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Trusted Regina Spa - Tip for beautiful Gel nails and some French Manicure ideas!

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Cool variations on the classic French manicure

At one time or another most Women will have had a French manicure ....but if you prefer to cause a bit of a stir here are some edgy options to consider! 

The Sideways stripe :

To pull it off at home follow the same steps as you would a regular French manicure (personally, I like good ol' fashioned Scotch tape to create a straight line) but paint the inner sides of each nail, instead of the tips, once your base coat is dry. This nail art idea is all about experimenting with color. Personally, we love sweet pinks, purples, blues under darker jewel colors and black, as seen above.

 Blingy platinum French nails for the newly engaged:

This is a pic of Jessica Biels nails - They're shiny on the tips and matte down below. Isn't this a cool take on contrast nail tips? And for you flashier types, what a fun way to accent a newly acquired engagement ring! (Vs. the nude manicures many new fiancees choose.)

Go Dark

Instead of Pink nails and white tips change it up for something unexpected - we love this French polish with a difference that we found on  Pintrest !!


You can take the idea and instead of matt on shiny black , you can do dark grey nails and black is the end result below, i think you will agree that they are GREAT fall / Winter nails !  

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