow: For Steven from Wheatland Fireplace we finished our basement a couple years ago and debated at that time whether to put a fireplace in. Due to budget at the time, we didn't and now we are regretting it - as the basement is quite cool. Is there a 'simple' way to add a fireplace after the fact without doing too much demolition?

Hi Angie, putting a fireplace in your basement is very easy. It is easier and more likely it can happen if you put your fireplace on an outside wall. This will be easier to vent it. The other thing we need to look at is how we able to get gas to the fireplace. A drop down ceiling is the easiest but we can always run it outside the house from the gas meter and come back inside where the fireplace will be sitting. When we are done the fireplace will be installed and running. The install from start to finish usually only takes us one day. We have big tarps we lay down so that when we leave your house, there is no mess at all. The only thing after that is to have someone frame it in and finish it off. That should be a fairly quick process too. That means within a few days you could have your fireplace completely done and not be sitting in a cold basement anymore.

Foreign Lauren: Steven I have always wanted a fireplace but i hear a lot of hazards can come of it, with smoke re-entering house, chimney fires etc.. would it be safer to just get an electrical fire place? kills the ambiance but safety first. What do you think?

Hi Lauren, fireplaces now are very safe. An electric fireplace can be fine if you are looking more for a picture on the wall and not a lot of heat from it. A would or gas fireplace are there for a heat back up and are more of a supplement supply of heat into your home. A gas fireplace is now Direct Vented which means that it is completely sealed and breathes from outside. No carbon monoxide can leak back into your room when it is running. A wood burning fireplace should only have issues if it is not maintained. If you have it installed professionally and are burning dry wood then you will not have any safety concerns. The wood fireplaces have the capability of also being sealed with glass doors now so this eliminates the back draft and having smoke come back into your room.

Wanda Goertzen Bedell Steven we have been considering installing a fireplace in the living room, are there any specific guidelines for installing one? such as does it have to be near the existing chimney?

Hey Wanda, if you have an existing wood burning fireplace and we are putting a gas insert inside of it then we will reuse the chimney that you have and put our new chimney inside of it. If you are changing locations then the existing fireplace does not matter. An outside wall is always easier to install a fireplace on. We need certain clearances from windows, doors and the gas meter on the outside of the house. When we come to do an estimate we will look at all of this and make sure where you want to the fireplace that it will work. Come down to get an idea we have or call and booked an estimate first. We are here to give you as much information as we can so that you can make an educated decision.

Rachelle Nieman: Steven fireplaces: I own a townhouse and am considering a small fireplace unit in my main floor. I currently have an TV stand with a blu ray player on it but it would have room for a small fireplace unit that could "fit in" to the TV stand...what do you recommend? Also noting that I have a 4yr old daughter who often sits close to that area and obviously would require safety features to prevent burns from touching the screen etc.

Hey Rachelle, the only thing that we might have access to is an electric fireplace. You can get a much larger viewing area for around the same price if you just hang a wall mounted electric fireplace somewhere else in the room. If you give me the measurements of what you have and maybe send or bring in a photo I will let you know if we can help at all.

Jennifer Hatton: Steven - what's the most cost effective wood burning fireplace to install in our home? - we'd love to know what would help us save money on our energy bill!

Hey Jennifer, the most cost effective wood burning fireplace would probably be with the brand RSF that we sell. A lot of it depends on the location and the area that we are trying to heat with it. We have all of our wood burning models on display and can show you how any of them work. If you give me a call or stop in we will make sure we find something that will work.

Lisa Winter: Steven I'd love to have a fireplace but our home doesn't have one. How hard is it to install one? Where would you even begin?

Hey Lisa, I would begin by coming down to the showroom and seeing what we have to offer. From there we can book an estimate and make sure where you were thinking of installing the fireplace will work and take measurements of gas line and chimney lengths. Then I can give you an exact price of what it will cost you. That way you can make a more educated decision and have exact numbers to work with. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Kirsten Hleboff: Steven what all is involved with a tabletop fireplace? I'm intrigued!

Hi Kirsten, a table top fireplace is just that. You set it on your table, take it downstairs or outside on your patio. We burn bio-ethanol fuel in them. This fuel does not need to be vented when it burns, it doesn’t release anything bad for you. So you can move it where ever you are sitting. Think of it as a candle that looks better. Call me if you have any questions.

Tanya Smith: Steven what's all involved in installing a snorkel vent for a free standing fireplace?

Hi Tanya, we will want to know the manufacture and model of the fireplace so that we can see what type of chimney is installed on it. Then you will pull off the old cap and push the new one on. It is not that hard to do, we just have to make sure it is the right one. Send me a picture of the fireplace inside and the cap on the outside. Also there should be a metal plate attached underneath the fireplace that will give you the make and model. Call me once you have this information.

Jo Harvey:  Steven, we have a natural gas line for the bbq on our deck but would also like to look at having a natural gas firepit there as well, would a person need another line or can the outlet be split into two?

Hi Jo, this is determined on how long the gas line is, what BTU’s your BBQ and fireplace are and the size of gas line that is ran. Typically you will need to run a new gas line for the fireplace. If you give me a call I can refer you to a plumber and talk about what you have.

Victoria Wong Steven: we have a gas fireplace on the main floor of our house and are wondering, what would be the cost and effort to install a gas fireplace in the master bedroom on the second floor?

Hi Victoria, installing a gas fireplace on the second floor shouldn’t be a problem. We would have to come take a look and see what we could in order to get the gas line there. Costs can vary quite a bit depending on what fireplace you go with and what accessories you pick. If you give me a call I can get you really close numbers and maybe we can have someone come out to the house from there.

Bruce Voldeng: Steven, It might be the cold weather talking but we would like to add a fireplace to our livingroom. I do have natural gas coming into the house for our dryer so should I go with that He Bruce, a gas fireplace is definitely the first thing we want to look at. It is the most efficient and also acts as a heat back up. Your options are wide open though. Once you come down to the showroom and we go over what you want out of a fireplace than we can lead you in the right direction.

Candace Yates Kaisler: Hi Steven, what is the best type of fireplace for basement family rooms?

Hi Candace, this will depend if you want something more to just look at or if you want something that will give you more heat. Another big factor is how much room you have to give up and what the size of the basement is. If you give me a call, I can usually give you a couple models to look at just by asking you a few questions and give you an idea of what the cost would be.

Ben Albert Thomas: Steven, We have a fireplace on our main floor as well as our basement, and are all along the same line. We have not used our basement fireplace for some time now, and we have closed the damper for the past 2 years. Though everytime we use our main floor fireplace there is a lot of smoke downstairs?! Is there a leak? Is something Broken? We can't figure it out, and we use our firsplace regularly...makes it tough to sleep/breath!

Hey Ben, this is from the negative air pressure in the house. When you light the upstairs fireplace the chimney is right beside the downstairs one. The cold air is being sucked into your basement and bringing the smoke with it. You will want to seal off your basement fireplace and stop all of that cold air and smoke from coming down. You can just take insulation and shove it up inside your downstairs chimney. Call me if you have any further questions.

Cheryl Slowski: Steven, do you sell electric fireplaces?

Hey Cheryl, we do sell electric fireplaces and we have a few on display in the showroom. Come down and take a look. You can also see some on our website.

Susan Pryde: Steven -What type of chimney do you need when you do a gas fireplace?

Hey Susan, the gas fireplaces that we sell now are direct vent systems. This means that we have a pipe that takes heat out of your house and a bigger pipe around that which brings fresh air back into the fireplace. This way the fireplace is not taking any room air out of the house and dumping it outside. They are sealed units. There are two styles flexible chimneys and rigid pipe, we will use either one depending on where the fireplace is being installed. Give me a call and let me know what you are wanting to do and I can let you know if it works or not.

Nichole Rintoul Kudelis: Steven, We would like to get a fireplace (Electric) As I have a child and a pet. What would you suggest that gives great heat, safe, Looks attractive, and is cost effiecient! Thanks a ton! Look forward to your response!

Hey Nichole, all electric fireplaces are going to give you the same amount of heat and efficiency. You really just want to check what warranty they come with and find a look that you are interested in. We have some really nice wall mounted electric fireplaces in the showroom. I have two of them in my house and do not notice any extra costs on my electricity bill. Come down and take a look, I will try to help you out with whatever questions you have.





Visit the Wheatland Fireplace' showroom at or see their listing in the REGINA OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION and in the REGINA Home appliance & fireplace  category. they are your Trusted REGINA FIREPLACE Experts 


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