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Trusted Regina Directory welcomes Bonnie Day to our impressive team of Trusted Regina Professionals

The TrustedRegina directory & Trusted Marketing Services team are thrilled to welcome the newest Regina team member to our impressive & very wonderful and talented team of Trusted pro's across Saskatchewan.

We welcome, are thrilled and are super impressed by our newest team member Bonnie Day!

Bonnie is a Craven Jamboree loving, Wheel Of Fortune spinning, Regina gal and she is a respected Regina marketing professional.  Bonnie is passionate about the Queen city, her clients and she has a great deal of real online marketing knowledge and insight to offer the Trusted Regina business community!

The Trusted team stands apart  from all other online directories. Other directories simply do not offer what we do nor are they a local, invested team like Trusted. We understand that to know US is to trust US, as such, we will be introducing you to all of the Trusted team members in the coming months! The Trusted team is excited to share that we will soon unveil all on our new Trusted Regina website..... coming soon!!!!!



Want to know why Bonnie is a fit for Trusted Regina? Bonnie was the head of the Harvard Broadcasting Interactive department - she managed all the website and social media for Harvard's many awesome radio stations across Canada!


" We’ve lost a great person & human being here at Harvard Broadcasting. Our Interactive Producer Bonnie has decided to start another chapter in her life experience. Bonnie was a integral part of our social media machine and made sure our binary codes were in the proper order. Our loss will be someone else’s gain. I will miss my neighbor, co-worker and friend. All the best Bonnie. " 



Bonnie Day is a GREAT FIT for Trusted Regina- she is a talented marketer, professional sales person and she has a great working knowledge of this new online World we live in. Like many of you reading this post - she works hard for her family (her and her partner, Chad, have 6 kids between them), she's been through hard times ( like most of us) and importantly she has experienced bad, mediocre and some outstanding service as a consumer, she's been let down by some and inspired by others. In a nut shell, Bonnie is a consumer just like YOU and she is committed to the Trusted Regina philosophy, that's what makes the Trusted Regina directory unique and why you CAN TRUST US and TRUST Bonnie!  





Bonnie Day joins the all girl kick ass sales team of Leanna Keyes, Chandra Groves, Solange Bosse and Sara Wheelwright, our hard working home based gals Alison Moon, Shelby Unger and Kelly Spence around Saskatchewan - and finally our remote specialist guys Mark, Ash and Dan!

Sara the Trusted founder has a deep respect for Harvard Broadcasting and from day 1 they have always supported Trusted. Not to mention we really enjoy the results their radio stations have brought us across Saskatchewan since 2011. They have been vital part of our marketing as we have introduced and expanded the Trusted brand in the province! The relationships we have forged with our Harvard reps  ( Barney , Kim & Rob) and the Harvard company execs means a great deal.  We really feel fortunate that Bonnie joined Trusted and we look forward to continuing on with our great relationship with Harvard in Regina, Saskatoon and beyond!

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