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Trusted Regina brags about EMERALD PARK HOMES a Trusted REGINA & AREA HOME BUILDER.on the REGINA DIRECTORY. launches to the public on April 16th 2012 ...we are so happy to already be able to offer the Regina public 62 Trusted options on the REGINA DIRECTORY..and more to come before we launch, with the goal being to offer 120 Trusted listings eventually,  plus other Trusted banner advertisers in different categories to REGINA ..and by doing so make the publics lives EASIER by taking all the guess work ( and leg work) see, we do all the work for them..we work FOR the CONSUMER not the business..

Buying a home is generally the biggest purchase you will make, and BUILDING a home is many peoples dream.....but unfortunately all too often that dream turns into a nightmare ..just type ' Home Builder Horror Stories' or 'Home Building Nightmares' into Google ..and you will see the sites dedicated to these horrific stories of peoples experiences building a really is almost enough to put you off even starting the process in the first place.

There are so many things that can go wrong when building a home ...not least because so many different trades are involved ..and without careful and meticulous planning between all of these different trades ( sometimes different companies all together) communication fails and costs start to escalate...then to keep things on budget corners can get cut....the snowball starts rolling down the hill and good luck trying to stop it!  

Fortunately the 3 REGINA Home Builders we give ' The thumbs up'  to on will make the home building process STRESS free..and our final Trusted Regina Home builder is no exception!


Emerald Park Homes 

Have you been out to countless show homes and you just can't find what you are looking for? Not enough bedrooms. Not enough bathrooms. Garage too small. Lot too big.Its SO hard to find just the right home in just the right location. That's why EMERALD PARK HOMES specialize in building customized homes to suit your needs. Emerald Park Homes had been mentioned and nominated quite a few times by other Trusted partners, and in the end it was Jason Campbell from Campbell Custom Homes in Saskatoon ( a Trusted Saskatoon home builder) who is originally from Regina and has known the owners Garry and Lorena Sawchyn for many years,  who eventually got us in contact with them...luckily for us ( and Trusted Regina ) they ' got ' the Trusted concept immediately, as it really fits in with the way they run their business and live their lives! They are forward thinking and are always looking at ways to improve!  

Garry and Lorena work together as a home building dream team, to meet all your needs and more...Garry has over 30 years of hands on construction experience and he is dedicated to detail, while Lorena runs a super efficient office with apparent ease ( or thats how she makes it look anyway!) . The feedback from their clients was wonderful..all feel so blessed to have found and choosen Emerald Park Homes, as they really did make the home building experience a pleasure from day fact, many of them consider the Sawchyn's friends...and all of them wouldn't hesitate to choose Emerald Park Homes if they had to go back and do it all over again!   

An example of that would be Sarah and Jarrett Kozusko, living in Alberta, they began to plan their move to Saskatchewan a couple of years ago, they turned, as so many potential home buyers do, to the Internet. They were searching for a builder who could interpret their visions of the perfect family home, and by a stroke of luck, they found Emerald Park Homes.

The Kozusko's stunning home.  

The Emerald Park Homes way of doing things is pretty simple.. “No Salesmen—No passing the buck—Deal with the owner, Garry Sawchyn.” and that really appealed to them fact Garry was on site practically every day and kept them up top date with where things were at....he's not the kind of builder that you have to chase down to ask questions..he call to answer everything you want to know before you have a chance to ask!

The attractions of the White City/ Emerald Park community were obvious to Sarah and Jarrett Kozusko, and one of the lots offered by Emerald Park Homes presented the perfect setting for the family home they envisioned. A haven for two busy professional people, a showplace where they could entertain friends as they enjoy doing, and a safe and happy place for their children. Thanks to the workmanship that makes Emerald Park Homes a trusted name in Saskatchewan home building and the fact that each tradesperson used by the company is carefully chosen for skill and workmanship. “This is our Forever House,” Sarah declared. “There’s nothing I would change.” “It’s the perfect home for our family,” her husband Jarrett agreed. Thanks to Emerald Park Homes, they have a dream house in an excellent location, where they and their two children can enjoy all the rewards that life might offer.....

The Kozusko's Dream Emerald Park Home

Trusted has every confidence that if you choose Emerald Park Homes as your Trusted Regina Home builder will have a simply wonderful Home building experience face we Guarantess it! 

Welcme Garry and Lorena..we look forward to sharing your Tips and expertise with the Regina public  and we are thrilled to have Emerald Park Homes on board the Regina Directory of excellence!

Stay Trusted my friends ..SAFE AND TRUSTED REGINA!

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