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Trusted Regina Hot tub expert share a great TRUSTED tip...Buyer Beware!

TRUSTED tip...Buyer Beware!

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Buyer Beware!!

The newest high-volume sales tactic by out-of-area retailers claiming to be manufacturers, is to self-host an “EXPO” where they advertise significant discounts on their products in a 2-3 day blowout sales weekend.

These highly advertised events lead you to believe that you will be attending a true “Expo” with many different vendors allowing you to negotiate the best deal possible. They claim to have multiple brands and may even have an area on their “expo” websites for interested vendors to fill out a form and get information.

This is all part of an elaborate marketing scam meant to directly deceive the consumer and create a false purchasing environment.



BE DILIGENT and DO YOUR RESEARCH before you become a victim of shady sales practices, once you buy… it’s too late.
These “Factory Direct Expos” will be gone forever, just as quickly as they appear.

Questions To Ask

  • Who manufactured and who is selling the product you intend to buy?
  • Are they still in business?
  • Do they have a retail store in your area?
  • Are they currently manufacturing the product you intend to purchase?
  • Do you have proven access to after sales support in your area, and not just a verbal guarantee?
  • Will you have access to a real-time Customer Service Department?
  • Does the manufacturer support the product with replacement parts if needed?
  • What are the details of the warranty that is being offered?
  • Is the warranty offered by the manufacturer?
  • What process is taken if the product needs to be repaired under warranty?
  • Specifically who will replace /repair faulty parts in the event that service is needed?
  • Who will refund your purchase in the event that you need to return the product? Is there a charge?
  • What is the contact information for the company who will assist you through the warranty process? *Ensure that you have official written documentation detailing the specific claims made for your warranty!
  • Who is selling you the product? Get the contact information of the company that is selling the product. Attempt to contact them.
  • Are the sales people and company local? If not, where are they based?
  • What business currently owns the product being sold? If not the manufacturer – how was it acquired?
  • What is the sellers affiliation with the manufacturer?
  • Are the sales people responsible for handling your transaction working legally?

Other Resources:

Hot Tub Star is a non-profit organization of hot tub industry manufacturers, dealers, and service providers committed to defining and enforcing the highest standards of safety, energy efficiency, and trade ethics.

* Hottubstar is a program endorsed by The Canadian Association of Hot Tub Manufacturers (CAHTM).

* Members of the Hot Tub Star organization are committed to the belief that long term success will come to those with the highest standards.

* Membership resources are used exclusively to define, enforce, and promote the organizations standards within a non-profit corporate structure.

* Membership is open to any hot tub industry company or professional willing to commit to the Hot Tub Star standards.

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