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REGINA VETERINARY Experts on the REGINA DIRECTORY share a Trusted Tip on your Dog and the cold

Here we share a helpful Trusted Tip on the REGINA DIRECTORY about Cold weather and your pets

With recent dips in the outdoor temperature, your dog will need a little special attention to stay happy, warm and safe this winter.

Here are a few tips to help your dog during the cold months ahead:

- Ensure that your dog is or becomes acclimatized to the cold temperatures; frequent exposure to the outdoor temperature is recommended versus sporadic exposure.

- Check between your dog’s paws frequently since ice, snow and road salt often cause irritation and frostbite.

- Frostbite signs: pale, glossy or white skin on extremities such as ears, tails and footpads. You may need to limit your time outside depending on the temperature and breed of dog (varying haircoats result in different abilities to withstand temperatures).

- Consider dog specific clothing, such as boots and sweaters especially for shorthaired breeds.

- Antifreeze and its sweet taste is often appealing to dogs. Keep containers safely placed away and check your vehicle often for leaks.


Check out the listing here in the Vets and Pets category on THE REGINA DIRECTORY directory of experts.  Don't forget to keep your cats warm too!

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