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Al Schick Construction your Trusted Regina Contractor and Renovation Expert shares a tip on the difference between a General Contractor vs Builder

If its time to finally finish that basement or the year you refresh that tired old bathroom, maybe your office could use a redesign and some upgrades.... Whether you are planning a renovation to your home or office space, AL SCHICK CONSTRUCTION can help!

They specialize in residential and commercial projects including interior and exterior renovations....from offices to old character and newly built homes. If you are planning a project or a renovation on a specific area of your home or business, look to the experts at AL SCHICK Construction to get the job done right!



Here Al shares the difference between a General Contractor vs Builder:

Is there a difference?

General Contractor

A general contractor or “contractor” is a person or company that organizes and oversees a construction project from start to finish. They complete the job by hiring different subtrades to perform each step of the project. For example: They would hire excavators to prepare the site, a concrete company to form and poor the foundation, framers to put up the shell and so on. They make their money by charging a percentage on top of all the subtrades’ bills. This is a common way for individuals who do not have hands on knowledge of the building process, or no longer want to work in a hands on way, to run a successful construction company. 


A builder is a person or company that brings in a crew that works from start to finish on your project. The crew is generally trained to do every aspect of the construction process, from concrete to roofing to painting, keeping the use of subtrades to a minimum. (Because of the complexity of the work and the additional licenses required, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is always contracted out to professionals.) A builder gets paid one of two ways. One is called “contract” and other is “time and material”. It is up to you to decide what works best for your project.

Some builders focus strictly on the carpentry end of the project while outsourcing the rest to subtrades. Also a very common relationship known as a Builder/ Contractor.


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