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 Frequently Asked Questions on Synthetic turf:

Is your artificial turf similar to carpet or astroturf?
A: No. It is actually synthetic grass combined with sand and recycled crumb rubber. The fibers are 1.5" to 2.5" long, depending on the product. A unique blend of rubber crumb and sand is spread over the top of the synthetic grass. This anchors the synthetic turf securely in place and makes it look and feel just like natural grass.

Does the long-term effect of the sun harm the synthetic grass or make it fade?
A: No. Our fibers have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice. We have synthetic putting greens that were installed in 1987 with no visible signs of fading. Technically, the color will fade two Pantone® colors over a ten-year period, but it is really not noticeabel by eye.

What is the life expectancy of this product?
A: The turf comes with a limited 8-year warranty; actual life expectancy is 20-25 years.

What type of maintenance should I expect?
A: An occasional brooming is recommended but not necessary. This will stand the fibers up and even out the infill material. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower. As long as the leaf blower nozzle is not placed too close to the turf, the sand and rubber will stay in place while the debris is blown away.

What make Perfect Turf stand above the rest of the competition?
A: There are various newcomers in the artificial turf market. No one can offer the level of quality turf and superior customer service that Perfect Turf provides. If you are considering another product please be certain that you are dealing with a reputable firm that has experienced installers who are specialized in the artificial grass industry. We are proud of the fact that all of our turf is made in North America for over the past 20 years.

Can this be installed over my existing lawn?
A: The existing sod must first be removed either by spraying weed killer or removal with a sod-cutter, which is available at a rental store. A fine layer of crushed rock is laid down, smoothed and compacted before the turf is installed.

What about drainage?
A: Drainage is very similar to natural grass. The turf backing has small perforated holes allowing for water to drain vertically and into the crushed rock base. Additionally, the sand infill absorbs and holds the water until it can evaporate or drain.

Can pets harm it?
A: No. We even sell this material strictly for dog runs. Our synthetic grass system is not much different than natural grass, as the urine and waste washes through the system and into the ground. The holes in the bottom allow the water and urine to pass through the turf system and into the crushed rock base below. Other messes clean up the same as natural grass, using a pooper-scooper or shovel. You may also spray the soiled area with a hose then simply brush the turf back into place. The real advantage is that all of the waste and urine does not kill or create dead spots in your grass.

How does the cost compare to installing a natural lawn?
A: When compared with installing a sprinkler system, top soil, and the price of sod, combined with watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, YES, it can pay for itself in a few years. You can minimize your investment if you include rock with your synthetic grass. The contrast of rock with our grass looks fantastic! We suggest installing our synthetic grass inside a landscape-edging border and bending the edging to give it rounded corners. The rock can be placed outside the edging using a variety of different colors and sizes. Call us and ask for our value comparison calculator.

Where can Perfect Turf be installed?
A: Virtually anywhere that natural grass would grow, plus anywhere that natural grass has trouble growing.

What about flammability?
A: Generally speaking, the turf is much less flammable than natural grass. The sand and/or rubber infill also helps to prevent a fire from spreading, and often can extinguish a fire. Our synthetic grass is designed to meet the most stringent fire tests and has passed every test with flying colors.

What about mold?
A: Natural grass actually supports the growth of mold more than synthetic grass.

What happens if utility access and/or repair in my yard is required?
A: The turf is simply cut, then rolled back to access the repair area. After repair is completed, the base material is re-graded and the turf is re-seamed. This process is much easier than trying to repair or replace natural sod and recovery time is much quicker.

How do you clean it?
A: It really doesn’t need cleaning, but you can wash most anything off with a hose or simply let Mother Nature take care of it.

Will property values decrease?
A: If anything, your property values will increase due to lower water costs and the lack of maintenance required. The only negative impact we have encountered is that synthetic grass remains green, even in the dead of winter (is that really bad?). However, a creative combination of xeriscaping and synthetic grass provides a more natural appearance.

How will synthetic grass hold up in Canadian winters?
A: It will be no different than real grass, except when the snow melts away it will be green! ProGreen has had their product in Denver, Colorado for over 20 years and the original products are still standing fine. We have had several installations in the cold, harsh conditions in Northern Alberta.


Can I install  Turf myself?
A: We do suggest having a certified installer perform the installation, but we do provide a complete do it yourself kit for those that feel they can.


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