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Dusyk & Barlow Insurance a Trusted Regina Insurance expert answers the questions the Regina public want to know!

Dusyk & Barlow is a 100% locally owned Regina Insurance Brokerage providing honest, reliable, and personalized service to all their clients. Their long standing reputation in the community remains strong through maintaining high standards of excellence and ensuring that their clients insurance needs are met.

They are you Trusted Regina insurance experts

Here they share a Trusted Regina insurance tip by answering some Facebook fans questions from the Nov 2012 Trusted Regina Personal Finance talk the experts show


1. Child Moving Out- what Insurance do they need? 

 When a child moves out they should get insurance for their home and belongings through Home, Tenant and Condo policies. Your insurance will provide you coverage for such things as fire, and theft. Liability is also included in these options, which will cover you in case you are sued due to negligence or cause bodily injury or property damage.

2. What is Broad Coverage?

Broad Coverage for the most part is the Cadillac coverage on the building, and Pinto coverage on your contents. However, most insurance companies do offer coverage which is opposite, so you can have the Cadillac coverage on your contents and Pinto on your dwelling. If you have broad coverage, you can insure specific belongings by scheduling them on your policy. This option is available for certain types of belongings like jewellery for example. This does require an additional premium, however the coverage is comprehensive, and you can have a lower deductible.

3. Teenager getting in accidents with parents vehicle?

SGI brought out the Safe Driver Recognition Program a few years back, it is intended to penalize the driver, not the registered owner in your case. However, if you have an auto policy, these accidents will affect the policy, as it is paying out for the damages. I always recommend that parents register the vehicle in their child’s name if they are the primary operator of that vehicle. By doing this it will not cost the parent extra on their own auto policies, as well for liability purposes.

4. What exactly is No Fault Insurance?

I am glad you asked about this! The public has a common misconception on what No Fault means. No Fault means that as long as you have valid plate insurance, it does not matter who is at fault, regardless of whether it is a multi-vehicle accident or just one vehicle, the injured parties will be provided with some medical coverage. This coverage depends on whether you have chosen to be covered by No Fault or Tort.

5. I am going way on vacation what should I do re Insurance?

 It depends on what time of year you go away. In the warm season there is no requirement. However, we always recommend that you turn off your water. In the heating season it is different. During this time of year, insurance companies require the following steps be taken: you must turn off your water, have some one come in daily to check on your house, or have an alarm system which monitors for low temperatures.

6. Travelling is my stuff insured? 

When you are travelling, your home, tenant or condo insurance will temporarily cover you anywhere in the world. This includes liability coverage. However, you will be subject to your policy coverage’s, policy limits and your deductible.

7. Scheduled Insurance for expensive items of Jewellery- worth it?  

If you have valuables it is essential that you discuss them with your insurance broker. Every insurance company has different limits, and depending on the type of policy you have chosen, you could be underinsured or not insured for certain types of losses. It is a good idea to have your jewellery appraised. By doing this we can schedule your valuable jewellery on your policy for an additional premium. Scheduling your valuables will provide them with comprehensive coverage and a lower deductible, which can range from $0 and up.



There are 2 Dusyk & Barlow locations to best serve you  4615 Albert Street South and  302 University Park Drive or find them online here . Read the words of their happy clients on their listing On the Regina Directory they are your TRUSTED REGINA INSURANCE EXPERTS

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